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  1. Thank you Blue Sky for choosing WE LOVE MIKA to post valuable MIKA information and to share your love for MIKA! I can't start to tell you how much we truly appreciate it. You know, lots of people who don't post comments ARE reading them for sure. I've had some PMs from mixi WLM members telling me so. It's only been a little over 2 months since MIKA was here in Japan but we want him back in Japan so desperately!! MIKA! Come to Japan!!!!
  2. Blue Sky, it's Jack Bauer of 「24」!! (I don't watch 24 but it is interesting when I see it on TV sometimes.) Thanks MIINA and Blue Sky for those pictures. Everyone at mixi is going crazy over them! A new look for MIKA but how long will it last? Perhaps it was a one night thing?? I think MIKA is a beautiful creature no matter what he wears and how he sets his hair. With his hair pulled back like that, it shows how damn handsome he is!! Can't wait for more recent pics and vids♪ (I DO sleep so good night ladies...)
  3. Hi! あれだけてんこもりでこの値段は安いですよね~! MIKAだから、高くはないだろうって思ってたけど、この値段はうれしいぞ♪ Saemaさん、よろしくお願いします!! I try to be more active on MFC but honestly, there's just TOO MUCH going on here!!!LOL. But I'll make sure to come and check this Japanese Thread more often. またカラオケオフ会も、企画しようかなぁ~
  4. Can't wait to get the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23 vids and less than 3000yen? He's gone mad! But I love it!!
  5. Hi Blue Sky & Mika Mania, I'm so sorry I didn't notice this for so long!! I've just been very busy and was telling myself to avoid logging onto MFC since once I do, I won't be able to get away...(LOL) Thanks for calling yourselves 日本サポーターs. That's really sweet I think.(*wink) I really do hope that members in Japan will be more active on this forum so we can exchange more info and our love for MIKA♪ なかなかログインできないMaryですが、よろしく~♪
  6. フジロックレポートを書いてくれたmixiのコミュの方の話によると、 >向かって右手側の「女の子」は「男の子」でした。女装ね。 >二丁目に居そうな感じに仕上がっていたので、思わず笑ってしまったのでしょう。 とのこと。フジロックの音源を聞いても、確かに激しく吹き出してますよね~。 MTVが放送したフジロックのMIKAのLOVE TODAY、見ました? 脱いでますね~。お尻、出ちゃいそうで、ヒヤヒヤします・・・(mixiのメンバーがアップしてくれました♪) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pk9r44sano それと、リキッドの映像。(ちょっと前にアップしました♪) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLkxWHt0UM8 PS このトピ、すぐに消えちゃいますが、時々復活させるべく、コメントしていきましょう♪
  7. Too bad you couldn't make it, Haru! Yes, we DID have great fun!! You should definitely come next time.
  8. Blue Sky, Wow, the karaoke was SO MUCH FUN! 12(I think) people came including Yoshie and her friend. Got hear some interesting stories from mixi members, had a great lunch, and went Karaoke. Personally, I wanted to sing a bit more to MIKA and my other favorite singers but most of the time passed watching MIKA on the big TV at Karaoke and chatting again about him. But it was really great fun!! Hows AZ? When are you coming back? Miina, ありがとう!確かに一瞬消えますね。本当、私もロリポップボーイ→噴出すMIKAが見たかったです。うんうん。
  9. Sousou! Watashimo kiitayo. Liquid wa "Tokyo" ja nakattannda. Fuji Rock no Lollipop de, kyuuni warai dasu tokoroga arudesho? Doumo, Lollipop "girl" no hitoriga "boy" datta rashiine. Sorewo mitara waraiga koraerare nakatta rashii. Yeah, I listened to that, too. Kind of nice♪ At Fuji Rock, did you notice he started laughing in the middle of Lollipop? Someone told me one of the lollipop "girls" was a actually "boy" in a dress. MIKA noticed it and couldn't stop giggling.
  10. I know! It's been a week already but everyone at WLM community have been talking about the wonderful event and about the NEXT MIKA concert in Japan. Great! We've got 9 people signed up from WLM. It's gonna be great fun!
  11. では、お2人ともランチ+カラオケ参加で、いいですか? Dewa, ofutari tomo, lunch+karaoke sankade iidesuka? My handling name is miori-mary but just call me mary as that's what I go by. CU next Monday!!
  12. hi Haru! ↑Do you mean you CAN come or you wish you could come? You're more the welcome to come to the Karaoke event. We're expecting about 11 people at the moment, 3 on the "maybe" list and hopefully some will just show up on the day. Zehi kite kudasai ne!!
  13. OHAYOU! Karaoke Update! 「MIKAをネタにしゃべりまくり!」「MIKAの歌を歌うぞー」「動くMIKAを大画面で見たーい」という想いがちょっとでもあるかたは、ぜひぜひ気軽に参加して下さい。コミュで書き込みとか一度もしたことなくたってノー・プロブレム!当日の飛び入りも歓迎です 11時30分 レストランにて現地集合     『シィーファー(Siifaa)』阪急ターミナルビル17階     ランチバイキング(1名様1260円、お子様840円)     http://www.pt-osaka.net/shop/siifaa テーブルに「We Love Mika」のバナーを置く予定♪ 14時00分 カラオケにて現地集合     スーパージャンカラ 茶屋町店(普通のジャンカラとは別モノ)     http://jankara.ne.jp/super/chayamachi/index.html     14時~17時(出入り自由)     ワリカンでお願いしまーす それぞれ時間の都合があると思うので、集合時間を2段階に設定してみました ランチだけ参加・カラオケだけ参加でも ランチとカラオケ、どちらも『ミーカF.C.』で予約してありますので、お店のお兄さん・お姉さんにお尋ね下
  14. Julian, Monami, Sanata, Welcome to the club! WLM(We Love Mika) でも、こちらでも、よろしく! It's kind of fun to see the same people on both forums♪ Yes, Julian(Kimie), I want to meet with you ASAP too!! 東京に行くときは、WLMのみんなでカラオケオフ会してください♪ Update: Karaoke Event in Osaka ランチですが、ほぼここで決まりました↓ (Yoshieさん、決めちゃってごめんね) 新阪急ホテルのカフェでランチバイキング: http://www.hankyu-hotel.com/hotels/19osakashh/rest2.html 個人の好き嫌いに関係なく食べられるので。カラオケからも近い。 11時半で押さえてあります。 確定したら、もう一度連絡します。
  15. Aug 13th, Karaoke Event Currently 9 people are signed up, 3 more will come if they can get the day off from work. :-) And of course, there will be people who just show up on that day. Place ↓ カラオケの予約@茶屋町スーパージャンカラ、入れときました 『ミーカF.C.』で14時から3時間、10名+α We will be meeting for lunch before Karaoke. Will let you know when the restaurant is decided. Any suggestions, Yoshie?
  16. CazGirl-san, Here's Blue Sky's album. It's in the Liquid thread but it might be time-consuming to find it. http://s202.photobucket.com/albums/aa108/blueskymika/Mika%20July%2030%20Tokyo/ Blue Sky, katteni nosete gomennne. Minna BS to MIKA no SUBARASHII shashinga mitaito omottakara ne... :-)
  17. Hi Miina! Ohisashiburi♪ How's it going lately? How's your lovely cat doing? Nihon no fan mo fuete kitakara Japanese thread hoshiina tte omottano. (ローマ字苦手…見れない方、文字化け許してね) Miina, do you happen to live in the Kanasai area? If you do, you have to come to the Karaoke event. I'd love to meet you in person:wink2:
  18. Hi Blue Sky!! All the guys in the conference look like MIKA to you? LOL I wish that happened to me. Doredake ganbattemo otto wa MIKA ni mienai yo... When are you coming back to Japan? About #1 and 2 Mika fans in Japan, duh! Of course it's you and Anakin, though I can't quite decide which is more of a MIKA maniac!! Yoshie-san, Great! It will probably be in Umeda. Umeda kinpen de, dokoka lunch dekiru tokoro arimasennka?
  19. Thanks saema! I saw the picture of MIKA without his top and his pants nearly falling off at Fuji. The fact that he couldn't stop giggling at the sight of the Lollipop "Boy" is kind of funny, too. UPDATE: Karaoke event - 8月12日 ランチ&カラオケ大会になりそうです 場所はまだ未定。 大阪近辺詳しい方、情報求む!(京都、兵庫から、参加者有) Let's get together and sing and dance with/to MIKA, chat about his music/talent/gorgeous face, and just...have fun!!!
  20. Welcom saema!! Irasshai!いらっしゃい! I know. This place is full of info. You'll have fun:thumb_yello: Most of the MIKA info I put up on mixi comes from here. Thanks to MFC, MIKA fans in Japan are able to know what's happening. mixiのWE LOVE MIKAからいらっしゃいました? mary
  21. Chapchapo! いらっしゃい!そう、ここの情報量は、半端じゃない・・・一ヶ月かかっても、読みきれないよ。だって、その一ヶ月の間に、また新しい情報が出てくるから・・・。気になるものに的を絞って、チェックするに限ります。 Yup, this forum is full of info. A month won't do! By the time you finish reading the old stuff, there would be that much more new stuff posted. But it's a great forum with lots of MIKA info! Better find thread you like and stick to them. Also check "new posts."
  22. naranjadaさん、 ライブ行ってこられたんですね!うらやましい!参加した皆さんの話を聞いてると、いかに最高だったか伝わってきます!!!今度来日したら、絶対に行くぞ! Mika said on stage in Japan, "See you next year!" (Blue Sky, Is it true he said 正月?) I hope the experience at Liquid was truly enjoyable for MIKA that he'd wanna come back here VERY OFTEN! :-D
  23. Hi Wasabi tea, It's always nice when someone from outside of Japan says they love our language, culture, peaple, food etc. :-) 「好きこそものの上手なれ」  好きなら、きっとうまくなるよ~。ここでいろんな人と交流して、MIKA LOVEをシェアするだけじゃなくて、日本語も上手になると良いね♪
  24. HI! YOROSHIKU! I know, I know, I noticed I posted it in the wrong section, and with the "d" missing but can't erase the original post. How can I do that? I'd happily move this to the "general chin wagging" section. (I've sent a message to the forum asking for help!)
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