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  1. Got a spare ticket for October 27th in Amsterdam. PM me if interested. Don't have it anymore
  2. First this: GO MIKA and now this, I just had to say something: Children don't become homosexuals the are born that way, to put it simple, it's all about how your brain works and how much of certain hormones your body produces. Those children will know that they are different from a very young age, because they can see or hear from others that there are little things in which they are different from other (heterosexual) children. At first they don't even know that they are different. But when they go to school there teachers might ask there parents about certain behavioral difference that they show or the parents will notice it themselves. And then there is a choice for those parents accept you kid the way they are or FORCE you kid into a different lifestyle because you can't accept the way your kid is or you are afraid of that others might say. And when that kid is forced to live a different lifestyle they might look normal on the outside and they might act heterosexual but on the inside they are afraid of being judged and unhappy because they can't be who they really are, because others might hurt them because some people decided homosexuals are abnormal and should be cured and ignored with force. And children do not "go to bed with someone" like you said. Just an example of a child that is different from an early age: A heterosexual girl (child) might come home with a drawing of superman and tell her mommy that she thinks he's cute or that he's boring because he is a figure that boys find cool. The parents will laugh and think that it's cute. A heterosexual boy would come home with the same drawing and tell mommy how cool superman is and that he wants to be just like him when he grows up. The parents will buy superman clothes and lunchboxes and think it's cute. A homosexual boy could say that he thinks superman is cute or boring like the little girl did. Parents will think it's odd and will accept this or force that boy into superman clothes and give him a superman lunchbox because that's what other boy's like and the hope the "problem" will go away. But that little boy will be miserable. Being a homosexual is not just about sex and doing something that others might consider a sin it's just who they are. And who they are is people, humans, they have feelings, dreams, interests, hobbies, they might want to have/adopt a child, they want to grow old with someone they love just like everybody else. The only difference is that they want to do these things with someone who has the same gender as they have.
  3. Lol that's funny Dexter is an unknown mixed breed (vuilnisbakkenras) Can't wait to see pictures of your new pets. When are you getting them?
  4. Wow I haven't been here in a long time All the rats, hamsters and rabbit that I posted here are dead But now I have a dog. His name is Dexter this is him on the day I got him: and this is him after his first haircut: His hair is even shorter now:
  5. Happy Birthday MG_122.gif

  6. I have a question about the the list. Lets say you have a list with 150 people on it and you still have , lets say 4 hours to go till the gig starts. HOW are you going to watch ALL 150 people at the same time , and check if they are not more than an hour away from the Que? You'll need like 15 "MFC-officers" (with colorful uniforms ) to keep an eye on them Just face it people there is NO logical solution to ALL the Queing problems, Why? Because we are NOT logical creatures. There are always people that are going to break whatever rule there is because they are suffering from MIKA&ME-tunnel vision*. And with some people it starts when the doors open and others are already suffering from it the night before the gig. *MIKA&ME-tunnel vision: -You are only thinking about Mika and yourself, and getting the best of the best spot in the venue. -You will lose the fact that there are rules you have obey to make sure every thing will go as smoothly as possible for everybody. Why? Because when you are suffering from MIKA&ME-tunnel vision all you see, smell, feel, hear, and THINK is MIKA, FIRST ROW, ME, MIKA, FIRST ROW, ME, MIKA, FIRST ROW, ME. Everybody els doesn't exist, in your mind. -You can't reason with someone who has MIKA&ME-tunnel vision. They won't hear you, no matter what you say to them. So don't bother.
  7. Christmas is my favorite time of the year:thumb_yello: My tree this year: whole picture: Tree lights this year:
  8. OMG my mom just told me this horrible news I just don't know what to say I really hope Paloma will make a full recovery. I also hope that Mika and his family and friends take it easy and take the time to process such a horrible event.
  9. I'm so jealous right now I really want to get one to somehow
  10. Hi, I really love your photos of Mika in Amsterdam. I find the one with the jump really fantastic :biggrin2:!! Can I have it please ............................?

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