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  1. The comment was made before remembering that the ownership (and funding) has now to other hands and is therefore no directly out of the pockets of member, or predominantly dean. After i realised that my comment then only applied to server speed issues. I would have left it there had it not have been met the way it was. It seems we had a clash of several characters who would not back down or agree to disagree. Please gain a little background knowlegde before drawing conclusions. I was actually refering to the Police. After last night i walked away, literally, and went for a stroll at 4am to clear my head and get a bit of exercise as i have to do hourly routines as part of the recovery process. I ended up at a bridge that extended over a railway and dual carriage way and paused to watch the trains and cars go by. This particular bridge neighbours a police station and several on duty officers took it upon themselves to 'rescue' me form my apparent need to jump. It was rather amusing.
  2. I recommend a film called The United States of Leland Stars Ryan Gosling, Don Cheadle, Kevin Spacey and the 'jock' from American Pie. A good film, slightly morbid, but hey.
  3. Aye ive seen that one... We have some FD ones in the PU123-2 thread. But they are just plaquard ones
  4. You said you wouldn't ban me - scouts honour. Either way, im NOT in the wrong here, i walked away, its not my problem that i was followed by small minded idiots?
  5. Rudeness has nothing to do with it - that is your perception. Assertiveness, maybe, but since when is that a bad thing. I am simply making my point known to a collection of people who's views of the world are hazey (might have something to do with the glitter).
  6. Oh dear....since when do we have an apple with sunglasses?
  7. Wow, this thread has picked up a further 200 posts since i was last here - what on EARTH have you lot been talking about?!?!
  8. And neither have i you. Maybe it was a case of online boredom that got you wrapped up into all of this, i don't know. But i did take the fact that you moved from a thread where a discussion was taking place, by no means related to you, and brought it to another thread, making it personal as a very direct negative. Please be more careful what discussions you become involved with and what 'sides' you choose to take in future or my responses will loose their politeness.
  9. What are you trying to acheive exactly? This coonversation seems to have no conclusion so i do not see how pressing on it further is remotely constructive, and therefore i need not tell you were to take your 'discussion'.
  10. Damn who knew such a simple minded person could make such awe inspiriting observation. I am dumbstruck by your knowledge of my psychie. Lets see if you powers extend towards telepathy.... Piss the **** off!
  11. I think it has been blown out of all proportion to be honest. I came into someone else's thread and made a passing comment about what they say, knowing from experience how moderators can be about wasteful threads. Then remembered that since the mfc no longer runs off of minimal member donations but by those of mika's management, they arent likely to be inforcing anything as to the wasteful content. My comments were joked away, i pressed with the matter and was responded to with hostility so replied in kind. There is nothing else to it. Now if you want to sit there and have a counselling session as to the ins and outs of my life because i am a rare breed of mfcer who does not think the world consists of rainbows and bunnies and am therefore not backing down then thats up to you - have fun
  12. Sorry went to go and find my camera, i took a picture for you all today - i call it 'when braces go bad' (ignore the quality i had it on zoom):
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