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  1. Hey @silver, I just thought of something... can we change the tags for the thread? One of the tags is technically not correct
  2. Hey Melz, air is sometimes good, sometimes bad. It was pretty bad there earlier in January but it's not bad now. It's been raining a bit here so the girls (ie, my grandparents' sheep) in the paddock have a little bit of green though very little actual feed. Hopefully we get more rain soon. On an unrelated note, I totally went looking for :pbs: but then remembered it wouldn't be on here I so miss these smileys, I wish I could use them on FB... especially Hey Jolene, Hope you're doing well It's meant to be! Hope you have a great time
  3. Very close. The prediction for tomorrow isn't good.
  4. Just in case anyone not from Oz comes in here, here's a couple of screenshots from the fires near me app that I have on my phone. The first one shows the fires from Sydney down to the Victorian border (yellow is watch and act level, blue is advice and white means they haven't updated the threat level yet). Second one is all of NSW and into Qld - from the Gold Coast down to the Vic border. The blue dot is me of course.
  5. Hey, just passing on an update on fires etc and members - There's a massive fire working it's way towards happikali's town. She's evacuated from her house to a friend's place near the sea (she lives in the middle of the bush) but no power and limited phone coverage. Apparently some people are leaving already but they're staying tonight and seeing how things are tomorrow. Saturday's forecast is looking pretty bad. I'll pass on any more updates as I see them. As for Mika, I likely won't be going either, I don't think I'll get the time off and it's kinda not fair on Derek and the kids for me to take off for another few days to go to a concert. It's a shame cause it would be nice to see everyone but unfortunately life happens.
  6. Well, I just started work on Saturday and I worked Sat, Sun, and I have a 5 hr shift tomorrow (Tues). Other than that I have no idea. I did 9 hours yesterday. Yep, U2's in November... Interestingly enough it's almost at the 10 year mark since Mika came to Oz (his show was 24/11, U2's is 22 and 23/11). Where's the gig at? Hopefully you get there. I'll pass on the birthday wishes next time I talk to her. Weather hasn't been too bad, it cooled down but it's supposed to be going back up to 21 degrees today. Still dry as anything, though we do get the very occasional bit of rain.
  7. I'll bet they were pretty confused... I was surprised we even got snow. We actually got a decent dumping were we are, though closer to town wasn't as thick. Goulburn area had snow in the last week or so. Still in drought and we've had some pretty bad bushfires in Northern NSW and Qld. Not much happening around here, I just did 2 days out at the mine and have just managed to get work at one of the supermarkets in town. Not sure what shifts at this stage but I asked the manager for afternoon/nights and weekends. Also still waiting for U2, Melz and I are going to the 2nd Sydney show as well and got GA, so standing up and having a bit of a boogie while we're there. And while I'm here...
  8. Whoa, that's surprising... if it's true that is. Awwww, we've influenced you so much! Like silver said, slim to none. But yay for coming to Oz! Have you been here before?
  9. Wait, what??? It's not even snowing in Orange! Okay, it snowed on Monday but still... Yeah, should be good! Hopefully we'll be able to do some stuff in Sydney while we're there.
  10. Yeah he did, They had to wait till the water receded a bit before anyone could leave, which meant that the truck with their stuff took a while. It'll be interesting to see if he does make it back here. I remember he was generally well received but it's been so long between gigs. I kinda hope he does, I reckon there's still heaps of people who like his music. Yeah, I saw it. Someone spelt shiny wrong and it irritated me like nothing else . I've changed it but cause the avatar shapes are round you can't fully see what it says. Exciting news though, U2 are coming back to Oz at the end of the year so Melz, Zoe and I are going to go together!
  11. My thinking with pens is that as long as it doesn't smudge when my hand goes over it then I'm sweet. I wanted to watch Bohemian Rhapsody but haven't had a chance. I know it's showing at the tiny theatre in Dad's old town so might drive out and watch it there. As for weather, it's been not too bad here. There's fires in Victoria and massive amounts of rain in Queensland (Townsville especially). Their dam was 245% full so they've had to open all the flood gates, which will end up causing flash flooding. Seems they've gotten over a metres worth of rain this week. Haven't heard how Ally is but assuming since she's in Cairns and it's not as heavy that she's okay. My brother is going to have a lot of fun getting back here though, he's supposed to be moving from Mount Isa back home as he has a job starting on the 25th and they're flooded in (the plan was to fly to Townsville, then onto Brisbane then home but that can't happen).
  12. Yeah, really hot. Apparently a place about 2 hrs from here got to 47 degrees. Another place got to 56 I think I've put in an application for one place so far but was going to see how I go with it before I start doing more. Daycare hopefully will get cheaper soon, Sam only has one more week of 2 days, then he'll do 1 day there and one day in transition. Even the cost of that over a fortnight will be a lot cheaper. Anne: I reckon there's a bit of call for nannies in Oz, it's a little far to be coming here though I think we've got a pretty good school for Sam. It's kinda small and out of town, but they still have good facilities as well as a bus from a few minutes away (the village is no more than 15 mins from home anyway).
  13. Hmmm, interesting. Wonder what the new album will be like? I've seen people commenting on the new song but haven't listened to it yet We're doing okay here. It's been pretty hot at the moment (sitting around mid 30's), but the last few days we've had storms in the afternoon with a bit of rain. Love Reindog oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes I've been having lots of fun lately I've been chasing up all sorts of appointments and stuff for Sam. He's been going to see a speech pathologist regularly and we've seen how bad his speech is (we're talking moderate to severe delay) so we'll have to start looking into the disability program to get funding for private speechies and stuff. we've also had a review for Early Intervention and discussing where he's at there and also we've had to think about where he's going to school. So this year he's going doing the preschool program at his daycare one day a week, then one day a week for Transition at the school he's going to next year, then two days a week at Early intervention (2 1/2 hours a day)... THEN I've figured out that we can't quite afford to have me stay at home with Mr Isaac for too long so I'm going to put in for some jobs either on the weekend or nights so we don't have to pay for daycare (cause it's bloody expensive). Oh well, at least we had a good weekend away in Canberra (until we were coming back, when we found out Derek's mum was in Intensive Care with bowel/appendix issues - she's okay now) and Shania was quite enjoyable and managed to get my book signed by Matthew Reilly. I'm not sure, but he may have recognised me as he asked if I'd come to a signing before, which was 2 years previously .
  14. Yeah, been a few times this year alone - Went to Costco in January and again in April, just before I fainted in the car (like, a couple of hours before ). Before that we hadn't been since 2014 when we bought baby stuff before Sam was born. Haven't stayed in Canberra itself for years, probably when I went there for professional learning when I was teaching swimming. The author is Matthew Reilly, he's an Aussie author and writes really action/thriller type stuff. The last book he wrote was part of a series and it's kinda archeological/mythical type story. His next book has time travel and stuff in it, should be good! I've met him a couple of times already. First time was at a convention (Supanova for the Aussies) - He wtas incredibly friendly and took his time with everyone in the line, despite just getting back into doing public stuff after his wife died. Second time was at a book signing outside a bookstore in 2016. That one coincided with the last book coming out and again he was lovely and had great chats with everyone. It's a shame you missed out on going to a signing Terry Pratchett did. I wonder if I kept that Terry Pratchett book I had? Well I'll be buggered! That's really weird! Oooooooh, exciting news! Even though my birthday isn't for another month, I know what Derek has gotten me for my birthday (mostly cause I used his credit card to buy it )... Hanson are doing shows with a symphony and we're going to it (interestingly, in Canberra)! I also joined their fan club so I could get presale and I requested a meet and greet
  15. Okay, I just saw this post Yep, that describes Orange well and truly I swear a good number of people in this town go on a Facebook page called Spread the Word in Orange - there's no admin so of course any posts aren't watched and there's rampant bullying but occasionally there;s some amusing stuff. Oh, and every public holiday people have to ask what shops are open and when it snows people have to ask if there's snow on the mountain/the roads are open/complain that the gates to the mountain are closed As for Banjo Patterson's birthplace, there's no hard evidence that he ever lived there, but surely there's some truth to it. Maybe he lived there as a child or something (it took me forever to remember what the shortcut was for that, all I thought was :smth: ) We're going to Canberra for the dirty weekend, hotel is booked but no plans besides sleeping in and doing a bit of shopping. Hotel also booked for Shania, and the plan is go to concert, sleep, then as we're going home we stop at the shopping centre in Penrith and I go to a book signing.
  16. I think he did he's fine now. I haven't been doing much lately, though Derek and I have decided to go away for the weekend for our wedding anniversary in November, which is exciting. Then in December we're going to see Shania Twain in Sydney.
  17. Seems to be okay so far. Just have to try and keep Sam off Isaac, as it looks like Sam has conjunctivitis
  18. Thank you! He's a pretty chilled bub, doesn't react much when Samuel climbs all over and kisses him. Should be interesting tomorrow, Derek goes back to work
  19. Yeah, it definitely seems strange. And I bet the dogs loved the beach! Yep, makes it difficult being a carer for someone, though I would imagine caring for children would be a bit easier to manage than caring for an adult. Well baby has been born and we're home now. Here's all the important details: Name: Isaac Kazimierz (middle name came from Derek's grandfather on his mum's side) Date: 9/7/18 Weight: 3.86kg Length: 55cm
  20. Not long at all, got 6 days to go! Got so much stuff I need to get done beforehand though, like packing bags, organising the house etc. I also thought that getting the carpet and couch professionally cleaned was a great idea (actually it was, they're both really nice and clean), making appointments to meet with public schools for Sam to possibly go to in 2020, sorting out presents for Sam from the baby and a present for a friend who is turning 40 and keeping note of what I need to do when I go into hospital. I seem to be nesting at the moment... But at least it hasn't been cold today, though apparently it's supposed to snow outside of Orange on Sunday How's life going for you?
  21. I'm just gonna start posting random crap cause I'm bored. This is me at the moment: This is also me, when I ask Sam if he needs to use the toilet (yeah, decided to start toilet training 😞 And this is Derek whenever we're in the car, I feel unwell.. yeah, just anytime (I had to find one where Jensen was, Derek thinks he's great): And this is me at the same time: But on the upside, I only had 3 weeks and 2 days before baby is evicted, unless he decides to evict himself... Overall... And I just realised excited is spelt wrong... But still, you get the idea!
  22. Bugger! I would say so. At least I'm not missing anything. Oooooh, gardening/cleaning... We've been trying to get the house all ready for bub, along with clearing out stuff to sell. Have managed to sell a few things so far and have $160 put aside We've been getting a bit of rain here, though not enough to make anything grow though.
  23. Not sure he really understands it TBH, he does kiss my belly sometimes but he's a bit rough. I'm sure he'll be a bit excited when bub is here. He followed my sister in law into the back room at mum and dad's while she was feeding my niece and was shushing her when she was crying Anyways, bub will be born on the 9th of July, if he doesn't decide to come beforehand.
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