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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :yay:

  2. Actually, from memory it was Blame It On The Girls. I was with Fai when he took the sign from her, because it says 'Blame It On The Boys'. He probably held the sign for about a minute.
  3. Woah Tegan, it's so cool to read about your time backstage!! It would have been so awesome to hear Mika warming up and stuff (not to mention the experience of just being there while everything was getting ready!). Did you guys get to see Orianthi before she went on? Otherwise, personally, I have to say thank you again for organising everything! You did so much to make the night so much better for so many of us!
  4. Hi Suzy, I dont know how to make the photos smaller, so I've just moved them to a new thread - http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2664256&posted=1#post2664256 I guess it also means that anyone that wants to save them can have a full resolution copy of them. Matt:thumb_yello:
  5. Because these photos are so big I've moved them to this thread so the proper Mika thread can be read more easily.
  6. Putting the fun back in a 'live' show Reviewed by Bernard Zuel November 26, 2009 MIKA Enmore Theatre, November 24 BRITNEY versus Mika? That's no contest, surely. A pop play-off pitting an American multimedia star who learnt at the knee of Madonna against a Lebanese boy raised in London who took his cues from Freddie Mercury will surely end in a victory for dollars over pounds. Right? Not so fast folks. A week ago Britney Spears showed us what can be done with a pop spectacle when the talent on show is negligible but the financial heft substantial. She cleaned up. At the
  7. Yeah, it was great talking to you too! The quilt you made for Mika looked awesome (from the photos you showed me). And, your in-depth concert reports are fantastic. You have the best memory! It's funny, I also got the feeling Mika wanted to throw the feather hat out to the audience. He kind of went through the motions a few times, and then stopped. Maybe he's only got one and he needed it for the next leg of the tour. Anyhow, I'll upload some more photos now
  8. Did you get to meet all the Mikamites!? were they as wonderful in person as they are here? :wub2:

  9. Hey Fay! Ah, so what happened after I left? Did you guys stay long? And, what, you never saw him leave? As for Suzan, I think his mum loved it when she said "I love Mika" in Arabic. His mum was so cool, and really friendly. I think she kinda felt bad that Mika didnt stay around for long, but in fairness he'd been there all day and so would have been exhausted (not to mention the international flight today).
  10. Yeah, as everyone said, it was a really cool night. I particularly thought Orianthi was awesome! She sang Michael Jackson's 'Give In To Me' and spoke a bit about meeting him etc. As for Mika, the show rocked! The "Big Girls" also did an amazing job! Afterwards, the meet and greet was good. It was cool to be there with the band, and his mum, but Mika himself only came out for 10 minutes or so to sign autographs and then he left. Personally, I got a cd signed, but I didnt really get to say a word to him. His mum was cool though, and a few of us spoke to her for a bit. I'm sure everyo
  11. Yesterday Mika was on two Australian tv shows (Sunrise and the Morning Show). He did some interviews, and performed Rain and We Are Golden. Here's a link to dowload his appearances in HD. The video goes for 20 minutes and is 200mb - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y1L8DB86 Enjoy
  12. Hmm, that audio problem has also happened to a friend who i've copied videos for too (from dvd). It's basically a codec issue (codecs being the codes windows media player uses to "read" a video). My best suggestion is to go to http://www.free-codecs.com/download/ace_mega_codecs_pack.htm and click 'download ace mega codecs'. That'll install the latest codecs, and the video should play properly then.
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