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  1. I don't think I will go on the boat trip but I would like to contribute to a gift.
  2. I have not heard of it. To be fair I have been a little out of the loop. What time will it be?
  3. I am very excited for these shows. The perfect way to cekebrate my 30th birthday. Plus it will be special as Mika was the last artist I saw live before lockdown and he will be the first one I see after all of this mess 😀
  4. He told us that Paloma's left side does not function as it should and that she always tried to hide it. That it was her superpower, but that sometimes superpowers can have a toll on someone and that is what happened. She fell and the one thing that should have killed her, saved her life. A man who lived in the basement of the building ran outside, thinking it was a burglar. When the man, whom she had never met, found her, he held her up for about an hour. She told him that he should just leave her alone and that she would get up but the man said it wasn't a good idea. He said that we should not look at stories like this as sad stories. He also mentioned that when he saw someone like the little girl in the audience, who looks just like his sister did at that age, it brings a smile to his face. Something along those lines. Show was awesome! Loved the vibe and the energy ❤️
  5. I have one and I think I know someone else who has an extra ticket.
  6. Still have one ticket available for the show this Thursday in Utrecht.
  7. @mellody I have someone else interested in 1 as well so that would be fine.
  8. I have two tickets for the show on the 13th of February in Utrecht. Face value. Let me know if interested.
  9. Hello! It's been 700 years but yesterday's show warranted a quick report. It was magical. It had been three years since I last saw him, but from the moment he came on stage, everything seemed to be a little brighter again. I even forgot the fact that I nearly lost my toes to frostbite. The crowd was amazing too. Shouting his name and screaming so much. You could tell he was touched. He is such an amazing performer and it was over way too soon. Can't wait for Utrecht now. ❤️
  10. Heeeeeeyyyyyy just popping in to say I am exciteeeeeddd
  11. He sold it and ran off into the sunset with the money. On the Glasgow topic, flights to Glasgow are waaaay more expensive than to London.
  12. London would be best, I think. Exactly because that is where it all started. 5th of January is pretty soon though.
  13. So what is this madness about no shows in 2017?
  14. I am happy that you and Jolien got in without a problem and that you finally have your picture now! ☺
  15. Ha well it took me 5 years before I got my first picture yet some people have been around for a year and already have a million. Guess we're not pushy enough. I have the magic ability to make him stop at signings most of the time but I don't have the picture ability so you would have to try and ask it yourself. And I am sure it will happen some day!
  16. Well, next time there is a gig in Belgium and I am waiting and he is coming out, stick with me. I will try to let you get a moment with him because I think it's about time you get one.
  17. I think you must have been in front of me then as I was also in the last group to get in. I did feel the people in our group were bonding over this mess XD I don't think this was a matter of favouritism. This was a matter of "Well, ####. We said A and can't do A so we will just do B and say it isn't our fault." People who managed to get in were lucky. They should have handed out wristbands during the day. There should have been better communication between the two parties but I am not blaming Mika for this. It is how it is.
  18. I get that Mika's management made decisions at the last minute that they could not have foreseen. s**t like that happens. But to then just say "Oh, these numbers are not official, sucks for you" that is not good. I am happy that I got to see him in the end as many didn't, but I'm not a fan of how it all turned out. Especially since many people had been queuing in the blazing sun all day and they did say first 100, only to have someone who showed up 5 minutes ago just get a wristband. Now for me it wouldn't be a massive problem if I hadn't seen him. Only a disappointment. But I have met him many times before. But there are people who have never met him and couldn't possibly come early in the morning and they missed their chance and might not be able to see him anytime soon.
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