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  1. Loved watching the episode yesterday!


    Mika is exactly the judge I expected him to be. Sometimes funny (the casa cattiva moment is one of my favorites of the whole episode) and always sensitive and respectful towards the contestants. The way he talked to the girls who had to leave, especially to Roberta was so touching!


    Also definitely agree with the choice of contestants to go to the live shows. I expect it'd be them who would go on. Violetta is my favorite out of the three of them, there's this very different and positive vibe about her and her way of singing.




    The ukulele is a lovely addition! Absolutely love this performance!! And loved the performance with Ariana at The Tonight Show as well! Been thinking how Popular has so many versions (with Priscilla, with Ariana, solo at the gigs, now acoustic with ukulele) and how each one of them sounds so special, it's pretty amazing:wub2:

  3. As I never saw X- factor before can someone explain me what the bootcamp is please?


    In the greek version of the show the contestants had to choose a song to perform from a list the judges gave them at the bootcamp. Dont know if it's going to be like that in Italy too. At the end of the bootcamp each judge will be given a team of about ten or twelve contestants to mentor. After that the judges will work on their own in order to decide which singers from their team will appear at the live shows.



    I watched the orange T-shirt guy, what did Mika said please, when he said him yes? Something about energy?



    He said that this guy had this positive energy and determination.


    Basically Morgan said he had a feeling that Marco was very, maybe too much aware that he was good, and that he was afraid he was not totally authentic. Mika then started asking him questions about how he was feeling, and it turned out that he was feeling not sure at all, and very fragile. Mika said that he also thought he was a fragile person but on stage he showed a lot of confidence, and that he saw a singer in him. Morgan after all agreed and said that he did it to provoke and test him (lol), and everyone said yes in the end :)I totally loved Mika's sensitivity and ability to search the person beyond the mask :wub2:


    Me too! It was great how he didnt just go along with what Morgan was saying but he tried to understand how this person was really feeling. It's very heartwarming to see how he truly supports all these contestants proving once again what a sensitive and kind person he is.

  4. It isn't official yet, but this summer some people tweeted about some girls being chosen by Mika in Ireland, so I guess he has the girls team! I think this year it could be the most interesting team, we have seen many really talented girls at auditions (Violetta, Roberta, Valentina, Elena...) :thumb_yello:


    Thanks! Very happy that he's got the girls team.:thumb_yello:


    The ones you mentioned are really talented indeed and they give this very positive vibe too. My favorites so far are Elena and Violetta. The way Mika was watching Violetta's performance was really heartwarming to see:wub2:


    Also I was happy that the Chinese girl passed the first audition. I guess she wont be at the live shows but there was something positive about her performance and personality. It was so cool that they gave her another chance and it was great to see that Mika supported both her and the other girl (the one with the red dress that Morgan described as punk/rock) from the first episode.

  5. Watched the show last night and I enjoyed it very very much! It was exactly what I expected it to be, serious about music and so much fun to watch too!

    Mika was spontaneous and honest and his comments were clever and sometimes very funny too. What was also really important and heartwarming to see was how he always showed a lot of respect towards the contestants. And about his italian, if I didnt know I would have assumed he has been studying the language for years and years. It's amazing and absolutely impressive how he's managed to speak fluently in just a couple of months. He certainly is doing an excellent job as a judge!!

    The Italian adventure has started in the best way possible!!!:thumb_yello:

  6. Thanks so much everyone for all the interview links:flowers2:

    They've been really interesting to watch! It's so great to hear that he feels free at XFactor as this is obviously really important. Also how impressive that he has become fluent in Italian in just a few months, he really should be proud of himself for that!


    I was reading the tweets of the Italian fans who were watching the show yesterday and was so happy to see that all the comments were amazingly positive! Italia clearly loves him and thats so heartwarming!:wub2:


    Cant wait to watch the show on cielo tonight!!!





    Love this!!!

  7. p8k9.png








    Posted by filippogatti on 18 settembre 2013


    Durante l’evento Swatch Faces a Venezia di sabato 14 e domenica 15 settembre, Carlo Giordanetti ha anticipato che il cantautore Mika ha disegnato due nuovi Swatch.


    Il 5 novembre ci sarà la presentazione a Venezia credo riservata ai giornalisti. Il 23 novembre Mika sarà a Milano per una sessione dedicata di autografi per i collezionisti e membri dello Swatch Club.


    Il rapporto tra Mika e Swatch è iniziato con Underwater, canzone scritta dallo stesso Mika, scelta come colonna sonora, della suggestiva pubblicità dei nuovi Swatch Scuba Libre http://goo.gl/KYTfh.


    Quale giorno prima del lancio dei nuovi Scuba, Mika era testimonial dell’evento Swatch Faces alla Compagnia della Vela a Venezia, http://goo.gl/W2PkN


    Mika sarà anche uno dei 4 giudici di X Factor Italia che inizierà il 26 settembre. Una vetrina che porterà molta visibilità a Swatch.


    Il ritorno in Swatch di Carlo Giordanetti continua a farsi sentire



    [Google transrator]


    During the event Swatch Faces in Venice on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 September, Charles Giordanetti anticipated that the singer-songwriter Mika has designed two new Swatch.


    On November 5, we will be presenting in Venice I reserved for journalists.


    On November 23, Mika will be in Milan for a session of autographs for collectors and members of the Swatch Club


    The relationship between Mika and Swatch began with Underwater, a song written by the same Mika, as a soundtrack, the suggestive advertising of the new Swatch Scuba Libre http://goo.gl/KYTfh.


    Which day before the launch of the new Scuba, Mika was testimonial to the Swatch Faces the Compagnia della Vela in Venice, http://goo.gl/W2PkN


    Mika will also be one of the 4 judges of X Factor Italy which will begin on September 26. A showcase that will bring a lot of visibility in Swatch.


    The return of Charles Giordanetti Swatch continues to be felt.









    Thank you for the news Eriko! So much looking forward to discovering the designs:thumb_yello:

  8. I was not able to explain well, sorry.

    The city is absolutely Milan.

    But the venue is under construction.

    The first live show is, i think, in the middle of October,(my italian friends, Mari62 for example, are for sure more informated).

    The upcoming tv shows in september are probably about the audictions sessions recorded in June and about press conferences.

    Anyway Mika seems to be already in Milan for press conferences but i'm not well informede because i don't have this Sky channel. :aah:

    In my tv i have just free channels :doh:


    Don't completely lose hope. Don't stop to read news here.

    We will try to be more accurate.

    I'm absolutely sure fans will be able to see some tv show.

    But it is not already clear who, when, wich show and, above all, how long before we will know it.

    Good luck to everyone :thumb_yello:


    Thanks for the info Allegra:thumb_yello:

    I'd love to come to one of the shows so hope they'll give tickets to the fans at some point.



    Have you seen this?? Thanks to MIKA Serbia on Facebook!


    Is it possible to upload this to YouTube?


    Love this video!!!


    It's been fantastic watching all the interviews, videos etc yesterday. So much looking to forward to seeing the first auditions show on Friday!

  9. First of all thanks everyone for the pics and videos! Seeing them is a bit like turning back time and being at this incredible gig.


    The concert in Monaco was super amazing!!


    The start with Un Soleil Mal Luné was truly magical! I cant imagine a better way to start a concert. Such an emotional and beautiful song and performance!


    All the new intros/outros and arrangements were all so exciting to hear! Even though I'm never ever bored of hearing the old versions it's very fascinating to discover this new and fresh way to approach the songs we've known for years now.


    One of my favorite moments was the Big Girl intro, it made me smile a lot!


    Hearing Mika play the piano a lot was a dream come true for me! He really is an amazing piano player. You can feel the emotion when he plays and that is the most important thing when it comes to playing the piano. I was listening to the Ronquieres audio the other day and he said you're going to be happy to hear that for the next songs only Curtis is going to play the piano. I was like no way, how can we be happy to hear that?!? I very much appreciate it when Mika plays the piano:wub2:


    Over My Shoulder was such a wonderful surprise, it felt as though we were given the most wonderful gift! It truly was such a beautiful performance!!!


    Origin of Love and Underwater were both highlights of the show for me! Can't properly describe how much I enjoyed hearing them. They were simply incredibly brilliant! The part were everyone sings during Underwater is always so heartwarming!


    The audience was very responsive, everyone sung and danced and you could see they were having the time of their lives. It always makes me happy to see that, he deserves to have an enthusiastic audience so much.


    The Monaco concert was perfect! It made me smile so much and meeting Mika after the gig was equally heartwarming:wub2: