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  1. That's very sweet of you,but Ioana wasn't there It was all Meg. Tho Martin appeared to be happy to see her
  2. that has been untrue! that has been untrue,that has been untrue,that has been untrueeeee :mf_rosetinted: Tis pudeeen
  3. there's a guy scrubbin his lice in yor segnatjoor xD
  4. yes,you just say that loud and proud on the meeka phan klab xD
  5. don't start it again,it's addictive
  6. Ubahwataaaa Saskwatj! xD


  8. oh you little stalker i'm pretty much loving the song tho
  9. After all these years Meg...you still believe my cwap? how should i know if we make 7 days xD I just know we have it
  10. Can't wait for her to come back on tour! and i saw she's doing in in feb/march! yay!
  11. ja,wemeek em speshul fo jo. be afreed! be very afreed! yes yes,i adore martin. actually i do like him,he grins
  12. we have the same kroizant,we meek it xD i am not stalking you krushnicPL,i just came on...like i do every year around this tym,and since the waugh thread is in my subscribed threads i saw that Pewlishmeg had written and i had an asthma attek
  13. oh jokoooo,jast fodafakavit xD

  14. Kripi anon.... WHY SO KRIPI? xD

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