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  1. 先着って店頭のほうが有利なんですか? がんばってください
  2. ソウルも「一応」完売につき追加公演ってことですし 日本公演はチケットの一般販売が明日からですよね。明日以降に期待しましょう コーストのスケジュールを見ると前後はもう空いてないんですよね
  3. 一日だけ? 毎度のことだけど、チケットがどこで買えばいいのかわかりづらい
  4. アルバムをプレオーダーしても来年のツアーには意味がないんですよね?
  5. 私のところも今週届きました! ボックスセットもったいなくて使えないから、普段使い用も買えばよかったと今更ながら、、、
  6. This is a sad news. I'm shocked. He was always friendly and kind to everyone. RIP FD.
  7. That's nice! Although it's cold in December, I recommend Hokkaido. You can get to there by the newest Shinkansen. In Nov and Dec, you can enjoy some Torinoichi. It's held in various place in that seoson. You can try local stall foods there. If there is anything you would like to know, please ask.
  8. The first production has photo cards. I can't find any word about photo cards in your link. I'm not a Korean speaker, so I'm not 100% sure though. I hope you can get the right one.
  9. I'm not sure but the link Eriko has given you doesn't mention if it comes with photos.
  10. Which one did you order at gmarket? This one comes with photos.
  11. I ordered it, but my order has not been shipped yet. You can order it here.
  12. I ordered mine. They were sold out in 10 minutes.