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  2. My pictures can be found here Videos Stardust [YOUTUBE]nulMFIhJGOM[/YOUTUBE] Grace Kelly [YOUTUBE]_-2U4k1yTD4[/YOUTUBE] Billy Brown [YOUTUBE]f7VsRU8UFaQ[/YOUTUBE]
  3. I got your card today. Thanks. :)

  4. I'm not a fan of public transport. Especially buses. It's really expensive and it is going to put a lot of people in debt for a long time. I don't know what the government were thinking. It's great that you get to study for free. My day was just a normal day at work. Same old boring stuff.
  5. It could take a few years to save up. Unfortunately, that is the best thing to do right now. The unemployment rates are ridiculous. I would go back to studying if I could afford it but the fees are really high just for one year. I agree with the protest. They need to start listening to the people. I'm feeling much better and I'm back at work now.
  6. I just have to find the time to travel. Exactly. You definitely have the right to protest about things that are wrong. The government need to listen to their people. Things are a lot cheaper online so I haven't spent as much as I normally do. I'm going back to work on Monday.
  7. Maybe one day. There are many other places I would like to visit first though. I'm glad to hear it. I think every government is like that. They're all very untrustworthy. I really want to go back now. I can't even go shopping so I've been buying things online.
  8. Never. Nice. A protest sounds kind of fun. I hope that it is peaceful. I need to be better for next week. I'm so bored.
  9. I have my copy but I bought mine on the day of release. It's pretty disgraceful that they can't get it out on time. Some that ordered it in the UK still haven't got theirs. I know. Only a month to go. I'm beyond excited now. How are you? Absolutely. That's a real shame. I was born in the same county but my parents moved up north when I was 2 so I have a muddled accent. I hope you got a good result. I'm a bit better but I still can't walk properly. I don't like the limp. I wish you good luck then.
  10. Oh dear. That's good news Fingers crossed. Yay! It's always nice to have someone pretty to look at. I know where Sevenoaks is. It's in the south east of England. I was born close to there. I will just have to stop visiting ebay. How did your exam go? I've not been great this week. I've had a cold and a sore throat and then I fell over and damaged my knee.
  11. Congrats. I'm glad your enjoying it. Is it a permanent position? They think they can make money that way? Disgraceful. I hope they don't. Maybe they will get to you before the pain starts. Advantage to you then. You can teach them a thing or two. Understandable. Hopefully they will learn to live with their pain. It does. I will get paid for everything. Unfortunately my hours will be going down soon because they are hiring some new staff. Not great with Christmas coming up. How have you been? Have you bought TOOL yet?
  12. They need to find a way of bringing people in. I can't either. They shouldn't do the film. I see. They really should save people the pain though. Do you have to pay to get it done? Great. I hope it goes well for you. Oh no. That's horrible. It's been ok. I've just been working. I've had a lot of overtime.
  13. Watching my Avengers dvd, listening to Battle Born, gigs and shopping. Fingers crossed that it doesn't. I can't think of anyone to play Christian. Oh no. How stupid is that? Great! How was your first day? How have you been? Not much. I was pretty lazy last week but I was getting paid to do nothing. You?
  14. Sorry for the really late reply. I've been slightly distracted by other things. That really sucks but it's their own fault for charging extortionate prices. I do too. It's beyond unrealistic. I heard rumours about a film being made. That will definitely be adults only. Ouch. I hope they can sort before the pain starts. Hi Clare. Everything is good here. How are you?
  15. What are they doing to it? Let's hope he will be back one day. I wouldn't know. I don't really read books like that. I just wanted to see what the fuss was about and it turned out to be nothing. You will be extremely lucky if you do. Are you having a good week? It's better than I thought it would be. Thanks for the link. I thought it was already out for you. It's just the UK that has to wait isn't it? I've been waiting 4 years so two more months won't hurt. I'm dreading the post gig depression though. It's going to be horrific.
  16. I've been listening to some of TOOL and I actually like most of the tracks. Some of the lyrics are absolutely hilarious. Especially the Emily song. I've pre-ordered it too. It's taking a long time to get here. I think 6 years is a long enough wait and now there is only 2 months to go. There is no avoiding it. Maybe they like causing trouble. Not yet. It's a basic relationship story. You might get your wish.
  17. The best way. I've only heard three songs and they are pretty amazing. I won't get my cd until Monday along with my Avengers dvd. I can't wait to hear them live either. It's never going away. I'd like to see the haters write a better script. If they don't like it then they shouldn't watch it. Thanks. The 2nd and 3rd books aren't bad. It's just the 1st one I didn't like. You're lucky then. I never want to feel pain like that again.
  18. Excellent That's two different seasons. If you watch them both the story is easy to understand. Steven Moffat loves making the story puzzling. Thanks. That is only if I'm not watching The Avengers. It really isn't worth reading. Great news. It's good to not live with that kind of pain.
  19. It's always cold in some of the cinemas here and the seats are uncomfortable. Can Loki not sway your opinion? I don't see what the problem was. The new episodes have been great so far. I will apply for some more next week. I got half way through. It's so overrated. How's your sister? Has she had her surgery yet? It's nice to have a look at what you're buying before you buy it. I do that and then buy it online. I'm so jealous. I should get mine at the weekend and I will wear the disc out next week. Thanks.
  20. Most of the cinemas here aren't worth it here either. I'm looking forward to seeing him in Thor. I've just read about that. Those who don't like it should keep their opinions to themselves. It's fine. I didn't expect to get it. I don't have any experience. The first book is pretty boring but the other two are interesting.
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