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  1. heys, i hope im not make this huge faux pas by creating a new thread for this ( if so i apologize and the admins can delete it or something) but i really really need tickets for the show in brussels ... my sis is like the ultimate mika fan and she is really down she couldn't get any tickets... so i looked everywhere - i even dont mind going to holland or luxembourg- but no tickets anywhere please if u have any advice or r maybe selling urs? *hopeful smile* lemme know? thx xxx
  2. heys ... awesome forum glad to have joined not big on speeches (although i must say i love the spotlights ) i think mika is so great bc of how he stands out from every other artist out there be it with his voice, songs or appearance ps. am desperately searching for tickets to the show in Brussels- id love u forever if u could help me out pps: loved the book u guys made mika