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  1. I hope this is an omenous dream and that it will come true except for Mika's son's name
  2. I can't open any of the links with my phone maybe because I live in France.....it makes no sense
  3. I love him even more after this This was so extra sweet I was crying happy tears
  4. Thank you to Mika and to the ticket fairy It kind of breaks my heart not to try my luck but as much as I would love to see Mika perform live again and even though I only work in the morning on this particular Wednesday, it is a very short notice and I live 500 kms from Paris plus the virus makes everything so complicated it is just not an option Good luck to everyone who participates and I hope we get lovely reports from MFCers who get to go
  5. Bonjour, si des fans veulent commander le yearbook 2019 voici un code pour le commander avec 30% de réduction. (Valable juste aujourd'hui:) Livre: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/deb-koma/2019-mika-fan-club-yearbook/hardcover/product-46vk7q.html?page=1&pageSize=4 Code : BFCM30 Version de poche: https://www.lulu.com/en/us/shop/deb-koma/2019-mika-fan-club-yearbook-softcover/paperback/product-k6v89w.html?page=1&pageSize=4 Vous pouvez aussi tèlècharger le pdf (gratuitement) sur le thread du yearbook:
  6. I have had that problem with sharing instagram posts on facebook since mid September so it's not only on MFC and most probably due to instagram.
  7. It is such a good interview It almost feels like chating with Mika If there a way to get the mag guys Let me know please And huge thanks to all of you for sharing and translating, MFCers are the most wonderful
  8. At first I was very amazed by this duet. I still am As in most Mika's duets I would love him to sing the whole song. The tune takes me back to my early childhood. It seems to be from the 70s. It's the first gay break up song I ever heard. Because of the tune Mika's voice reminds me of Claude François I loved as a kid I can't take the lyrics seriously, to me they are kind of ironical aka six hours by plane is still too close...I like the song because Mika sings part of it. I'm not keen on Pierre Lapointe on his own I want to buy that song but google play music
  9. Welcome to MFC Camila Enjoy yourself here with us
  10. Hi Jules and to MFC Enjoy yourself with us
  11. Hi ans to MFC Merit Grace Kelly video was my first contact with Mika too and got me hooked at once and as years go by I love more and more his songs and the sweet human being he is Glad you joined MFC and feel free to ask if you have any questions Enjoy yourself sharing Mika love here
  12. I didn't know about this thread Thank you for posting my caps where they belong @Mikasister
  13. I am deeply in love with I love Beirut Mika put so much of his golden heart in it I love his performances best either by himself or with other singers. Promiseland is a gem that way and both duets with Danna Paola too I can't stop watching it And the people on screen are all so positive in spite of what happened and Mika's love for Beirut and Lebanon is shining all through the show We neèd the DVD And I'm so happy the fundraising worked so well and still does; Mika proved once again that with love and art you can make the world better And I think it is
  14. Off to buy Paris Match I think Mika is in another French magazine too I saw a photo on twitter but I can't remember which one
  15. Mika will be on a French radio soon and we can send the radio questions for the interview. I suggest we all ask when the DVD will be out. https://www.champagnefm.com/jeuxconcours/mika-invite-de-la-famille-816
  16. I fell in love with this song from the very first time I heard it This is a masterpiece Their voices go so fantastically well together I have it on repeat since yesterday 🥰 I love Mika in the video too
  17. Also @HollyD is a huge Mika and Rufus fan but she isn't much online anymore. However she was thrilled when I told her @Ally Kate
  18. I added Soprano's part See those rivers under my eyes My prayers to those Gods I have never seen a winter, such a cold winter Never seen hell, from so close Come on, move your body to the right and to the left Come on, twist yourself We are not automatons Come on, dance, dance at whatever cost, we don't need, we don't need doubts Come on, move, don't stay in your bed What are you saying? You already said all that stuff Turn on any music, any song. Come on, turn it up, there are too many things in our heads, too many nights without advice Keep celebrati
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