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  1. i love it...from what we've heard to far, there's not a single bad on on this album
  2. love the song so much, must have played it thousand times already lol can't help but notice the intro sounds exactly like magical mystery tour by the Beatles
  3. btw, random thought but this song reminds me of something the "Pet Shop Boys" who do !!!
  4. thanks for the break down of the lyrics ... i'm gonna keep that in mind on my next listen, I did a little research on Franco Battiato as he is fairly new to me and were i looked people considered him a genius ,didn't think Mika woud just settle for anything !!!
  5. saw Cherssie on Lorraine (UK talkshow), as part of Sarah Harding's band ... was so good to see her and still doing what she does best
  6. random question, do you'll think itunes or amazon will relase clips of the tracks ... might make waiting just a bit more bareable lol
  7. i feel the exact same, i'm hoping to be proven wrong, to me far as the UK is concerned,'ts amazing music going to waste. i hate seeing Mika working so hard,just to be ignored by the UK and 18th May is just around the corner, so things need to start picking up ... like NOW ... COME ON MIKA !!!
  8. there's defianlty something very folk-ish about this song, i can't quite put my finger on it.It reminds of Mumford and Sons a bit,or something Simon and Garfunkle would be proud of.One things for sure, i can see this being one of my fav Mika songs
  9. your both right, here in the UK I feel that the moment as through it's only the Mika fans that know this song exists, I mean we can talk about the song, share it on social network etc: but we can only do so much,the rest of the promotion has to come from Mika/his Management/his Record Company, we need to start hearing it in public on a regular basis NOW .If we start hearing it now, it'll be perfect timing because the album will come weeks after !!! Carly Rae Jepson's single I really like you" was released not long before "talk about you", but that's getting played quite regularly on radio here and her album follows in late June. So what is it that Carly has that Mika hasn't ?,it's difficult because in terms of singles Mika has more successful singles than Carly in the UK (because of "Life in Cartoon Motion") speaking of "Life In Cartoon Motion" there are people here that think Mika only had one album then disappeared. I'm like "noooo he's working on his 4th":doh:.Seems England is losing grip of Mika, real fast and real quick. This album is an opportunity for that not to happen. But for it to happen Mika MUST PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE !!!
  10. does anyone else starting feeling nostalgic when they hear this,due to the piano resemblance to "Love Today"??? on a more serious note... I'm getting a little worried that i'm not hearing this on commercial radio here in the UK. i only say this because i'm starting already sensing a repeat of TOOL that's all,if Mika want's to attract UK audiences he/ or the company need to do it NOW !!!
  11. no problem :thumb_yello:that's what i hear anyway plus it makes sense, can't wait to hear the full version
  12. makes me think of walking in a field on a sunny day with no cloud in sight. can see this being on of my summer songs this year lol btw at the end it sounds like "i don't care if it hurts my eyes"
  13. hey guys sorry i've not been more active on this forum ... just though you could help me out, my friend who is a drummer, what is the drumming technique called during the second verse on Grace Kelly, does anyone know what the drummer is doing or hitting, or if there's a percussion instrument involved ???