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  1. This was in his live chat I remember. This address is also the one he gave in his story and fb to get the 40 last moment extra tickets. But when you go to their website they don't even mention "My name is Michael Holbrook' is out and they say he has no date at the moment (I guess they mean in UK but still) If they are supposed to promote Mika, how can they not mention his latest album?
  2. I translated those clips Michel Cymes: You are paying a tribute to your mum at a particular moment. Today she is ill as she has had heart problems, as today she is suffering a brain illness. How how you coping with this moment which is difficult for each child and their mum, but must be even more difficult for you since your mum is so much important in your life? Mika: I thought I was an adult fourteen years ago. On the day when you reach eighteen, you think you are an adult. "Go away everyone, I am an adult, I know what I'm doing, what I am building, I have my ambitions and who cares about the rest." Actually it is not true. It's when you have to face things such as what we're facing with my family that you realize that there's still work to do to grow up. How are we dealing with this? First of we deal with it as a family. My mother still worked with me up to a year ago. I mean she followed everything: TV shows, tours, everything. So it wasn't just a childhood thing. And now it's hard, it's hard for everyone. It's an illness which is very difficult and everyone having to deal with those type of cancer can say so. And so, as for me, I decided to respond to this, to respond to life and to respond to this illness, and it was a conscious decision. When I say respond, often when there are such issues, the reaction is to shut the door, is to protect oneself, to stay in a sort of cocoon. As for me, my reaction was to write songs and it was to communicate, to share emotion. Michel Cymes: And to make her sing. Mika: And to make her sing, I even asked her. Because I told myself [he told himself but he told her too] if you belong so much to the emotional material of that album, which is really a joyful album but all the same extremely loaded with emotion, I want you to put your voice in it. Why is it always the singer who gets the last word? So she went through very serious surgery and three weeks later, I put microphones in front of her and this time, that's not her forcing me to sing during three hours, that's me who is forcing my mother to sing. And she looks at me with those eyes. But she had told me something very important. When she left the room, she looked at me and she said to me: "I'm not dead you know" I told her: "Oh no, I know it very well. Thanks a lot!" Because she has a strong personality. And she said to me: "If you dare using my voice for sadness, I will never forgive you." Then she was done talking and a few months later she heard the song. She called me and she said: " I am furious." And I said: "Why? What's the matter?" "I am furious because if I had known it was going to be beautiful, I would have sung much, much better, I would have made more efforts."
  3. Fingers crossed you get to give him the yearbook
  4. I'm very happy you managed to watch it A French fan had filmed it on her TV so I came back to share it with you but it's not the same quality....
  5. Maybe you could use a VPN to pretend you're watching from France or someone in France could save it with captTV? I can't do that anymore because I only have a working pc anymore, mine is too old and too full Kriss Mika Fan might share it on youtube or checking if they do If I find a link, I'll let you know
  6. It's such a beautiful song So conforting I have been listening to it a lot lately.
  7. I keep trying since last night but it keeps bugging when I try to use paypal EDIT: It worked with my credit card
  8. Get well soon Vicki 😘😘😘😘😘😘
  9. Happy and hyper for all of you who are going guys, it is getting so close now Have the best Mika gig ever everyone I'll follow as much as I'll be able to online. I'm sure this is going to be so special for everyone including for Mika
  10. It's a great interview indeed. I will point it out to the subs team
  11. It's just like in those paperback romantic stories for young best friend used to read those, so I read a few too and great love stories always started with the main characters meeting and totally hating each other....but it turned out it was actually true love once they really got to know one another
  12. I loved his show at la cigale It was direct contact with him No need for anything more
  13. You're right Mellody, he said something along that line in radio bleu interview.
  14. Hi You should speak English please But you write in French in the French speaking thread I think it might be both funny and emotional as it is a bit like le divan in a a bit of each..
  15. Thanks a million for sharing and translating guys You all rock
  16. I'm sure it is going to be absolutely wonderful My heart will be with all of you in London on that day
  17. Hi Matt and welcome to MFC I am curious to know who your mum is too If you need any help around the forum, just yell We used to say that all in the time in Oklahoma the year when I was an exchange student there years ago...I'm French by the way. Mika should be back for more dates in the US soon Enjoy yourself here with us
  18. Emmanuella Manzo shared live on instagram. There was sound but I can't hear any sound now Can you? @Kumazzz