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  1. Thank you so much for posting. Very lovely:thumb_yello:
  2. Thanks for all those adorable pics!
  3. Guess I've to wait until tomorrow.. sh*t, but I definitely need to go now.. so bye bye and goodnight
  4. I hope there are some piccies-and reports asap...
  5. A bit tired, need to go to bed soon..but before I'm waiting for pics etc.. And how is you? Really?
  6. Hi Sarah! Hello:biggrin2: I'm impatiently waiting for Amsterdam news ...
  7. I have to go now, bed is calling:thumbdown: Nighty everyone
  8. Dave Whitmey... someone wrote it in the review thread..never heard of him though..
  9. Bye Roxy What what.. I sooo wanna hear it...
  10. I see! Would be the same with me I guess. If you are moving to a new country, you have to find new friends, a job, and and... but it'll be ok!!
  11. Oh no, that sucks:thumbdown: Bye bye Bab:wink2:
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