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  1. Stay High https://youtu.be/ZG9nFxH8U7Q via @YouTube
  2. YES! MIKA survived the marathon signing session of yesterday. (Had me a bit worried for a bit) Good to see him well rested & in good spirits -- ready to tackle the day.
  3. View MIKA on the RED CARPET between 15:00 & 17:00 Attitude @AttitudeMag · We’re LIVE from the red carpet of the @VirginAtlantic #AttitudeAwards, powered by @JaguarUK at @RoundhouseLDN! 🏆🏳‍🌈 Here’s @GlynFussell to keep you company as he chats to the LGBTQ stars and allies gracing the event tonight...
  4. I think the music video may well have a lot to do with it !
  5. When MIKA decided to go by ' @mikasounds ' he sure knew what HE was talking about ! [ALL the song artists out there , even though their song lyrics are different each song, each of their individual song collections, to me, SOUND the SAME]
  6. Sanremo https://youtu.be/sIzCz8KO66Y via @YouTube
  7. therealpeterlindbergh - When we started this instagram account, I had absolutely no idea what interesting things we could do with it. One thing was sure right from the beginning : to avoid words such as “me, myself and I” or “photo by me” I actually totally agree on the importance of self-love and appreciation, but does it necessarily require selfies to reach that goal? So as promised, here is a very private photo of me (by me). Coming next are personal details about us… With affection, Peter https://www.instagram.com/p/BsyHfqMgIU3/
  8. ANIMATED >-> pic.twitter.com/l8lotfPz6r <-< "Jealousy"