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  1. Hi there... 13 years, wow.

    1. silver


      Time just flies by :naughty:

  2. Yeah! I love Happy Ending And the Ugly Betty promo video is very funny, i love it too!
  3. Thnx you very much to all, this is a great forum!, i love it And yes, mexico is a nice place, i like to live here
  4. ... so I'm from Mexico! xD (But not from the coast ) Hello people!, well i'm from mexico as you can see, i'm 16 years old, and i love all about mika My name's Jorge Luis, I'm studying the high school, and I get Mika by the internet, but before I had heard Grace kelly and Relax at the radio, but I not knew who sing it. Then I read about Mika in a music blog and I haven't stopped to listen it since that! I hope this will be a great forum, greetings!
  5. I love Happy Ending, it's one of my favorites, i hope it'll be true:mf_lustslow:
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