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  1. If he doesn't sing Tomorrow I will be so sad because it is my fav song of his My dream setlist includes Tomorrow, Origin of Love, Les baisers perdus Ice Cream and Good Wife I'm pretty sure Kids and Good Gone girl would be totally heavenly as well as Good Wife but it is unlikely that he sings them although you never know with Mika and if he blesses us with new songs I'm pretty sure my heart will melt I had kind of refrained myself from hoping those concerts would happen but not anymore now...they are getting really close and I am daydreaming now
  2. He did Tomorrow too and it is the first time we heard clearly the full lyrics
  3. I see. Thanks a lot Then we each need a black and a white moustache...unless we go for rainbow moustaches? 🌈
  4. Hi Rebecca Welcome and enjoy yourself here You might want to practise French here but we also have a chat which is supposed to be in English as the rest of MFC but if the mods don't mind it could be used to chat in more languages maybe? @silver @dcdebWhat do you think? Or else we could do the classes on your thread Rebecca. I am learning Italian myself (slowly) thanks to Mika who makes dreams come true
  5. Yes that's why I think he will sing it at Philarmonie too.
  6. I think it is compulsory to wear those kind of masks and drawing the moustache on it would work very well or stick a moustache you drew just when the song starts.
  7. Welcome aboard Maha I love your intro Glad you decided to join Grace Kelly is very trustful of Mika to sleep like this My dog is called Mikado because I had to add two letters to his name due to my husband... he is not a fan either but ended up accepting my fandom with time. My children grew up listening to Mika's songs that weren't even released yet but didn't become fans although my daughter went to The Voice with me several times because she is a sweetheart. They both love music though. Glad your daughters love Mika too Take a look at this thread you might find Mika songs you don't know yet https://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/30851-mika-rare-video-treasures-for-newbies-and-others/page/10/#comments And have lots of fun here
  8. As far as the fan action I wrote about another thread that we could all wear nail polish with all colors (each fan brings one color and we paint each nail with different colors and put on fake moustaches (the funnier I think) on top of our masks to make Mika laugh as he will see an audience with his instagram filter. Which song would be the most suitable? At first I thought it would be better to do it outside but Mika might miss it it he has to leave fast so Silver said it would be better to wear the fake moustaches during a song. It has to be during an upbeat and fun song so Ice Cream would be a good choice what do you think guys? Fake moustaches are very cheap online like 2 euros for ten fake moustaches or we could even draw them and stick them to our masks when Ice Cream starts. I'm pretty sure Mika would get a good laugh out of this and making him laugh is the best present to thank him for the happiness he brings into our lives @holdingyourdrink is a genious This would be easy and cheap to draw ourselves https://www.redbubble.com/fr/i/masque/Moustache-noire-sur-le-guidon-par-Mhea/11294193.9G0D8 Or we could use glow in the dark tape
  9. We both got the same and my 1st and 2nd dose were in August. I wanted to get it in a pharmacie as I was scared of vaccination centers. So yes it is valid for France. It's a shame you need to take the test and be quaranteened for three days when you go back Mika is worth anything though
  10. Well I think it is best to reply to Myriam in her own thread however I can post in English and translate my answer in French so everyone can understand... Je pense que c'est mieux de répondre à Myriam dans son propre thread mais je peux lui répondre en anglais et traduire ma réponse en français pour que tout le monde comprenne
  11. Don't reply. This is a fake. Mika has one official page on facebook ran by a team and his instagram which is @mikainstagram and @mikasounds on twitter. He takes care of his instagram and his twitter himself. Every other account telling you they are Mika is a fake. Yes it is a good thing to report fake accounts to MFC.
  12. I'm not saying we should all grow moustaches (nor Mika) but fake ones would be awesome 😂 Alternatively we could put them on after the concert when Mika will leave so he can see us aĺl waiting for him with moustaches and waving to him with our Grace Kelly polished hands I love to make this man laugh and he deserves a good laugh with us after all the hard work he does to make us happy And Philarmonie people wouldn't ban us if we do it outside after the show If each of us brings one nail polish we can paint our nails while waitng and share all the colors. There are cheap nail polishes and fake moustaches online
  13. Ah ok. I did see some posts in Dutch too. I thought it was some sort of automatic translation that you can set on your pc or phone Thank you for explaning
  14. I like both How about we all paint our nails Grace Kelly way and wear fake moustaches in Philarmonie? Mika would laugh his heart out to see all of us that way I'm sure And we already got Philarmonie people ready for everything since we got their internet site to explode when we werè all trying to get tickets at the same time so they have been warned
  15. Please ask your questions in your qui je suis thread. If you don't understand what someone writes in English you can install google translate ap in your phone and ask google translate to always translate in French automatically. Anna suggested that you try to learn English little by little to understand everyone better. You can use free aps like memrise and duolingo and watch Mika's subbed videos to help you. Anna also has a website about Mika which is in Polish and in English. 🇲🇫S'il te plait poses tes questions dans ton qui je suis thread c'est plus facile pour nous de t'aider dans ton thread. Tu peux installer google translate dans ton téléphone et le paramétrer pour qu'il te traduise l'anglais en français automatiquement ça t'aidera à comprendre. Anna te propose aussi d'essayer d'approfondir ton anglais pour communiquer plus facilement par exemple en installant duolingo et memrise dans ton télèphone (ce sont des applications gratuite pour apprendre les langues) et tu peux aussi regarder les interviews sous titrèes de Mika pour faire des progrès.Et Anna a aussi un site ou elle partage plein d'infos sur Mika en polonais et en anglais.
  16. I did that too and the French fan I did it for was very grateful and very happy that I was able to give him her letter and she is still a fan so I am glad I could do it for her because she couldn't go to any concerts herself sadly. It always makes me sad when fans are fans not anymore...especially with Mika who is always outstanding himself each time. I think true fans stay though. He is a keeper
  17. Emily, I think most "pharmacies" will test anyone who needs to be. When I got the jab (in a pharmacie) I saw two people coming in without an appointment and getting their tests done right away. But you might want to make appointments ahead of course.
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