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    Thank you for this great welcome! I am enjoying everything a lot... Still learning, I do lack the experience... But I love the Site and I would love to help in all the projects that are being talked about. Give me just a couple of days to adjust and find out the best way to do it. This is great!
  2. Hey guys! I love the idea as well. I´m kind of new, but I would love to help. I could be help editing or translating it into Spanish! I´m a translator, so it would be my pleasure to do it! Just let me know, if there´s anything else I could do.
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    Hello everyone! I heard Mika for the first time in Amsterdam at a hotel, after a very exhausting day and it was great. I could not listen to more of him until I could find out who he was, which happened a couple of months later!!! I´m from Argentina and here he´s not that popular yet... This week I have started listening to all of his work and it´s amazing. I´ve also watched a couple of interviews and now I´m kind of obsessed. Actually, this is the first time I´ve joined a forum, so I´m a little nervous. But I love his music and his style!!! So I HAD to... I hope I´m not too boring, I´m not that good with computers...