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  1. Good Guys is so beautiful!!! I don't know how to describe it exactly but every time I listen to this song it gives me this wonderful heartwarming feeling. Love both its lyrics and its melody especially the "some of us in the gutter are looking up at the stars" part :wub2::wub2:


    Also it's really generous and sweet of Mika to donate the profits to UNICEF!


    And needless to say that yesterday's performance was excellent!!!:wub2:

  2. One thing that's really impressed me are Mika's song choices! Love how they werent at all ordinary or predictable. On the contrary they were different and really fascinating! I believe that this is the most important thing! Regardless of what the other judges might have said/done or how the public voted the contestants of Mika's team had a chance to work with songs that allowed them to show emotions. They were given the opportunity to become un cuore che canta. With these songs they were able to present something interesting, to show their individual style and communicate feelings.

    Mika's work at Xfactor is excellent and he should really be proud of it!!

  3. Loved reading the interview in Sorrisi! Shows how much he's thought things through and how he really wants to help the contestants, I admire that!

    This is my favorite quote: "Stiamo cercando un cantante non con una grande gola, ma con un grande cuore." That is so true! The most important thing is the performer managing to make you feel the emotions of the song.


    Also I loved the part where he mentions the Phoenicians:

    "Era una bella idea per la mia cultura, quella di poter dire: guardate che siamo tutti gli stessi"

    Sicilians, Lebanese, Cypriots we all have the same ancestors and thats why our cultures are so similar. Somehow I find this thought very heartwarming!


    And the Vogue article was also interesting! Yesterday's butterfly suit was super stylish!! Cant wait to see the next ones :original:

  4. I've listened to the whole chat/interview and I found it very interesting!

    The way he described it Navigli sounded like a super cool place! I've been to Milan before but never in this area which must be probably the best and most interesting in the city.


    Also there's one quote that impressed me the most: "I'm fearless when it comes to borders and languages I don't speak". Love this and very much agree to it. It's wonderful to learn new languages and discover/embrace new cultures!

  5. I've watched the whole episode and I have to say that I didn't find his comments bitchy or harsh at all. And I don't believe that he tried to create any tv drama either. He just spoke to them in a very serious tone like he always does especially at this stage of the competition, pointing out that they have to work really hard. Besides Mika certainly isn't the type the of person who would say hurtful comments.


    The singers that he chose are different and very interesting. I think Mario and Emma are the best contestants out of all the four teams this year.

    Very much looking forward to hearing how things will go during the live shows. Can't wait to find out which songs Mika's going to be choosing for his team! :original:

  6. A lovely little interview from Corriere:



    Very much agree with what he says about going to University in order to find that extra something that makes us different/diverse.


    Hope we get to see videos from yesterday and hear exactly what he talked about with the journalist and the students.

  7. This is a longer version of the above‐mentioned video.


    Interview de Mika au 30 ans de Swatch - Nec plus Ultra






    Great interview! Love that he mentioned the totem story! I think it's fascinating and it makes the watch designs even more special! :wub2: Wish somehow there were a comics or illustrations with that story.


    And what a brilliant idea to get a white watch and make your own designs! Amazing!!


    Finally, an OFFICIAL video is uploaded to VIMEO ! :mikalove:

    but it's too short !!!!


    Swatch Mika - Yoyo - Paris 2014 ( HD )




    Love this! Wish they post more vids from this gig.

  8. Allegedly, the book title seems to be "From Mika to Mika".


    From Hoepli online library:



    It's also listed in several other online bookstores with the same title.





    Forthcoming publishing



    Publisher's note:

    Thoughts, drawings and aspirations of an eccentric and all-round artist, much loved by the Italian public, not only for his songs.




    "Dear Mika, even though you are 80 and I have no idea where you will be when you read this letter, I just hope you are still weird".

    This is the incipit of the series of 18 letters, observations, reflections that Mika decided to collect for the first time in an autobiographical book, as the message in a bottle for himself and anyone who's willing to read it. It all started when Mika had a column on " La Repubblica XL", where he dealt with various topics in a profound and light way at once, just like he is. A collection embellished with artwork by him and his sister (who goes by the pen name DaWack) to discover Mika's world: fresh, witty, at times bitter, just like life is.


    That is really exciting!! Can't wait to get this book :wub2:

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