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  1. Actually I read Harry Potter a few days before 21th 00:00....So....But when that day came,I bought one.It was wonderful to feel the paper... And oh!I strongly recommond these books: Ender's Game, and Ender's Shadow. They are the best science fictions that I've ever read.Full of wits.. I prefer Ender's Shadow cause I like little genius..
  2. haha...that's ...funny... of you. wait...are you serious?
  3. I would like to see it about Mika's music. totally. Not gossips,not chat---------we have a hilarious warm and wonderful place here,no need to open up another one. I suggest that it would contain everything about his music,like sheet music,like lyrics, like ... and maybe his art works. Oh I am not really sure.It doesn't sound funny huh. though I do want it to be something different. for us Mfc lovers. more serious?plz..I don't know...
  4. So hard to choose...You know...Stuck in the middle is wonderful ..but not as hilarious as Big girl...But anyway I just loooove it.So that's my choice.Yay!
  5. Wow!It's cool!!!!!!!!!I want to make my own one too//!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Does Mika play football? What does he like?? I definetely want to know more about him..Poor babe.. (somebody has baby Mika's picture??plz!!)
  7. WOW!!!What does H sound like!!!???????? I can that be possible.. ?the black key or something?? or..a sound that the nature just can't make? :blink:
  8. hahahahahaha!!!!!!now!!!!!!Someone Plz go pretend you're Mika's deskmate in high school!!!And tell us what you see in the MMMM:mf_lustslow: !!!!COME ON GO GO GO!!!!
  9. yes!米————rice,卡————card.. that's how Chinese word works... but you know it's just lovely pronunciation.. LoL Do any of you have kid Mika's pics? He must be pretty when he's little!!
  10. well I don't know about your sad things b/c I am new here but Hey!!Wish you are happy now!!You are sooooooo lucky that you will see him after all, and you are sooooo lucky that you've seen kaiser chiefs and placebo live... I won't be able to do that like in...several years.. Ohhh.... If you can see him tell him that we all love him..thanks:wink2: for me...
  11. Yes!!I love that.It's clear and lovely.The way you speak it in Mandarin is slightly different from English.Sounds like a baby talk.. .Really lovely.Suits him perfectly!! and it writes lovely too.
  12. Ohh!!Mine is the Chinese edition!! That's really know those Big big M I K A letters are red and purple on the USa and UK editons,but on mine it's green and yellow.. It also has Mika's chinese name:米卡 on it. So....that is a trick,right?/ o Mika ....naughty boy...
  13. wow...actually I've thought about it before. Girl:Chloe.. Boy:Ralph or Dan(see The Thorn Birds),Daniel(Daniel Vosovic),Nick,Sandy(I think girls can use this too right?) Mike, Billy...Brian..David...Darcy(haha!! sure you know where it's from) common names.., but...How many kids must I have to use all the names!!!??
  14. Haha..I want to have Mika's babe too.... oh........thinking of that makes me cry.......ohh.....a lovely baby...cries really high pitch... Mika...Mica.....beautiful name...
  15. Haha...I am soooo amused... your soooooo funny!! THAT you bought Life in cartoon motion!!!!!hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Yeah actually I did that kind of things too... but not about Mika..