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  1. It was started by a group of French and Belgian members of the 2 French forums and of MFC, we posted the information on Twitter and on the forums where it was possible. Then we simply asked people which name / nickname they wanted to use and some wanted to use their MFC name ;-)


    May I say that I'm very happy of the résult as I and Maggie were deeply involved in the process ;-)


    This gift is fantastic! Huge bravo to everyone involved in organizing it and to all the fans who participated in it!! If I'd known about it I would have definitely been interesting in taken part in it. From now on I'll read twitter more carefully in order not to miss anything like this.

    What a lovely idea to send the chocolate piano, what a beautiful gesture:wub2: And of course how heartwarming to read that he liked this gift so much:wub2:

  2. Came across and watched once again the il talento vince sempre vid. It really made me smile. I have a very very positive feeling about this new Italian adventure, I really believe it will be fascinating to follow it. Somehow I'm even more excited about this than I was for the first one. A few days before it was announced I was thinking a lot about it, about how amazingly cool it would be it there was one more Italian adventure. Needless to say hearing the si to the new XF season made me smile so much!! Really looking forward to hearing more about it :thumb_yello:

  3. Almamegretta

    Simona Molinari

    James Senese e Napoli Centrale

    Giuliano Palma



    they are all italian singers of good level...and good musicians :thumb_yello: ...Arisa won the last Sanremo Festival... :thumb_yello: ...this show seems to be great! But the star of the event is Mika, no doubts! :wink2:


    Thanks for the info!

    So it seems that this event is very much like a festival with a few opening acts and Mika being the headliner. Thats good:thumb_yello:

    Hope they give more information about which time each artist will be on stage etc soon.

  4. Was just watching again the video of Kiss, how amazing it is!! It's been like a dream come true for me to hear Mika cover a Prince song. Mika's performance was excellent:wub2::wub2:


    By the way I think this week's suit was certainly the best one so far. Super classy and the butterflies were such a wonderful detail!


    Could anyone please translate what the judges are saying after Amir's performance, especially Mika?? It's here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=594175367344773&stream_ref=10


    Thanks!! :blush-anim-cl::blush-anim-cl:


    Mika said that Amir is really good but last week's performance was better than this one's.

  5. Sorry, I didn't introduce myself - I will but I ended up on this thread by traking down the statistics of my video so I registered just to say thanks for the comments, I'm really happy to see that it makes people smile :blush-anim-cl:


    You did a great job with the video! Love how it has some of the best and most fun moments of The Voice!! Watching it really made me smile :)



    Saturday will be great, people :thumb_yello:


    I was sure that Saturday will be great! Lovely to hear it from someone who was at the recordings too:thumb_yello:

    Can't wait to watch the next episode!!

  6. CONFRONT: What do you prefer about doing a show?


    MIKA: I always plan to do three different shows within one tour. This is a really small, very kind of intimate thing. We have a piano and two musicians, the audience talks to me, request songs, I talk to the audience, it’s very loose, there’s a rough plan but it changes every night. It’s really special, it shows people that I can have the same effect even without ten people on stage, confettis, it’s me and a piano and we can still create our own universe, it’s really important to show that.


    CONFRONT: What do you prefer, doing a show like this and have more intimacy with the fans or doing a big show with a lot of musicians and decorations?


    MIKA: I really like both, I was in Switzerland two or three weeks ago and for that show there was 9000 people, it was amazing! And then coming back and doing the small shows is like exercising a different muscle, I always like doing both because, when I do only the small show I really miss the big show and when I do the big show I really miss being able to change things on a nightly basis like I can with the acoustic show. I think its really important to do both and its important for the fans to have access to both shows, the only problem wth the acoustic shows is that because I only do them in small venues sometimes it sells out really quickly, one day i would love to put myself at this dream of being in a theater, sitting there in one space for three weeks and do a show every night.



    Thats a great, very interesting interview!

    It made me smile that he mentioned the show in Switzerland, that was pretty amazing indeed! Totally agree with what he says about liking both the big and the more intimate shows! It's wonderful to have the experience of both types of gigs. Also regardless of being small or big all of Mika's concerts are always super special!!

    And love that he mentioned the theatre residency, hope this happens very soon:wub2:

  7. About the episode, I was really impressed by the battle between Quentin and Frero De La Vega, for me this was the best one of the whole program! Beautiful moment :thumb_yello:


    I agree with you, this battle was a very good moment of the show. I'm really impressed by Mika's song choices for all the battles. He always managed to find the right songs that would allow the contestants to show emotion and give great performances.

  8. Was reading about The Voice earlier (this article about Mika being the most popular of the coaches http://www.chartsinfrance.net/actualite/news-90968.html) and I couldn't help but start thinking again about what a brilliant job he's doing at this show.

    These past three weeks I've been so impressed by the song choices! From classics like Aznavour and Bowie to the contemporary ones such as London Grammar they're all so good. La classe as the French would say. And most importantly they're songs that allow the contestants to show emotion and sensitivity.

    Mika is doing such an excellent work over there! They couldnt have asked for a better coach really!! :)


    So much looking forward to watching the next episodes, especially this Saturday with the performance of Underwater!

    (Btw don't know if it's been posted here but I read on twitter that Mika will be singing Underwater during Voice la suite on 15 March)


    PS, they're such a super cool team with Kylie, absolutely love seeing the vids of them working together!!

  9. New video, the coachs try to find rhymes to words :naughty:




    Thanks to Ysa :thumb_yello:


    Love this!!

    It's quite difficult to find rhyming words. The only ones I found rather easily were for Nikos (because it's a greek name and made me think of lots of greek words) and Jenifer.


    The video with Mika and Kylie coaching the girls was great as well! Cant wait to watch tonight's episode:thumb_yello:

  10. but wasn't he doing this when he was young?it's just ads and it doesn't change who he is or what he creates,he has a strong heart and that's what made him overcome all the unusual difficulties and make us all fall in love with him.

    i agree with the idea that he doesn't change,he's still the boy he was 5 years ago,just more experiences and adventures,and more uncovering of who he really is in reality.he's working on ads and there's nothing wrong at all,ads are just the most direct appearance of media world today,we live in this world and why reject it so much?he taught me one thing that keeping the positive side of events is deadly important in everything,ads?they are like toys,they are short and just for fun,why mind it that much?he's not what you think he is,he's made of gold!



    I really liked your idea of comparing ads with toys. It's true these two ads are really cool and fun! There's absolutely nothing wrong or embarrassing about them. On the contrary they are gracefully done and they're great to watch.


    I'm certain too that he hasn't changed. It is very obvious that he is an amazingly kind, honest, good person who cares so much about music. I truly believe he should be really proud of his work and choices!

  11. Loved reading all the info about the new album in those recent interviews! It's really exciting that there will be more songs in French! It's not that the language in which the song is written makes a huge difference since all of Mika's songs have incredible melodies, deep lyrics and are full of emotions but the French ones have that special something that I find really touching. For example Un Soleil Mal Luné, it's super sensitive, super beautiful:wub2:


    Cant wait to hear more about the new album and songs!! :)


    Most important: the 4 coaches sang a new song together!! It was "Vieille canaille", a song of Serge Gainsbourg

    (here is an original live version of the song in duo: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xa1fal_gainsbourg-ft-eddy-mitchell-vieille_music)

    I must say it was really funny :teehee::wub2: They sang it 3 times


    Cant wait to hear that!!! First bohemian Rhapsody and Everybody's Talking then this. Love how the Voice is full of lovely surprises like these:wub2:


    Does anyone remember when the live shows started for last year's Voice? Guess it will be around the same time this year too.

  13. Watched the show on Saturday and I absolutely loved it!!


    Mika did an excellent job! He really is a brilliant coach, always honest, kind, serious about music and with a sense of humour as well. For example loved the "je n'ecoute qu'Aqua" comment, made me laugh.


    Hearing Bohemian Rhapsody and Everybody's Talking was amazing too! Such beautiful performances:wub2:


    My favorite of the contestants so far is Marina, liked her performance very much. Very glad she's on Mika's team.


    Cant wait to watch the next episodes of the show!!!

  14. First of all the Bohemian Rhapsody cover was stunning!!!

    All the judges did a great job and what can I say about Mika, his performance was absolutely brilliant:wub2::wub2:


    Lovely interview on RTL too!!


    It was heartwarming to hear him talk about the piano lessons and all the things he's already accomplished. So happy for him!!


    What he said about wanting to do tv without changing really makes me smile!! Always believed that. Besides this is something he has already proved with Xfactor and I'm sure it'll be the same with the Voice.


    Also loved how he confirmed once again that the new album will be ready this year! This is really exciting!!!