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  2. Hi sarah how are u : )

  3. Hi:bye:! Thank you for the card! It's so sweet! :wub2: You can see it in the photo in Christmas cards thread. I waited to collect more to take a proper picture to thank you all.


    I hope you got my card too.

  4. My pictures can be found here Videos Stardust [YOUTUBE]nulMFIhJGOM[/YOUTUBE] Grace Kelly [YOUTUBE]_-2U4k1yTD4[/YOUTUBE] Billy Brown [YOUTUBE]f7VsRU8UFaQ[/YOUTUBE]
  5. I got your card today. Thanks. :)

  6. hi! merry christmas sarah!

  7. I'm not a fan of public transport. Especially buses. It's really expensive and it is going to put a lot of people in debt for a long time. I don't know what the government were thinking. It's great that you get to study for free. My day was just a normal day at work. Same old boring stuff.
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