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  1. waaaay too expensive... or is this doll made of titanium and diamonds
  2. i wanted to share with you a little piece of my childrens opera "die kleine meerjungfrau" (the little mermaid) from the 26th june. i used mikas song "rain", too. the children are my choir (age 4-14) who sing for fun and dont have other musical education, they just love singing and acting. we prepare a children's opera every year, this was our second one. entry is always free, if somebody from germany likes to attend us next year whatever, this is not supposed to be a promotion for the my opera's, i just thought you'd might be interested to see children all over the world working on singing mikas incredible songs! here's "rain" a capella, hope you enjoy
  3. huxleys or columbiahalle tomorrow? does anybody know for sure? the ticket says columbia, mikas myspace and this thread say huxleys
  4. are there still busses going in london after the show? need to go back to earls court then. and will somebody give away "entrance numbers" again like on the germany acoustic shows, like number 1 gets in first, number 2 second etc.
  5. i was searching for the piano sheet music of rain (acoustic). looked for it in several online shops, but they all only sell the new fast version. i don't need the chords or tabs but just a piano sheet. can anybody help me? or any ideas where i can find it? thank you very much!!!
  6. Here got this via mail. i didn't see a thread about it yet. if yes, i apologize for starting this one. anybody joining this? i didn't find a deadline. is your video answer supposed to be dancing to "we are golden", or can you choose any other mika song? or ANY other song, as long as you're dancing crazy with your pants on? i'm quite sure girls are allowed to wear more than just their pants...? love x
  7. did anybody validate their itunes licm? for me it wont do it, they always tell me "item not found in your itunes library". what am i doing wrong?
  8. i edited my first post... regarding the fact that you cant validate your codes 2 times i suggested everybody to use his/her account, and whoever likes can join this one too for uploading photos, adding videos, etc, for gaining points without codes from merchandise stuff or tickets.