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  1. AnnaMariaPetra


    I came back to the MFC to pay my respects to David. Such a friendly guy, I've met him in Amsterdam in front of the HMH queueing for Mika. We talked on twitter and the MFC. He will be missed!
  2. AnnaMariaPetra

    Mikasounds, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Updates - 2017

    My thought was more like: 'too little, too late' or is that too harsh?
  3. AnnaMariaPetra

    The 'KEEP MIKA GOLDEN' Voting Club

    Please vote for Grace Kelly (or any other Mika-song ) to keep Mika in the Dutch Top2000:!/index.html?page=1&q=&view=list After sending in your votes you receive an email in which you have to click a link. Thanks!!
  4. AnnaMariaPetra

    Eurovision 2016

    Watching the ESC. Not all very good -understatement- Suddenly, after 7 songs, it dawns on me: I know this presenter, this crazy woman: She's totally nuts!
  5. AnnaMariaPetra

    Doctor Who BBC

    Which books?
  6. AnnaMariaPetra

    Doctor Who BBC

    Daughter is very anxioulsy awaiting the news about the New Companion during the break of the football match!
  7. AnnaMariaPetra

    Doctor Who BBC

    River preferably. or cpt. Jack. But they're probably both not going to happen
  8. AnnaMariaPetra

    The David Bowie Thread

    OMG! David Bowie died! That is so shocking.
  9. AnnaMariaPetra

    Doctor Who BBC

    Yeah, it's back!
  10. AnnaMariaPetra

    Doctor Who BBC

    I did too!
  11. AnnaMariaPetra

    Doctor Who BBC

    Peter Capaldi is a great actor. He really is the doctor, makes me laugh often! But David Tennant still is my favorite. I want the sonic screwdriver back, sonic sunglasses are wrong
  12. AnnaMariaPetra

    Mika in Italian Press -- 2010-2015

    What I actually meant is that I don't speak Italian
  13. AnnaMariaPetra

    Mika in Italian Press -- 2010-2015

    I only know Franco Battiato from long ago, he was participating in the Eurovision Songcontest, 'I treni di tozeur'. Don't have the slightest idea what the lyrics are about, but I love that song!
  14. My report of the gig day Days before the concert I was already nervous: which train to take, what time to leave home, which route to the hotel, etc. And of course, nervous to see and hear Mika again! I booked a bed in the all female ‘hostelle’ in Amsterdam. I heard about this hostelle on the MFC, a lot more fans would stay there so that would be perfect for me. (And it was!) Tuesday morning I left my province Drenthe and headed for Amsterdam. The journey went alright and quite fast. I had a screenshot on my phone of the walking route from the train station to the female ‘hostelle’. But unfortunately the first sentence was: ‘walk in south western direction’. Due to me being in idiot I went the wrong way! After about half an hour of walking on and about with a heated face and inner swearing at myself I decided to walk back to the station and start over. That worked and within 10 minutes I arrived at the hostelle, phfew! I freshened up and went to the HMH. There was a queue but not a long one. Jolanda gave me my ticket (she bought it for me in the presale of the MFC) and she gave me a number (54) hoping it would give us earlier entry later that night. The weather wasn’t very good but luckily I brought a disposable raincoat. I met lots of great people. Some I already knew, met in real life or/and on the MFC, and some new people. That made the queuing very nice and fun. At the bag-check after checking my ticket I had to dispose of my last (!) package of orange juice, it was a very small package, stupid HMH-people. I was só thirsty after the concert... I got a really good spot: third row and completely in the middle. I also had enough space to move and dance/jump. The support act was nice, but I couldn’t understand a word the singer was singer: he almost ate the microphone. And he looked like Mika, at least for the first five seconds Up until the performance of the Citizens I was asking myself: “what am I doing here? You’re 46, this is not the way to behave on this age...” But the second Mika came on stage I knew why I was at the HMH: the complete ‘Mika fan-ness’ was back! I love this singer with his great lyrics, fantastic music and really enthusiastic way of performing! I was so happy for being there! And I am sure I will be at his next concert in the Netherlands! (Hopefully it won’t take too long for him to return...) I felt sad for Mika while hearing the lyrics of No Place in Heaven; I loved The Good Wife, Good Guys and Last Party. I was very happy to hear the ‘old’ songs as Grace Kelly, Lollipop, Happy Ending etc. I found it a very energetic performance, Mika was clearly happy and sweet. I didn’t feel any negative ambiance. After it ended and we all went outside, we went to the bar across from the HMH to drink a large glass of coke. We were really thirsty! Then, quick quick, we ran to the backdoor of the HMH and the waiting for Mika began. It was not as crowded as the last time. Once in a while someone came out the door telling us Mika wouldn’t come or that he had already left. We, of course, didn’t believe that!J And finally, after a long wait, there he was. He came out of the car, made his round to all the fans, signing and being photographed. Robin (who I met in the queue) gave her wonderful Mika-birdhouse to him (and I filmed it for her). I walked to the hostelle with Patricia and Annemiek. Took a shower and went to bed. Sleeping was difficult even when I was very tired, due to the exciting gig! At 7’o clock someone’s alarm rang and it awake me so that after an hour I got up and left the hostelle. Heading back home, singing all the concert songs in my head. Tired, but overall: HAPPY!
  15. Studio Job on facebook: