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  1. Just to say, when all the Twitter stuff was going on after #JudgesHouses I tweeted quite a lot, encouraging ppl to get all his albums. I even named them all. I hoped more ppl from the fandom might notice my tweets and follow me, but only one did. For anyone who wants to follow me, I am @AlansGoodWife on Twitter. I'd welcome followers, and would follow back.
  2. I love the article. Finally, some respect for Mika. I'd love to see his TV show, available for us in the UK. I also agree with the poster who said that he should write a show, for Broadway, or The West End of London. The main thing is that things are not standing still anymore, and for those of us, not in Italy or France, it's been a Mika-Wilderness for years. But one short appearance on UK TV, has made all the difference. It may not be exactly like the old days, but I don't mind. Mika is around again. That's all that matters. I hope his music continues to do well again
  3. I just wanted to explain myself more, I don't want ppl to think I'm a bad fan. It's simply that the technology is beyond me. What I've done before, was to buy the album, I've never just bought a single, apart from the physical release of WAG, for the gold disk. So, to buy IMH, I had to get the Amazon app. After a lot of faffing around, Alan managed to download it. Then I nearly had a heart-attack, as a load of Mika stuff appeared. I couldn't understand why! I thought we were going to be charged for about 80 songs, so I panicked for a moment. Then I realized that we had bought the songs, as the CDs, and the downloads were included. Panic over. So you see, this is why I'd sooner just listen to the single, and then buy the album. I'm not the right generation, being 63 years old. It's hard for me to adapt. But anyway. I do love the song. It's unusual. I'm thrilled also, that he's selling albums again in the UK
  4. The only reason I wanted to hear it first, is that, though I love Mika, I don't like all his songs. I can't stand Celebrate, for example. I adore No Place In Heaven', Hurts, Heroes, I See You, and many others, but in recent years, his best songs have not been singles. I was intending to download the song anyway, once I'd heard it, but I'm just used to being able to hear a song first. I tried to open account on Spotify and Deezer, but could not get the aps to accept my information, and I was eager to hear the song. Someone on Twitter told me that I can get it on Amazon, and since Alan has an account there, that's what I've done.
  5. That brilliant news. Hopefully this will light a spark again. I was on Twitter, telling people to listen to NPIH. I know there was negative comments, but was thrilled by all the positive ones, and we all stuck up for Mika, so it was great. It's just a shame that not many Mika fans follow me. I don't have a lot of followers anyway, but I hope I contributed to the night. I am Storyteller Marilyn @AlansGoodWife if anyone saw my tweets
  6. I feel sorry about his standing in the UK. But what I meant about the music, is that he shouldn't waste his media exposure, promoting and playing other peoples songs. He's a songwriter in his own right, but UK audiences don't know that he still makes music. They complain about the covers he sings on TAOS, but he shouldn't really be singing someone elses music, when his own songs are so good. He was on the TV show, Pointless, and I was so excited, wondering what song of his we'd hear, hoping for something from NPIH, and instead, he sang Piano Man. What I'd love to see is a proper UK tour, and more TV appearances. Last night was great. I was on Twitter for ages. Just like old times.
  7. I wanted to hear it before downloading it, but I can't find it without downloading aps and things. Is there someway I can just listen? Btw what's this thing about 3rd party hosting? I don't want to put more on my profile. I always worry about privacy issues.
  8. It's a good article though. A lot better than many, and they are right, it's about time he returned to making music.
  9. Well I tweeted him about it, so if it isn't true, he needs to say so. I don't see why it would be wrong though. Mika isn't a big star in the UK, that's a fact, so why would someone make it up? I think it must be right
  10. Oh thank God for that! Hi everyone, I've not been here for a while but I've been waiting for Mika to surface on UK TV. At last he's doing something that will be shown in the UK. It's made my weekend!!
  11. I wasn't keen on the Pork Pie Hat song, or Hissing of Summer Lawns, but the other songs were very good. Little Green is so sad, now we know the story behind it. Mika's cover of Both Sides Now. All I can say is... WOW!!! It was another brilliant episode.
  12. It was a really good show. I could listen to him talk for hours. Looking forward to the next episode.
  13. Maybe, concentrating on one artist per episode, is the best way to do this show. Maybe the artists themselves, and their fans will listen. I love Mika's cover of YGAF. It really shows off his lower tones. I think people will love it.
  14. Why am I suddenly, not allowed to 'like' any posts? I've been a member here since 2007 and always been polite and courteous. I don't understand it at all.
  15. That is a beautiful cover. I tried to like it on the post, but it says that I'm not allowed to. I do like it though.
  16. The new website looks great. I'm an old enough member to recall the old orange-based layout. This looks really cool.

    1. crazyaboutmika


      Yes I love it too Mari  :thumb_yello: 

  17. I'll be listening. It would be nice if Carole, herself could find out about the show, and hear Mika singing some of her songs.
  18. I just want to tell UK fans that I asked, on Twitter, if the car ad would be on UK TV, and they replied that it wouldn't. Since I don't have many followers, not many would have seen the Tweet to me, so I came to post on here that we won't see the ad on UK TV.
  19. Just so people from the UK, know. I asked on Twitter, and there are no plans to show the ad on UK TV. I am very disappointed, but not surprised. Not many Mika fans follow me on Twitter, so you may not have seen the Tweet
  20. I'm not bothered about the book. It won't be in English. I'm happy about the album though. I hope he goes down the classical route. It would suit him and since there is no longer a place in UK pop, for him, he could find a place in classical music.
  21. It's really great. He's such a lovely man. I bet they all had a wonderful time making the ad
  22. Awesome! It's a start, and it puts him on the UK radio again!! I'm very happy, but I long to see the ad on UK TV
  23. It's a really great advert. I wish we could see it in the UK, but I haven't seen it, and haven't heard if it will be on UK TV
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