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  1. so many gorgeous photos and reports that there's not much more to add As a relative novice to Mika shows (DC was just my 4th show) - was utterly thrilled with the performance. What an amazing venue - so gorgeous; and I really preferred the stripped down show where I could really hear the sound of Mika's voice rather than a band (or screaming, sing-along fans lol). I saw the show in Philly and DC, but much preferred the DC show - the atmosphere and intimacy - just amazing. I'll share a video - Emily - while not the greatest of quality (lighting was low and gorgeous - but my camera didn't like it as well as I did!). I liked the excitement and love from the audience during and after... made me want to see more dates I will say a highlight of the 2 shows was meeting a couple people on here - DCDeb - thank you! You're a dear - and nice to meet Christine as well - hope to have more chances in the future!
  2. Really? That's so nice to hear someone say that! A lot of people didn't embrace the Lulu tour but I thought it was gorgeous (admittedly I'm rather biased though ) The beginning of the Lulu tour was tough - it took him a few shows to get the challenging piano parts to The Dream down... and the second half with Kate's Walking Song was utterly gut-wrenching - the first few shows of the tour, tears were streaming down his face during that song - it was hard to witness. Felt like I'd been run over by a truck after those shows. But he got better as the tour went on. I wouldn't mind seeing it again myself now!
  3. Yeah - I was at those shows; had never been to Wolftrap - a beautiful setting for a Rufus concert! And new and different kinds of shows are turning up - it's not outside of the realm of possibilities that he'll come back around to DC before the year is up He is coming to Philadelphia April 21st - a 2 Act performance with an orchestra (Stephen Oremus conducting ). The first part will be excerpts performed from Prima Donna by soloists from the last production of the opera... the 2nd part Rufus will be doing excerpts from the Judy show! Here's the link with info - it's a Sunday too which is nice! Rufus in Philly
  4. it's been forever since I've checked in on the Rufus thread here... there's a bunch of unique tour dates popping up here and there... plus Rufus' big 4 0 is this year too!! He will be celebrating in Madrid at the Opera House Anyone on here from Spain (or elsewhere) planning on attending to celebrate?
  5. oooh - thank you - I will ** you have mail - hopefully I did it right... thought I sent a pm today but I'm techno - challenged! **
  6. couldn't get presale tickets for this one :bash: hopefully will be able to fare better with the general public sale Wednesday!
  7. Oh I hope a date near you turns up! Can't say enough how much fun this show was!
  8. Anyone going to an upcoming Sisters show - get ready - buckle up Was at the Bowery Ballroom this Sunday... and it was one of the best - if not the best Scissor Sister show I've seen - the crowd was out of control! We got several new songs from the upcoming CD... and they are very diverse... from rappy Shady Love to... BeeGee-disco-esque Inevitable... to Elton-esque to dance-esque etc. And we got some AMAZING "oldies" (ok - they haven't been around that long... but still - some that I've only heard once live before during their first major tour). Here was the set list: Any Which Way Keep Your Shoes On Baby Come Home Skins (yes - OMFG we got Skins!!) Kiss You Off Inevitable (Chrissi blew the roof off with her backing vocals!) Take Your Mama Year of Living Dangerously Let's Have a Kiki Comfortably Numb Invisible Light Shady Love (Bridget rocked Azalea's part) Skin this Cat Mary (just perfectly Gorgeous) IDFLD Encore: Only the Horses and with Sharon Needles - the finale was MUSIC IS THE VICTIM ... maybe my all-time fave An electric atmosphere - Jake was rocking the falsetto - didn't steer away from it Got to see the band before and after the show - LOVE this venue... they all come to the downstairs bar after the show and chat with everyone. Was a great night - can't wait until they come back in July. If you get the opportunity to see this tour - you won't be disappointed!
  9. well I'm a huge fan of the band... and have liked all of their albums IMO - their debut was pretty much perfect - much more diverse than the following 2 - absolutely my favorite Ta-Dah was hit and miss for me... certainly more 'hit' than miss... with a couple gems (Lights and Paul McCartney ).. loved Transistor live... but overall not up to the first CD. Night Work - loved it all - a regular dance fest... but a little 'one-note'. Can't wait to hear all of the upcoming CD... I'm hopeful that it will, like the debut CD, be more diverse - as the few that I've heard so far have all been so different! :yay:
  10. Thanks!! I just saw it... and - while I do adore the band - and I like the song... there's not much to the video... was hoping for a better one this time! I can't wait to see them in NY in a couple of weeks and hear all the new stuff!!
  11. This is shaping up to be a Great Good Friday... here's the newest Scissor Sister Tune I can't stop dancing!!
  12. I just came here to post this - you beat me it's hilarious! Love it - so funny and smart... Rufus as the drunk Gena Rowlands type is a riot! And his strung out guy is hot lol
  13. such a great photo - they all look luscious! So excited... and dying to see them live... wish I could be in London at the O2 on May 16 & 17th!! Hoping that the yet to be announced show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC is a date that I can swing