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  1. guylainem123

    MFC Mod Team Changes

    of course
  2. guylainem123

    Tour Rumours 2016

    Hello? I'd like a rumor for Montreal please... It would keep me occupied
  3. Can't wait for those gig reports to start rolling in
  4. guylainem123

    Mika in Canadian Press 2016

    i'm surprised he liked "les oreilles de crisse" and turned down the maple toffee cones
  5. I think it's great that they do gigs for "residents only" ... It makes it more special for the people of that area/country. Imagine someone living 5 minutes from there not winning & me, in Canada wins? That would be crazyyyyyyyyyy!
  6. guylainem123

    Tour Rumours 2016

    quoting myself... the information has been removed from the ticket site
  7. bah... people are just giving their opinion. It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree with it. It's their opinion. I'm not offended by any of it.
  8. guylainem123

    Tour Rumours 2016

    Just reposting a message from Digital love who received a message that Mika was playing in Montreal on Oct. 21, 2016 at the Bell Centre. TM has not confirmed this date, so we'll post here as a rumor
  9. This gig has not been confirmed by Mika's team. So as of now, we'll just post it in the "tour rumors"
  10. guylainem123

    La voix quebec on 27 March, 2016

    You could try, but if it's like Star Academie, which was in the same building, before the show, he is busy rehearsing (we could actually hear it all ), and after, there was a party, so he didn't come out early. It's in the middle of nowhere & it was freezing! I'm actually skipping this one. I can't justify spending $82.20 on 2 or 3 songs, sang with other people, considering i didn't watch the show at all this year. I have no clue who the contestants are. I'll wait for a proper concert At Star Academie, it was easy to see where his car was parked/going to park because they placed a wooden sign that said "MIKA" on it lol
  11. Max also sang at OSM. I loved Ida's voice during those concerts. I had never heard her sing live before. Max's voice also blended well EDIT: hahahahahaha OMS... not OSM
  12. guylainem123

    Mika @ Teatro Sociale in Como - 24 October 2015

    oooooh! i like your plan! Enjoy the concert everyone!