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  1. Glad it's on youtube It was awesome It's blocked in France though I'll point it out to the subs team Thanks a million for all your wonderful shares @Kumazzz
  2. This one is full version (recorded by Sonelle) Thanks a million @Kumazzz@Sonelle
  3. I always have problems with VK that's why I put it on one of my google drives but I'm glad you managed to share the concert Joelle Bandicam e mailed me to downgrade the version I use. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
  4. We'll hear Happy Ending together in Carcassonne
  5. I'll be there Pumpkin holiday dates fit I am so happy to have a Mika date this summer in this city I love @ @Vicki @Marie-christine Suire@Mikasister
  6. On youtube the video is private but the replay works
  7. Thank you so much Eriko You are a star 💜 @Kumazzz
  8. He looks tense to me too and when he speaks it is obvious he still has his cold, so he was probably worried about the high notes especially as Sanremo is really important. It reminded me of the first time he sang Tiny Love. He was tense too. His Italian cover made me so emotional It's about love that comes and goes and he said he shared that opinion about love when he introduced the song.
  9. Well I'm too much a noob to be able to do that I need a press to record button Ocam was good but I can't seem to be able to upload it
  10. Guys, I recorded again and it's worse so I'm trying with another soft. So sorry I'm in touch with Carafon too. Maybe she can be faster.
  11. Well I plan to do it all again at my daughter's . Hopefully as her connection is a high speed one it will go well 🙏
  12. I have been told and I'll try to reupload a better version as soon as possible.
  13. It seems the image is a bit ahead of the sound from what I was told The sound is not very loud on the second hand pc I just bought and I used an external loudspeaker. Maybe it caused the problem If it can't be fixed I'll try with my son's external loudspeaker which has better sound.
  14. I am afraid so Someone else told me the same. I might have to record it might be from the pc I used I don't know it's my first time doing this and the second hand pc I used doesn't have a good sound so I used an extra loudspeaker
  15. Hi I could finally got to my daughter's and you can now download the file on my drive (if everything went well) It can't be played from the drive as it is too big (I think) Please let me know if it works @Kumazzz
  16. I'm in love So glad there is this live Best way to enjoy Mika's magic ☁️His voice Honeymooning with my Tomorrow live playlist The others are so good too I am utterly grateful for this album Total bliss
  17. It is still uploading My connection is very bad. I'm thinking of taking my pc to my daughter's tomorrow as she has a much better connection to internet. But I'm not giving up don't worry! EDIT: My daughter told me to visit her with my pc on Sunday and she got fiber network a few days ago. I' ll keep you updated.
  18. Hi I will write a report and I loved each moment of this wonderful gig I have been trying to save Bercy gig which has kept me busy (as welll as work) but I will. I also recorded the sound but I missed the last songs so it's not the full.gig But I could probably make an mp3 with Chriss video however...
  19. So I managed to catch it. It needs a bit of cutting at the begining and at the end but I will upload it to google drive tomorrow and post the link here once it is ready @Kumazzz