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  1. Getting on a time machine back to 2009. Who's coming?

  2. Attn MFCers: The yearbook project is done! Check it out in the MFC Projects section :)

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Thank you <3 <3 <3

    2. Salura22


      took a look at it its beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Mika, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

  4. Hello New MFC! You're looking FINE!

  5. It was about time I read this four years after you posted this :naughty:


    I'm still laughing :wink2:

    And I did make it to The Voice final and I got to see Mika and Kendji win :wub2:

  6. Going well :wink2: and you sweetie? :wub2:

  7. How's it going, lady? Long time no chat!

  8. Howdy :bye: Happy to see you here :huglove:

  9. Good actually although I was on the verge to see Mika this week end and I blew it :doh: but I hope I'll get another chance to go to "The Voice "

    recordings before they end :pray: I read wrong the mail I had received so I couldn't not get it for lack of confirming the invites on time :doh:

  10. Hey laydee! How are things with you?

  11. Hi Mana :huglove:

    Happy you're around :woot_jump:

  12. Happy birthday Mana :huglove: :huglove: :huglove: :huglove:

  13. I' m netbookless at the moment. I plan to buy a new one soon, I can't be online as I wish to because of that :aah:

    I'm trying to win a contest so I could see Mika this summer and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it works since the "agreement" with my husband was a Mika gig a year and I so want to hear all his new TOOL songs live :wub2: and he's coming to Nantes which is far but not to far .

    Have a good week dear Mana :huglove:

  14. Bonjour, lady! How are you?

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