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  1. Really? this is my fave one I adore it, I think it would make a great Christmas song (visualizes vid) 1.Heroes 2.The origin of Love 3.Only Love You When I'm Drunk 4.Step With Me 5.Tah Dah (mostly the lyrics) Where can you go divide the earth or (we fight the earth)? we never learn And through it all The hero falls maybe
  2. Oh I dunno, what if you fall from a a wall or something, you could easily land on your feet, or if you fall into a lake/sea/river, and you can breathe underwater, you could sort of genlty land on your feet on the bottom of the sea/lake/riverbed, it's all just a visual he's placing in my mind & I'm rather liking it
  3. Oh thank heavens, good news at last, sooooo relieved for Paloma and the rest of the family, shall keep the positive thoughts going their way for a full recovery. xxx
  4. Oh yes LADY would be a divine name for her and HE can be her tramp
  5. Oo I see quite a few of hte suggestions I tweeted to him are on the list lol, I was rahther tickled by lollipup (not one of MY suggestions but I think it's cute n fun). Iv'e thought of more: Heidi Bonnie Jazz (after MY gorgeous late German shepheard) Sparkle (mwahaha well it's a very desirable name) Ruby Queenie Poppet Nina biscuit bobby Cindi and just for fun Ninja Jammy-dodger hogthedog jogthedog nobthedog:roftl: But I think he will call her DOLLY (after Dolly Parton)
  6. I agree, cos Fred just wants this place to be one big happy family, he always tries to build up the fun and experiences of ALL the gigs (esp the ones HE goes to), hence how the FREAK T's started, he basically wants to have a really good time and he wants the same for each and every fan....equally. (we know thats not really possible, but its nice that Fred strives for this), basically FRED is in this for all of us, he's VERY unselfish like that and that is why I think he IS/was the best rep for MFC. (Deb I love you too lol, just Fred..well he's a LEGend)
  7. oh you MUST just to say that you have, it makes BIOTG dancers look amazing..yes really!
  8. cant hide the plain truth, and it IS political 1st and foremost. BUT........... this is the best/worst/funniest/saddest thing I have seen in years, I'm suprised Cazgirl aint been in there to slag off the dancers tecnique yet lol. (I enjoyed it so much I posted teh link to my daughter on FB yeeey lol). PS. are you SURE the one is red is female? I aint. PPS. Mika if you DO do this, then MFC will support you all the way but I dunno if that will be enough to win it or even get you through the first rounds.
  9. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is such a blow, so out of the blue, it's big of you to admit to those mistakes, there are enough on here who are too perfect to comtemplate their mistakes but thats life. See you at Fringe, Ive had some of THE best Mikaing with you and I know there will be more to come. I know I dont visit this place like I did in the good old days, but thats cos it's changed and I liked it better before, but that is ALSO life lol. Deb is defo the best, wish there were more like her she's diamond and I wish her all the very best. I agree with the comments below wholeheartedly.
  10. haha dam right (but Mika has confetti cannons a little bit of glitter or small confetti stuff in a cup wont be that bad will it) pffft spoils sports.
  11. oh your in for a real treat then awww it cant be easy knowing your health is keeping you away but you will be fightnig fit for next tour I'm sure, and my train ticket was about £16 return so I got mine UBER cheap, not 1st class tho cos I'm too scutty for 1st class haha.
  12. WOWZA FredSTAR what a fabulousa idea I'm IN LOVE with the sparkliness of that idea YEEEEEY I love you (we could cling film it in the top till we need to RELEASE our glitter on him) yeeeeey, so we can pop a little hole or 2 in teh cling film and shake it out with each ...shake, it will look BEAUTIFUL ( I dont mind getting covered in other peoples sparkliness do you)
  13. oh so your gonna have to tell me what else I am going to need then lol
  14. can we take paper cups (Iv'e been collecting them I suggest you all do the same)