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  1. OMG! you turned boring converses into the best shoes ever!!
  2. please! can somebody upload it again??
  3. FABBY! thanxxx for sharing
  4. Awwww it looks super cool!! and I have just seen my page!!!
  5. According to myheritage I am the female version of Johnny Depp. :shocked: ..whatever. but I have a friend who looks JUST like Rupert Grint- except for the eyes (and I have no idea why I said this)
  6. I've been away for two months(!) and I missed LOTS of things!!! Anyway, two things reminded me of Eir this summer- I was watching an Italian movie ,the girl's name was Chiara. After that movie I watched Rome and somebody was called Eirene.
  7. I knew it !! I thought Matthew is kinda cute. This explains everything
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