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  1. thank you so much for this translation! I really appreciate it, his words really spoke to me today! xoxoxo
  2. This must be why I woke up early today! He was so cute in the behind the scenes Instagram video!
  3. I didn't know Guy could bake like that! Jolanda, look out, you've got competition! have a blast tonight everyone!
  4. Hi :bye:

    I thought we were friends already :teehee:

    Congrats on your speedy sale :thumb_yello:

  5. Happy Birthday



  6. merci beucoup! thanks, doll!

  7. I was spoiled seeing him twice last year; now it seems soooo long ago! Underwater was amazing then, too, but it's nice to see his face up close. "wearing my heart on my sleeve"--did I see tiny red heart cuff links?!
  8. thank you for posting it!! that song, that voice, those eyes! I am swooning all over again.
  9. Sweetie , if you want to watch The Voice go to


    There you can watch (and dl if you wish) all episodes :biggrin2:

  10. His voice was perfect!! and I am lucky enough to be able to eat Chicago pizza anytime. we ended up going to R.J. Grunt's for fantastic burgers. http://www.rjgruntschicago.com/ a Chicago institution, they don't play any music later than 1979!
  11. Ok, I didn't read reviews of any other shows, I wanted this to be a surprise. I was outside (rather chilly, glad I had gloves) from 5.30 to 6.30 pm, I brought a folding chair and got some homework done. Then Mika didn't come onstage till 8.15pm! So you may already know the setlist. He opened with Grace Kelly & closed with Over my Shoulder, which was haunting and gorgeous. and a surprise, usually he does a very bouncy song at the end. But I adore that song, had never heard him sing it live before. He played 1 hour 45 minutes, right up to 10pm, which is when they HAD to end the show, as it was "all ages". It seemed like he was enjoying it, so relaxed and chatting, that he would have gone on all night. I sat up in the balcony next to a couple who had brought their daughter from Michigan. Well, they were soon clapping and singing along too! It seemed like he played 20 songs. The opening "D.J " act by Curtis & Max---- sorry I found it very annoying after about 5 minutes. His voice sounded fantastic, he was so charming, and played so hard on the piano! I was a teensy bit disappointed he didn't wear a bow tie. Otherwise, it was my 4th gig, and my favorite because we heard more of his voice. The stage was verrry small. I did miss his sporadic leaps into the air and crazy dance moves though! There was a group of fans on the right side, I believe dressed as the Village People, who were dancing like crazy, and he saluted them at the end. We met some nice fans who drove from Texas,(sorry I forgot your names!) they were at a table behind us. (we got seats right up against the railing, center balcony) My boyfriend is 6'2", and gave up his seat next to me, as the girls behind us wouldn't be able to see Mika at all, and he sat behind me. what a guy! This was his 2nd Mika gig, he said he preferred the higher energy level of the one in October, but he said the smaller venue seemed more suited to Mika when he's on the piano. Because the show ran late, many restaurants were closed afterwards! so, no deep dish pizza. Overall, it was a marvelous evening!
  12. I don't see a report page. I'm really tired. briefly: he was amaziiiingg!!! so special to hear more of his voice & less of the instruments. he closed with Over My Shoulder, I'd never heard him sing it live before, gave me goosebumps. it was pretty chilly outside. met some nice fans. got to get some sleep now!
  13. well, this location doesn't take reservations, but they didn't think they'd be booked. are you going?
  14. Hello Chicago Fans! so sorry you can't make it, Meyer twins & Mandi, what a drag. I'm going there straight from school, will be working on my paper while we wait in line! My boyfriend & I are going to Lou Malnati's right after the show, for awesome Deep Dish Chicago PIZZA! if anyone wants to join us. PM me ASAP, I'll give you my cell #, we can meet up afterwards & walk to restaurant. it is really close http://www.loumalnatis.com/Locations/Details.aspx?ID=6
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