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  1. Is anyone still looking for tickets? I won some but I'm not going myself. In the email it says you need to bring your ID but it says between brackets that you need to be 16 years old or older, so I reckon that's the reason you need to bring it. I honestly don't believe they're going to check a 100+ IDs at the entrance because that's just too time comsuming. Anyone wants to take the risk and take my tickets?
  2. You're welcome! I'm hoping it'll all work out but I'm sure it will. Haven't been here in ages.. I'll go back into hiding now.
  3. Diana


    Nah, I'll just wait for them to come back to Holland, I'm sure they will. I've seen them many times in the past 11 years so I'm patient.
  4. Diana


    Whoah it's been ages since I last visited this place.
  5. ZOMG Diana, wtf doe jij hier? XD Ik dacht dat je MFC had afgezworen?

  6. I too can read. And I can draw my own conclusions. Which I did. Based on my experience. Nuf said.
  7. Echt ik ben al eeuwen niet hier geweest en dan log ik in en zie ik dat! Hebben ze hem toch weggepest uiteindelijk.. Als admin dan anyway. Ik kan me niet voorstellen dat hij anders weg zou zijn gegaan!
  8. Just to make things clear, I've not spoken to FD in ages so maybe my assumptions are totally off, I've made them based on my own experiences. I've never really called myself a fan but even when Mikarr started to annoy me I still stayed here cuz it had a nice atmosphere and all my friends were here. That's not why I left.
  9. Whatever you say.. I too was a mod once..