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  1. Thank you so much @Gabry74 for the article @lormare73 for the English version and @Dominika for the photos
  2. crazyaboutmika

    The Origin of Love Artwork

    My siggie is hosted on casimage and it still shows but my subs team logo is gone... it was still there last used to be hosted on photobucket but when they changed their sharing policy I had uploaded it directly... With phone I can't see siggies when I use firefox which is the browser that works better for MFC on phone...with UCBrowser I can see siggies and read but I can't post even when logged in.
  3. crazyaboutmika

    The Origin of Love Artwork

    Are we losing more images at the moment? If they were hosted by photobucket it makes sense as photobucket is still free for saving images, but you need to pay to share them on another internet site...but that change was made some time ago...
  4. crazyaboutmika

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Grazie mille Gabry
  5. crazyaboutmika

    I'm back

    Welcome back Molly Yes Mika is the best remedy to forget all our problems and worries I'm glad your health improved
  6. crazyaboutmika

    French speaking thread - Part 5

    Salut les francophones Il y a un nouveau concours pour gagner la boîte des 24 stylos Mika en édition limitée sur le MFC et vous avez jusqu'au 16 septembre pour y participer. Bonne chance à tous et toutes
  7. crazyaboutmika

    Bonjour de France

    Happy week end to you
  8. crazyaboutmika

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    He does (I had never seen Calvin Harris before )
  9. crazyaboutmika

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    Fire by Beth Ditto
  10. crazyaboutmika


    Welcome to MFC Matilde Have lots of fun here I am Anne from France. Ask if you need help for anything around here
  11. crazyaboutmika

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Thank you so much Eriko
  12. crazyaboutmika

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    Well...I will drop this and run away fast..introducing Mika farfalla giraffe
  13. crazyaboutmika

    Mika's Coffee Brand

    Yes his legs are much longer than Angelina's and he's got butterfly wings Wonkaland is baaaaaaack I loooooove this thread
  14. crazyaboutmika

    MIKA Memes