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  1. crazyaboutmika

    Mika's collaboration with LP

    Me too
  2. I knew it was Fortune but that's the pic on which he looks most like Mika indeed probably because we only see partly his face.
  3. Congrats to you @Marie-christine Suire and @NaoMika Have a wonderful time with Mika
  4. crazyaboutmika

    Official - Dreams about MIKA thread =)

    It's a nice dream you are new around here please open a thread to introduce yourself so we can all welcome you to MFC
  5. From Grazia Artuso on facebook
  6. crazyaboutmika


    I didn't have time to look for the link when I posted earlier but she accepted to come and help Mika when he was coaching for The Voice
  7. crazyaboutmika


    He had met Fanny Ardant at a dinner and he thought that she would be perfect for the mother role. So he called her and she said yes even though she normally only shoots movies. But Mika found the words to convince her and Mika is too sweet to be told no so although she has a very "serious" image she is in. He admires her a lot too. It's hard to explain the video clip but basically it's about the pains of being a teenager and how everything is strange and complicated with trying to be yourself...but life seems to be complicated for adults too... I watched it again and I noticed the cactuses and it made me laugh so much I didn't watch it that much because at the time I was disappointed Mika was not in the video (although I love Lollipop video where he isn't but his universe is) then I realized he couldn't appear in a video because the song is about his mother so it would have been awkward or worst...
  8. crazyaboutmika

    Mika in white shirts

    I was wandering around VK and I found those
  9. crazyaboutmika

    The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    Bless you Mousetrap It's so wonderful
  10. crazyaboutmika

    2007 - Mika On 'What Perez Sez On vh1!!!!

    No worries Eriko
  11. crazyaboutmika

    2007 - Mika On 'What Perez Sez On vh1!!!!

    Maybe @dcdeb or @Kumazzz or @mari62 would be able to help you but it's been quite a while...good luck
  12. crazyaboutmika

    Bonjour à tous

    And sometimes you can meet Mika at a festival...the first time I met him it was after a festival Good luck for next time
  13. crazyaboutmika

    MIKA in French Press - 2018

    I translated it into English too: Guest of honor of Michel Drucker in Vivement Dimanche TV show, Mika put into the light Lebanese cooking fatouche and baba ganouij, eaten on the set surrounded by almost all his family. He honored his birth country, its rich gastronomic culture and his roots on his mother side. He also honored it with the help of Fady Al - Ajami who owns Al - Ajami restaurant which was founded by his grand father in 1920 and which is well established in Paris since 1979. As an ambassador of Lebanese Fady made the choice of using organic quality pwith traceability and he shared (or didn't share) his "secret" recipes with TV viewers for making hummous, charwama and of the gourmet singer who revealed his sweet tooth side...rather epicurian Mika. @Kumazzz