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  1. :bye:

    Long time without visiting MFC :wink2:

  2. Definitely not x2.

    His best friend barely knows me, and of course it's not the second thing. Before he started to be all mean I would never say anything that would hurt him.

  3. That is REALLY weird.

    I'm thinking maybe someone said something to him, like if his best friend likes you or something... and it got a bit too awkward to deal with.

    Or maybe you said something that hurt him?! (I doubt it but.)

  4. Yeah.

    It's so weird, I just don't believe him. Like, Friday before the holidays, we had so much fun at his place, and then 3 days later he suddenly wants to dump me?

    HELLO! Something's fishy!

  5. Aw, Linde. Well, maybe he will mature a bit and realize he can handle it, once he sees how much he misses you.

  6. He was like: ''Apparently..yes''


    I've never wanted a guy back after we broke up. Now I do.


    Whaha, that's good then.

  7. What did he have to say to that?


    it deffinitely won't, it never does. Because it's like, I really liked you and you liked me and you screwed me over, dickwad.


    Nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. All I have his facebook stalking now that his profile is viewable lmao, and i have a LOT more friends than him (almost 400 he has almost 200) and i forced my guy friend to suggest me as a friend for him :kachinga:

  8. Exactly, I said that too. I was like: ''Oh relleh? Do you really need almost 5 months to realize that?''


    I hope so. I also don't think the friendsthing will work out. I feel like I just can't forgive him. I just can't.


    Any news about your dude btw?

  9. That's not something to realize once you already have one...


    But I suppose most men are affraid of commitments (from what i have learned in my many years of watching tv.)


    You'll find someone better, I KNOW it.

  10. He wasn't ready for a gf. He said the idea of being with someone kinda scared him, mentally.

    Yeah, he'll apologize Monday. I'll miss cycling to school with him, sitting next to him during French and KCV, and him standing with us in the breaks though.

  11. OH my god, why did he break up with you did he tell you?

    Was it just random? :sad:

    :huglove::huglove: I'm so sorry, he obviously doesn't understand how cowardly it is to break up on msn.

  12. I bawled my eyes out yesterday and today.

  13. It is. We talked today though, and decided to stay friends. I only said this to make myself feel better though. I haven't slept in a week because the whole thing was bothering me so much. I'll miss him, but I'll get over it.

    Now my mom is so friggin angry cause I'm talking to him again. She says she'll never support me again.

  14. ....

    oh my god, linde.

    This is horrible.

  15. I'm single again. Got dumped yesterday via MSN, will tell you the story soon.

    News about the guy whose name I forgot?

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