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  1. I'm straight-up addicted to this song. Like, I need to hear it every few hours or else I start experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Haven't felt quite this obsessed with one particular Mika song since How Much Do You Love Me. Everything about it is just perfect to my ears, from the lyrics to the vaguely 80s instrumentation. Fun fact: If the Wikipedia entry for the new album is accurate, this is the only song on the new album that Mika alone has a writing credit on, without any co-writers.
  2. These two shows were everything I didn't know I needed. 🥰 I hadn't seen Mika since he played the Adelphi in London in October 2015, and I had almost forgotten how great his shows really are. I try to go to concerts rather frequently, and while a couple of artists have come close, these shows really reminded me that Mika is in a class by himself. I do believe there will be future fans (who probably aren't even born yet) who will discover Mika's music and wish they had a time machine to go back and see him live – if I may employ an overused comparison, much like people of my generati
  3. Awww, this makes me so happy. So glad you gals got to see him, and that he did "Tomorrow". Hard to believe that first Oakland show was 10 years ago already 🥰
  4. Getting on a time machine back to 2009. Who's coming?

  5. That was a HUGE highlight for me. I've seen Mika a bunch of times, but when he went off-mic for the end of Happy Ending I was spellbound, freaking out on the inside like it was 2007 again. Just magical. I recently saw another upbeat, dancey artist with the same kind of tut-tutty crowd. It really ruins the experience to be made to sit quietly in a plush theatre seat while a dance song plays. Sorry you were stuck in purgatory. The flags were absolutely brilliant! Well done to everyone who was involved. It was so heartwarming to see the look on Mika's face when he saw the flag
  6. It was working earlier, I think all the demand just crashed their site I would recommend trying again in a couple hours.
  7. Attn MFCers: The yearbook project is done! Check it out in the MFC Projects section :)

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Thank you <3 <3 <3

    2. Salura22


      took a look at it its beautiful! Thank you!

  8. Yeah for sure. I pounced on him after a gig a few years ago to figure out one line of Good Gone Girl that no one could quite make out
  9. I walk into the Canadian thread and everyone is talking about Tim Horton's and maple syrup. Sounds about right.
  10. I love how this song is making a huge positive impression on everyone. It's clearly one of his stronger songs
  11. Welcome! Always nice to see new Canadian fans on here. It's so cool that you and your Mom listen to Mika together. Are you going to his gig in Montreal in July?
  12. At around 2:22 in this clip it shows Pitch Perfect's music director breaking down the vocal arrangement for the acapella version of Lollipop. Pretty dang cool.
  13. Here's the setlist: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/CEgIc-lUUAAK969.jpg He skipped BoumBoumBoum, and he added Elle Me Dit before Love Today. He also dropped Lollipop at the end.
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