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    What can you say about the album?


    It goes on sale this year. People who have heard it said that sounds to me as a teenager, when I was 19.


    And how it was when you were 19?


    My music had a strange combination of reflection and extreme joy. I did not care what people thought of it, if it was too melodic or too happy or whatever.


    That is so exciting to read! I really like this mention of reflection and joy. The combination of deep lyrics and melodic music is so powerful and amazing indeed!! Cant wait to hear more about the new album!! Really excited about this new year (The Voice, new songs and album etc)!!!:wub2:


    I was born immigrant. I do not consider any nationality, maybe European. Of course, I do not like how the British often remind you that you were not born there. That does not happen in America. In the UK they call me 'the Lebanese singer. " What do you mean by that? I studied with the English educational system. I feel more at home in Spain, France or Italy.



    Totally get what he's saying here. I know how it is to be at a place (and I dont necessarily mean a country) that makes you feel like you dont belong and that you're the stranger or the weird one. I'm so glad there are places like France where they accept and understand him while they really get and adore his work. He definitely deserves that.

  2. Have you ever read this long interview of Mika that Swatch published on its magazine?




    The interview is interesting and there are nice pics on it :wink2:


    Absolutely love this article!! First of all it shows the creative process which is something truly fascinating! I find it so exciting to read about how the watches were designed and I absolutely appreciate the story of the boys discovering the totem. Wish we could see in detail all those illustrations about that story!

    It's also wonderful to read about how much he cares about having creative freedom and an end result with a quality and beautiful product. And yes without a doubt the end result of his projects like this one with swatch is always special and proves exactly that:wub2:

    Totally agree with what he said about everyday objects who look normal but make you feel different. Designs like P.Starck's toothbrush add a little magic touch to a boring every day object that would have otherwise been overlooked. I mean a toothbrush that reminds you of a quill, how cool it that! And oh yes those Japanese stationary shops are quite amazing. It's been a while now that I've been a bit obsessed with their washi tape designs!


    Such a beautiful article/interview! Thanks for posting!

  3. It's brilliant reading all these interviews etc about The Voice! It's really exciting, cant wait to hear more about it!!


    Interview from coulisses-tv.fr:




    “The Voice” - Mika : « Je cherche des chanteurs capables d'enregistrer un disque »


    Avec des millions d’albums vendus dans le monde, Mika est une star internationale applaudie par des foules de fans pour ses chansons pop. En rejoignant le groupe des coachs de “The Voice”, il entend mettre sa connaissance de la musique et du chant au service des talents tout en conservant sa liberté de ton et son franc-parler.


    Pour quelles raisons avez-vous décidé de participer à ce programme ?


    D’abord, j’apprécie le concept de The Voice. Ensuite, j’aime bien la télévision. Elle me donne une certaine liberté car je fais uniquement ce que j’aime. Je ne veux ni être contrôlé, ni mentir, et je dois pouvoir rester moi-même, même si je fais des fautes de français. En 2013, j’ai trouvé une forme de liberté en faisant la musique que j’aime. Cette indépendance m’est essentielle et représente un peu la nouvelle garde dans le milieu de la musique. Sur The Voice, je m’éclate car je parle d’un sujet que je connais bien : mon métier. Je m’amuse comme si j’étais dans un studio avec d’autres musi-ciens.


    Comment imaginez-vous votre rôle de coach ?


    Je ne cherche pas des 4x4 de la chanson mais des ar-tistes capables d’enregistrer un disque. Une voix tech-niquement parfaite représente l’hiver pour moi car elle ne me procure aucune émotion. Nous attendons tous d’une voix un style vocal et musical capable de nous donner des frissons, une puissance artistique qui dé-voile une certaine fragilité. Pour libérer leurs émotions, les talents doivent se débarrasser de leur armure et se dévoiler dans le chant.


    Vous posez beaucoup de questions aux talents : leur âge, leurs motivations, leurs attentes vis-à-vis d’un coach...


    Oui, l’âge est une donnée intéressante et j’essaie tou-jours de deviner celui des personnes que je rencontre. Mais les talents doivent comprendre que l’arrivée d’un nouveau chanteur n’est pas nécessaire au monde. Avant la sortie de mon premier album, les maisons de disques me disaient qu’elles n’avaient pas besoin de moi. Personne ne peut dire quel sera le grand succès musical de l’année suivante, parce que la musique n’est pas indispensable. Et dans le même temps, le public a envie d’être touché mais sans savoir comment. Sa rencontre avec une chanson est presque une rencontre romantique !


    Beaucoup de talents chantent des titres français que vous ne connaissez pas forcément. Comment faites-vous pour les appréhender ?


    En fait, c’est encore mieux quand je ne connais pas la chanson ! Je parle le français et je comprends la musique, c’est tout ce dont j’ai besoin. Je peux saisir un morceau pour la première fois dans toute sa puissance mais si je ne le comprends pas à la fin de la prestation cela signifie que je ne suis pas séduit par la performance. J’ai l’impression d’être parfois un peu sévère avec les talents mais je ne veux pas être faux. Si j’ai réussi, c’est parce que certaines personnes ont été dures mais honnêtes avec moi. Elles avaient du respect pour moi, et c’est essentiel.


    Really enjoyed reading this interview! These are my favorite quotes:


    "Elle me donne une certaine liberté car je fais uniquement ce que j’aime. Je ne veux ni être contrôlé, ni mentir, et je dois pouvoir rester moi-même"

    Really appreciate this quote. Never had a doubt in my mind that he'd stay himself and it makes me smile to read that in an interview.


    "Une voix tech-niquement parfaite représente l’hiver pour moi car elle ne me procure aucune émotion"

    Totally agree with that and I really like the comparison with the winter. Indeed even if someone's singing is technically perfect when it doesnt communicate any feelings the result is cold and empty. The most important thing is to be able to feel the emotion of the song when you hear people sing.

  4. I dont think that this interview has been posted before. It's from MetroNews




    It's a very interesting interview and I especially love this quote: "Je me suis juré que si je faisais de la télé, je devais le faire à ma manière. Je ne vais pas changer"

    Always believed that and I also think that it's very obvious to everyone who has followed the Italian adventure that he did everything his way without changing who he is at all.

  5. I see there are no reports from yesterday's recording yet... I hope I will manage to remember most of the things.


    We were quite a big group of fans (finally it was sorted out and everyone who wanted could get in despite the refused invitations) and I have to say we had a great view. Just good enough to see both the contestants and Mika. During the day other fans told me Mika would probably sing Underwater as it was announced in the shows recorded during the week. And indeed the first thing last night was Mika singing a magnificent version of Underwater with piano and strings, he did it twice and I think we all stopped breathing for these few minutes :wub2: Off the record he said he was really happy that he was allowed to have the strings played because they don't usual want strings on TV shows.


    The show was good; once again we could see that Mika is very involved, for his team and for others', he always had a good analysis even if sometimes he struggles to go to the end of his ideas (but the other coaches do that as well) He chose a song by Radiohead and a song by Vanessa Paradis for his contestants last night. I liked both performances, I think it's safe to say they have a really good coach. Actually the 2 contestants that he didn't choose out of these 2 battles thanked him and said they learnt a lot with him, would have wanted to learn more. It also reminds me of people from the audience at the end whom I heard were saying that Mika was good, and that he missed his vocation, that he should have been a psychologist...


    He was in a good mood and as we reported in yesterday's fan meeting thread, Mika suddenly came to us during a short break and asked if the party was good. That was very kind of him and so unexpected to us :wub2:


    After the show he also stopped a bit at the exit; he was in the car driven by Florent Pagny so it was funny to see fans of Florent on one side and Mika fans on the other :biggrin2: (I'll let you guess on which side there were more fans :teehee:) He signed a few things and received a few gifts and when he saw some fans that he recognises well he thanked us for everything we have done and said it's beautiful to share these moments with us :wub2::wub2: (Thank you to the fan who had a video of that otherwise I would not remember what he had said :hypo:)


    It was really a wonderful day from the fan meeting to the actual show and the few minutes with Mika at the end. I can't wait to go back for other recordings and also to finally see what the show looks like on TV :thumb_yello:


    Amazing report!!

    How sweet and heartwarming what he said about sharing these moments with all of you:wub2: and so cool that he asked about the party!!!


    Can't wait to see this performance of Underwater! Ans so much looking forward to following The Voice adventure:wub2:

  6. What an inspiring speech! How I wish I could have been there to hear it live. Reading this I can not help but admire even more Mika's honesty and most of all his hard work and continuing effort to create and share his music with the world. This lecture confirms what I've always believed about how much he cares about his music and art. Not that we needed any confirmation of some sort anyway, it's always been pretty obvious how important music is to him.

    And one little comment that I'd like to add about about the side projects is how it's very clear that they've all been done with creativity and self respect with the end result being pretty amazing and of incredibly high quality. For example the swatch collaboration, those designs are true works of art!


    This lecture has been so beautiful! It makes me think how he should really be proud of his work and choices! He truly deserves all the success and support in the world!!

  7. Mika gave a bracelet to Gaia and Roberta.

    I Don ´t you know if Violetta and Valentina had a gift too. I guess..


    Roberta Pompa ‏@RobertaPompa 1h

    Un regalo che resterà per sempre nel cuore, come te @mikasounds GRAZIE! @ValentinaTioli @gaiagalizia ❤️ pic.twitter.com/rTctEqhhiR





    gaia galizia ‏@gaiagalizia 1h

    @mikasounds un dono dal valore inestimabile. Grazie dal profondo del cuore. @RobertaPompa @ValentinaTioli pic.twitter.com/DOdoSKXUcg





    Aww such a beautiful gesture to give those gifts to the girls! So sweet of him:wub2:

  8. Here are my videos, thanks to hubby


    Mika's arrival and the first part of the interview on stage are missing, since hubby didn't realize the camera was in standby and not recording :doh:

    Fortunately a complete official video has already been posted in previous posts, thanks!










    It's really heartwarming to see how he's always smiling and being so kind and generous with everyone! :wub2:


    Thanks for the videos!


    There are LOTS of pictures of the event on the Facebook of the shopping centre:




    So many pics!! Lovely to see them, thanks for the link!

    Must have been such a great surprise for the fans to get a pic at a signing session with so many people! And needless to say so sweet of Mika to do that always with a smile on his face:wub2:

  9. http://www.iodonna.it/personaggi/interviste/2013/oggetti-mika-gallery-401785600322_18.shtml#center


    Il luogo del cuore?

    Lisbona: è una città incredibile, romantica, dove si respira, arte, musica, architettura. Ci vado spesso, anche se per le vacanze preferisco la campagna italiana.


    Very interesting interview!

    Totally agree about Barbara. Dis quand reviendras tu and La solitude are both such beautiful songs!

  10. It really was a perfect day! Would like to say a huge thank you to Mika for the party and for always being so incredibly kind towards the fans!!:flowers2:

    It was amazingly sweet and generous of him to organize something like this party:wub2:


    It was also lovely to meet many MFCers, some for the first time. Hope to see you all very soon!

  11. All was ok. Chay with him, he was surprised to see me there coming from Barcelona. Lovely chat. Songs Book signed watch signed. Lovely chat and meeting witj Joanie again and the trip was worth it. Met great MFCers Sara good friend from now in and Roberta and Allegra lovely women, thanks for a great dinner, Valmon, simona Giorgia nice chatting with you


    I hope this is not the last time we meet. Thanks to everybody and Mika and his mom:wub2:


    Glad to hear you got to meet Mika and have a great time Alba!

  12. Valentina blames Mika







    Valentina accusa il giudice Mika. Video

    La 21enne emiliana: “Invece di fare come Morgan non ci ha difeso"


    Un'eliminazione inattesa. Nelle parole di Valentina, vittima della quinta puntata di X Factor 7 assieme a Fabio, è chiara l'amarezza per la fine di un'esperienza caratterizzata dal rapporto complesso con il suo giudice Mika: "Da lui abbiamo ricevuto tante critiche, è chiaro che questo influisce sul giudizio del pubblico. Forse avrebbe dovuto difendermi, come fa sempre Morgan coi suoi ragazzi...".


    Intanto la 21enne emiliana si sbilancia nel suo personale pronostico sul vincitore finale: "Bisognerà vedere cosa vorrà il pubblico; e poi c'è da capire quale sarà l'artista dal maggior futuro discografico. Io dico Michele".


    X Factor 7, l'eliminata Valentina accusa Mika.


    That is almost shocking to read! If she really said that I'm incredibly disappointed in Valentina. It's so unfair to try to blame Mika when he has showed so much support and help for all the girls and always talked to them in the kindest way possible.

  13. Yesterday evening was the second recording of The Voice auditions, and I was there, with other French fans and Nina (a bit more fans than last time, but not more than 20 I think).


    Like Monday, we had to be there at 6PM. We managed to sit at the same place than last time (a whole row for Mika fans) so we had a really good view on Mika - and it was also easier for him to find us :naughty:


    Most important thing of the evening: they sang!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Mika sang, a real song :wub2:

    They made all together (I mean, the 4 coaches) a cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" of Queen :teehee:

    It was a surprise for all of us (maybe for them too, as they were not so prepared for it :naughty:), can you imagine how excited we were? :wub2:

    We could listen to them sing the song 2 times :wub2:, as Jenyfer (one of the coach) made a mistake during the song and was laughing. Thank you Jenyfer :mf_rosetinted: It was a real pleasure to listen to them! And Mika was dancing :wink2:


    I found him generally less focused than last time, maybe because he had chosen so many contestants at the first audition that he couldn't "buzz" so many of them this time (I think he only pushed the button for 3 or 4 contestants, on 24). Or maybe simply because he was really tired.


    Actually he was not sleepy at all, he was jocking ALL THE TIME!!! :aah: I loved that :teehee:

    And he had really much fun with the other coach, Garou, who, I think, is as crazy as Mika :naughty:


    ok, now fangirling time :mf_rosetinted:

    He found us from the beginning and waved to us, then after a break he came back with candies and throwed them to our direction. I personly found that he had more interractions with us (fans) than last time. He was even counting us at a time :teehee: Fans gave him a T-shirt, that he used to fight against Garou and Jenyfer :mf_rosetinted:

    Then at the end, before leaving he turned back and waved at us :wub2:


    And... it was f.cking raining outside when we left at 3AM, so most of the people left quickly. We stayed only around 10 people waiting for the van to leave. It came after 45 minutes or more, we were almost sure that he wouldn't stop because of the rain and late (but of course we wanted to see the van leave, "just in case" :naughty:) AND HE STOPPED the car!!!!! :fangurl:


    He opened the door of the van and talked to us 5 minutes. Said among other things that it was "rassurant", reassuring (need the confirmation of a French fan for the exact word he used) to see us when he was on The Voice stage. Also that the day after would be his day off and that he was looking forward to spend it in Paris. And, first, that we were crazy for waiting for him so long under the rain :teehee:


    So, it was such a nice evening for me, even better than last time. Going to The Voice feels for me as if going to spend a lovely funny evening with a friend (6 hours long!) and I love it :wub2:


    Sorry for this long report, but I'm really in a fangirling mood now :blush-anim-cl:



    Thank you so much for your long and detailed report! It was lovely to read!

    Hope they show the Bohemian Rhapsody cover when they broadcast the program, must have been awesome!!!




    One contestant was really touching: he played a very energetic song (can't remember which one, help, someone!) with guitar, I loved him. The coaches were also almost dancing on their chairs, but no one buzzed him.

    Then they commented about his performance, and Mika said something like that "We are listening to so many contestants, sometimes we get too demanding and we forget that it can be a challenge to come to this level. I regret not having buzzed you, especially now that I see that you played like that with only one hand" (*Melanie discovering that the guy had actually only one hand, not having seen that before*) "your voice is great, but we hear so many wonderfull voices here, that we can't chose you. My own voice is not the best, I know that there are many other people who can sing much better than me. When I'm doing a cover it's always very difficult for me, very challenging. So what I did, is create my own world, my own music, so I can sing my own music. I advise you to do that, especially that you must have so many experiences to talk about. Start to write your own songs."

    The guy was very touched, he cried a bit, and I saw on Twitter today that he twetted to Mika to thank him.


    That is really touching! Once again Mika proves how sensitive and kind he is.

  14. Thanks for the pics and vids everyone!

    It's true what he said about the girls in his team, they're so different from the typical female talent show contestants. All three of them have this much more discreet style thats not at all over the top and that gives them this super positive vibe. Plus they're very talented, he really has the best team.


    Cant wait to hear what will happen tonight on the live show!!