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  1. In 2010 I travelled from London via Cyprus to Beirut and then on to Baalbeck, and was sitting in these grounds waiting for the gates to open and Mika's gig to start. In 2020 I have travelled 3 metres from the sofa to the table,. and am waiting for Mika's virtual gig to start!!
  2. Yep! For the first time ever we are ALL front row! Livestream may not be as good as an actual gig, but hey - every cloud...
  3. Yes. I fear it may be a slippery slope now 🤣... but so much has happened since my Mika-travelling-days... most of it sad... and Shepherds Buch was SUCH fun, I just have to do it again!
  4. Me BEFORE the Shepherds Bush gig: I'm getting too old for all this, I'll go for the seated section 😐. Me AT the Shepherds Bush gig: To hell with that, I'm standing, and going down the front 🤣 Me BEFORE the Shepherds Bush gig: This is the only gig I'm doing. Too old to travel all over the place like I used to 😐 Me TODAY: Books Eurostar, hotel, and gig ticket for Lille...
  5. This song is SO mellow! It just transported me from the office to a lazy, warm Italian evening....
  6. After so so long, ANY flipping dates are a start! Even if they do all appear to be in France! Can't wait for some proper links to click on 😃. Had thought I might be in a old peoples home by the time he toured again...
  7. I'm probably moving house to somewhere much smaller, and I have WAY too much stuff! I'm putting some nice Mika items on Ebay, all for a 99p start price, if anyone wants to add to their collection! Some were things I had duplicates of, so have never been worn... I listed a few things today and will add more soon. Here's a link (hopefully) to one of the items, then you can just click on "see seller's other items" to view the other things... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332437468150?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. Adding my bit… finally... Absolutely loved the show. Like I was hoping, it was more of a gig, and less of an extravaganza than Paris, AND he did Promiseland (yay!). AND Ordinary Man which is the first time I’ve seen him do that live – brilliant! As has been mentioned, there were no French songs, so maybe someone took onboard the negative comments about them after the last London show (although I personally don’t mind him including one or two - please God not EMD though!). Now the pros and cons of seated venues. Pro is obviously that you don’t have to queue from stupid-o’clock, and you
  9. Haha! I've given up on stupid-o-clock queueing so strolled in at 8.45pm, thinking - I'll work my way down the side to somewhere near the front. No chance as it was packed. So, I got about halfway down and decided to stop right there… which was excellent as the "middle" stage was right there! Result . Loved the gig, even if it was fairly OTT in terms of the amount of stuff going on! Imagine the Palladium will be very different, after all that set wouldn't even fit in the building, so I'm hoping for more of a "gig" in London than an "extravaganza"! Good to briefly see you and Blue Sky in Pa
  10. Firstly, what a great set - good mix of old and new, and OMS - LOVE that song! Secondly, I was in purgatory, i.e. the dress circle. NEVER AGAIN! For the first third of the show no-one stood up. I mean, how can you SIT during BG, for goodness sake? Eventually when everyone did get up (forgotten what song it was), they all sat down again at the end of the song leaving just four of us standing, at which point the person behind started 'tut-tutting', so we had to sit again. It was indeed purgatory for me until towards the end of the show when the rest of the dress circle finally discovered t
  11. Due to Eurostar journey from hell and work crisis I'm a bit late posting, but like others have already said, Paris was fabulous. I arrived just before he went onstage (not one for queueing these days!) and made my way to front and far side, got a good spot :-) You all know the setlist by now - it was great to hear the songs from the fourth album (which I've barely stopped playing since I got it) - first time I've heard them live and they sound wonderful. In fact I'd have liked him to include a couple more of them, and hopefully he might in the UK? I can happily live without ever hearing Bo
  12. Will let you know, although I can't promise a complete itemised spreadsheet with prices! I'm SO looking forward to this gig
  13. I've been counting up all Mika's UK shows on this tour. Since there is still only a grand total of one, I'm off to Paris to be French for a day…
  14. Yes, I really don't get the concept of "pre-sale" Wednesday, general sale Friday. Why not just say "tickets are on sale Wednesday" because there really is no difference between the two. ANYONE, including tickets agencies and touts, can follow Mika on Facebook and access the link there, and in fact ANYONE can join MFC and access the link here. Don't know how it could be made fairer, but I suppose the good news is that the Mika team might realise there's more interest in the UK than they thought (even though half the people coming seem to be from outside the UK!), and extra gigs will be added.
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