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  1. I'm really very happy about this news!

    I liked very much his columns on the XL magazine, and a whole book is a very exciting thing :wub2:

    I think Mika totally deserves it :thumb_yello: he's a complete Artist and I imagine it will be something original like him, not a simple autobiography :blush-anim-cl:


    Totally agree! I loved reading his column and have missed it very much ever since XL went out of print. Now to have a whole book written by him is super exciting! This book is going to be something like a treasure for me, so much looking forward to reading it:wub2:

  2. yesterday, Mika was in "50 minutes inside" at french TV about the "Boum Boum Boum" video :)




    here is the link for the replay but maybe it's only available in France? so I took some captures... :)
















    Thank you so much for the screencaps! Wish 50 mins inside had advertised that they were going to show a reportage for this, I would have watched it on tv.

    There's no doubt that the video for this song is going to be 100% like a movie and super amazing! Can't wait to watch it!!! :original:

  3. Here we are, the promotion for the new single Boum Boum Boum will start tomorrow in France:


    - Tuesday 10th in the evening: recording of "La chanson de l'année", where Mika is supposed to sing one song: they said first that it would be a duet with Kendji (winner of The Voice), but now that the single is released, maybe he will sing it? That would make sense :wub2:

    Anyway, this recording will be broadcasted on TV, channel TF1 (same than The Voice) on Saturday 14th (evening, from 8:50 PM I guess)


    - Wednesday 11th: between 6 and 9 AM: guest on radio RFM. We don't know yet how long he will be there, if it will be pre-recorded or not.



    Then it seems that there will be another interview with him (still on RFM radio) at 7 PM.


    In the afternoon, he will be recording the "Before du Grand Journal" at 2PM, which will be on TV (Canal +) at 6PM


    And in the evening, interview with him at radio Hit West from 9PM, it's possible to send questions at lucas@hitwest.com




    Thanks for all the info Melanie:thumb_yello:


    So amazing that tomorrow we're going to hear the new song!!! Super exciting!!:original:




    X Factor, a Bologna 3 giorni di audizioni aperte al pubblico






    Lovely little video!

    Mika said that the energy of the show is very different this year and that instead of merda they should say toi toi toi which is a Dutch expression.



    I feel really excited about following this new Italian adventure, even more than last year!:original:

  5. VIDEO


    "Le plus grand luxe, c'est la liberté"




    :bow: could anyone translate please ?


    What can I add other than well said!! He's absolutely right, freedom is indeed one of the most important things. Life is empty and meaningless without it. Also very much agree with what he said at the end of this interview! Regardless of wether you're wearing expensive or cheap clothes it's the style and the aesthetic result that counts.


    Thanks for the link Eriko:thumb_yello:

  6. "Qu'est-ce qui vous rend beau? Rire"

    Totally agree with that! Laughing (and smiling I would add) is what makes you truly beautiful.


    Really loved reading this interview and seeing the drawing of course! And can I just say how happy it made me that he mentioned Greece as a place he'd like to be!! When I first read this all I kept thinking was wow what an amazing surprise:wub2:

  7. Back home in France after a great time in Napoli with Philippe my husband!!!

    It's a very nice région and we made tourism (visit of Pompei and the Vesuve!!!)

    About the gig: as we arrived at plazza Plebiscito on afternoon, we were a little bit far from the stage but it was cool!

    it was great to be there and to see Mika on stage again!!!!:thumb_yello:

    here are some pics


    during interview by a local radio, just before the gig (just in front of us)












    We were very happy to meet other MFCers after the gig! :) some people took a pic with all the group! can't wait to see it here :)


    Thank you for the pics! Very glad you had such a great time!


    It was a fantastic gig, so wish I could have been there! The energy was incredible, Mika's performances were amazing and I'm so glad that he got such a warm and enthusiastic reaction from the crowd! Absolutely loved Lollipop and Origin of Love with the Italian lyrics, they really made me smile:wub2:


    Btw did anyone hear the radio interview?

  8. Watching again L'Aigle Noir video and I'm beyond impressed by this performance! Mika sung so beautifully and in such a sensitive way! Absolutely adore his performance:wub2:

    I've been hoping to hear one more Barbara cover ever since I listened to La Solitude live in Colmar a few years ago. And since this happens to be my favorite Barbara song hearing Mika sing it was a dream come true for me. Really hope that at some point he'll sing this at one of his gigs too just like he did with La Solitude.


    Also super excited about the news of having a new single next month!!!

  9. Thanks for letting us know about Elle, going to buy the magazine today.:thumb_yello:

    It's so interesting to hear about artists and writers whose work he admires.

    Very much agree with the comparison between Woodring's characters and the very early Walt Disney cartoons. I could very easily imagine Fran appearing on Steamboat Willie for example.

    It's also so cool to discover artists you hadnt heard before thanks to Mika mentioning them. Cant believe I didnt know about James Turell until now. Was just checking his site and I think his use of color and light is pretty fascinating. It must be really cool to see an exhibition of his work.