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  1. I found it last night The direct link works from my tweet if you click on it inside my tweet Or go to https://www.francemusique.fr/programmes/2021-10-19 Go to this page, you will find five minutes clips of Mika, continue to scroll down until you find the one hour version. I shared it on youtube it seems there is no copyright issue It is sound only https://youtu.be/dYPmlYO7aQ0 Edit: You did a much better job than me Eriko
  2. Flowers for Mika We are Mika fan club right?
  3. I think Mika stole this idea from me I never used CBD but I read a lot about weed and how it gave great results to heal some chronic diseases that nothing else could help coping with...my father had an orphan disease and he had to take morphin and other painkillers with tons of side effects and at that time I already wished he could have used weed which would have been less toxic and could have helped him with chronic pains....my aunt is 91 and has a lot of chronic pains too due to arthritis and maybe a cancer but the only painkillers she can handle are aspirins and they don't work at all so I bought CBD for her and she is a lot better...she feels less pain, she sleeps aĺl night, I'm happy it helps her and it has no side effects at all unlike chemical meds. I talked to many people about what a world of good it did to my aunt and all those people wanted to try it. As far as I am concerned I always look for natural remedies if I have anything and they work so well I never have to see a doc. CBD has only the good sides of weed and I believe Mika is right about it. After seeing that it works very well without any side effects on my aunt and that it really improved her daily life , her nurses told me many peopĺe they take care of are much better thanks to CBD as well. Shops are opening evèrywhere because more and more people try it and it helps them feel better without any side effects. Smart move Mika 💖💖💖🎉🎉🎉
  4. I just found this thread . I hope your idea can work
  5. I love it A French singer used to sing a French version of it but the lyrics went A ga doo doo doo push the banana and ground the coffee ☕ and all the kids loved it so much then it was also used for the soundtrack of the French funny movie "Les bronzès" and all the people going to a club on the beach all had to dance to it but they changed it to this so they wouldn't have to pay copyrights https://youtu.be/GafCMV4pOaY so I only have good memories of this song. I didn't know it was a song in English to begin with and now you know two more
  6. Si non so si la story de Mika é nuova o vecchia perché non riesco a vederla
  7. Some French fans made fraise tagada cookies for him many times and he loves them (not saying we should but he does love sweets. He also loved the chocolate piano some fans had offered him (made by professionals)
  8. There are beautiful chocolate edible flowers and this is a great idea https://www.123fleurs.com/produit/gouter-au-chocolat-25752 https://www.google.com/search?q=bouquet+de+fleurs+en+chocolat+&source=hp&tbm=isch&oq=bouquet+de+fleurs+en+chocolat+&gs_l=mobile-heirloom-hp.12..41j0i512l3j0i30.40849.42940.1.46829.
  9. Flowers, red wine and cookies would be perfect I have made cookies/chocolates for Mika several times in case I got to see him but my son often ended up eating them...howevee once I was able to give him my homemade chocolates before Christmas
  10. Ciao Paoletta Mika non contatta mai i suoi fan tranne se risponde loro su twitter o instagram. Se qualcuno ti messaggia dicendo che è Mika bloccalo perché sono account falsi e alcuni sono addirittura truffatori che ti chiederanno soldi. Hai fatto la cosa giusta. Se hai fatto screenshot o copie dei messaggi puoi mostrarli ai mod. Puoi anche segnalare l'account come falso.
  11. Problem solvedNo bus driver as we'll be on a boat Mika'd better be by the seine Unless we get a boat on wheels?
  12. They didn't look like his glasses to me either, more like he had borrowed them for the pic...
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