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  1. My friend and I had a great time at the concert yesterday! We got in to Tivoli a few minutes before seven o'clock and joined the queue. We had nice spots at about sixth row in the middle. I found this picture with me (I'm the one in the red circle 😉) and my friend. Ofcourse I was very pleased that Mika came so close! He has got so much energy, it's incredible! I wish all the people that are seeing him tonight en tommorow in Utrecht the same great evening I had!
  2. I don't know, but when I read the website I would say: no bags at all: https://www.tivolivredenburg.nl/veiligheid-privacy/huisregels/
  3. I'm going with a friend. She doesn't know Mika very well (only the old hits 😉) but we thought it would be nice to spend a day together. We are planning to arrive in Utrecht around 15.00 H, and having dinner quite early. I don't necessarly need to be in the front so I don't know at what time we will be at Tivoli. There are no seats, you're not allowed to take a bag inside the venue but there are safes to put your belongings in.
  4. I got the same question! Due to work I was too late, couldn't buy a ticket . So: if anyone has a spare ticket please let me know. xxx
  5. Hi Silver, long time no see😃 Yes, you're right! I'm hoping for people to return just one ticket. I'll keep an eye out.
  6. Hello! That was fast! I didn't have time to try to buy tickets untill now....the first thing I see is: 'uitverkocht' > 'sold out'
  7. I came back to the MFC to pay my respects to David. Such a friendly guy, I've met him in Amsterdam in front of the HMH queueing for Mika. We talked on twitter and the MFC. He will be missed!
  8. My thought was more like: 'too little, too late' or is that too harsh?
  9. Please vote for Grace Kelly (or any other Mika-song ) to keep Mika in the Dutch Top2000: https://stemmen.top2000.nl/#!/index.html?page=1&q=&view=list After sending in your votes you receive an email in which you have to click a link. Thanks!!
  10. Watching the ESC. Not all very good -understatement- Suddenly, after 7 songs, it dawns on me: I know this presenter, this crazy woman: She's totally nuts!
  11. Daughter is very anxioulsy awaiting the news about the New Companion during the break of the football match!
  12. River preferably. or cpt. Jack. But they're probably both not going to happen
  13. OMG! David Bowie died! That is so shocking. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-35278872
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