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  1. I know, I totally agree with you. And hi, good to see you. It's been a long time talking to you. I know,totally my fault:blush-anim-cl:
  2. I know,I hired it yesterday on the digital tv-theek but I didn't asked that for myself because I don't know if you can hire it if you are in an other country
  3. do you girls have telenet digital? Telenet told me some time ago that it is possible to connect your digicorder to your pc with a usb-cable and copy your recordings to your pc but I haven't tried it myself yet.
  4. do you have this in dutch? that would be easier to understand for me
  5. thank you and willywonka. Hope Lena will see this. btw:I'm so happy that that iron curtain is away.
  6. I wish I was on facebook than I could just hit the like button.would be so much easier:naughty:
  7. So true! and therefor be open minded and give Lena a chance. I don't like homophobic people who hate gays (actually I can't stand them) but there is a difference between hate and don't understand it. Lena was a teenager in Russia when there where iron walls around Russia! don't forget that. I guess she has never known or even met someone who was openly gay and there was no freedom of speech.maybe the law decided for here what she was supposed to believe and think. I understand it's a shock to her and I understand her whole world felt apart. she needs time. she's a good girl with a good heart. we should accept and help her with that because we are open minded people.she's in pain and she needs Mikafanlove:wub2:
  8. Hi Droopsy,good to hear from you again. I know it has been a long time since I've been here and when I'm here it's just for a quick look. There has been so many changes in my life, that's why I haven't been here for a long time but Mika is still in my heart and I haven't forgot about the MFC at all.
  9. The word I was looking for is like superstar said,'bromance' Thank you so much
  10. Hi girls,thanks for your help, I'll look up your suggestions on the internet and I'll let you know what I have found.... thank you:wub2: @ sienna,I know... I was allowed to choose my subject,I was thinking,Mika or TBBT and as you can see I chose for TBBT
  11. Hi girls, I'm making a paper for school and it's about the Big Bang Theory. I want to describe the relationship between rasj and howard. I'm sure there is a name for it. It's like, when two friends have a friendly relationship that kinda looks like they are married. Can someone help me with that please?
  12. here it is;http://www.4shared.com/audio/7HLh-HAE/The_Pilgrim_Meets_Mr_By-Ends.html
  13. I have it uploaded somewhere,give me a min I search the link for you
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