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  1. happy birthday hun:thumb_yello::biggrin2:

  2. I understand COMPLETELY what Perez is saying, this is insane really! Normally when fans are told about something of this sort it is taken with excitement and that great anxiety of what's to come. Yet, it seems all some people did was complain! That honestly doesn't even make sense. What are you complaining about???
  3. LOL It's not actually a rug... That's how they're used by native Central American people, it's made by our local indians.
  4. I would love to join in! Please let me know how I can help, if possible.
  5. I'm not sure, but weren't his favorite films Cinema Paradiso and the Wizard of Oz?
  6. I hope this is posted appropriately where it should be and it's not a double post. I searched, I'm sorry if it is! It's nothing big, in fact it a merely a few seconds at the end. But Katy shows a little bit of Lollipop in NYC in her new video.
  7. I haven't had the chance to post in these last few days, but I wanted to tell you how much I have loved your videos! I Want Candy fit Mika perfectly, but this one I especially loved because what more could you ask than Mika, the Beatles, and bit of Slash's guitar (especially in November Rain)?? Loved it!
  8. I had to leave shortly after I posted. But I think the microphone trophies you posted are great. I'm good with photoshop, so I'll be glad to help with that!
  9. Thank you! I just feel there is more meaning in his actions than we realize.
  10. Actually, I don't think you celebrate Day of the Dead at all in the UK. In Latin America, and in the United States, All Saints Day is on Nov. 1rst and Day of the Dead the day after Nov.2nd
  11. This might not even be possible, but I once saw somewhere trophies or awards shaped like old time microphones. I think one of those would be perfect for Mika!
  12. There is a lot of symbolism in Mika's concerts. I think you're right with the angel and the creation story. As for, "Gray Skelly", she might be wearing beads similar to those of Mardi Gras, but in reality that is the traditional attire in Mexico's Day of the Dead. I think that rather than seeing symbolism for the umbrella we should comprehend the actions. The way I see it, at first he is standing there alone and cold, snow is falling, and he seems somewhat afraid. Afraid of possibly death or just possibilities. Then comes death, he faces his fears and shields (covers with hands) him from the snow pouring down on him, he embraces it, and says goodbye or maybe a see you later. I might be looking too into it, but I think the overall message is death, and our fears, maybe even saying goodbye to those we've lost (what we go through when we do). As for the serpent, peace dove, and tree, I think you're right on the mark. Just like to add, that the dove is coming out of a cage.
  13. All the drama is just starting to come down and I know I shouldn't even meddle in. I just wanted to say that I think the MFC is being shifted into the wrong direction with these posts getting too personal. I think that if your issues are personal you should talk to that person directly and find a resolution to your problems amongst yourselves. To make a post publicly, calling people out results in it looking as bullying. I don't know the circumstances for all of this. But being relatively new here, I would hate that just when I joined things got so sour. Lets make this a happy atmosphere, as it should be. If we have personal problems, lets deal with them in a personal manner. (Sorry for throwing in my 2 cents, but I had to say something)
  14. That is amazing! Mika would have a kick outta this, I'm sure!