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  1. Hey girl, where have you been? Miss you around here!

  2. Haven't seen you round in ages... How've you been?

  3. haha, who are you, you're completely rad
  4. I love the orange of the site - but I agree there should be a new header.
  5. LOL A mix of KFC and McD's? Wow....that can't be healthy.
  6. Me too, a bit of angst goes a long way!
  7. I quite like it, actually. His hair grows very quickly so if he doesn't like it, it will always grow back. I think it looks better, more natural like this.
  8. Jordan is a complete idiot. I really dislike her. Too much silicone hinders the brains ability to function....
  9. wow.......thats disturbing I admit that I have a mind that is not normal - some of the things that go round in my brain would certainly not be photoshopped....and if they were, they could not be posted on mfc
  10. He'd look HOT with freaky contact lenses aka Marilyn Manson I'd love to see Emomika.
  11. Come on, Scutty! It's not the worst granny curls he has had. Although I think he could have done with a little less face powder! I actually think he looks gorgeous in these pictures. Better than previous ones where he had started to look....old
  12. I DO NOT WANT TO BE AT WORK ANYMORE!! Completely and totally over today. Bring on 4 day weekend!
  13. YAY home from stupid work! Incredibly boring day. My bf called me up and put the phone to the radio - they were playing Big Girl. Thats the first time I have heard it on the radio. He called again later when they were playing Happy Ending
  14. I always forget who watches biggest loser BUT did you guys notice that in the weigh in room when Michelle is making her 50k announcement JJ is not there!! I think he's gone. He's totally buggered off. and OH GOD this is so embarrassing but.....I kinda like Cosi. I think he's....cute. saaad.
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