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  1. A. Clay

    Mika in white shirts

  2. Great to see MIKA again on the twitter, but what's happened to his crowning glory?
  3. A. Clay

    The Cherisse Thread

    Loved playing for ya DC!! thanks for lovely comments about my new outfit...it’s Atlanta tonight! Simple Minds Official
  4. A. Clay

    The Cherisse Thread

  5. A. Clay

    The Cherisse Thread

    Arrrre you ready DC?! Can’t wait to hit the tubs in this iconic venue tonight with Simple Minds Official in my new outfit from Philly 🥁✨
  6. A. Clay

    The Cherisse Thread

    Performing in WASHINGTON, DC at the 9:30 Club TONIGHT !
  7. Another big reason to admire MIKA. He always seems to know the perfect words to say.
  8. ARTICLE TRANSLATED :: In Florence, where he took to the stage of the Wired Next Fest on the final day of events with general enthusiasm, Mika is at home and it's no exaggeration to say. Last January, in fact, the singer of Lebanese origin received from the mayor of the city Dario Nardella at Palazzo Vecchio the honor of the keys to the city. The Wired Next Fest as an excellent opportunity to be in Florence and talk about music, its sound, refined but simple and able to touch the hearts of the audience. Rare release, because, as confirmed by the artist, "I'm hidden because after all these years of TV, I want to write, put everything back in order; I came out publicly only twice before the Fest. Even for an artist of fame and global level, like Mika, simplicity, the theme of this edition of the Florentine Wired Next Fest, is a complex subject, in music but also in the private sector. As he admits in front of the audience of the Salone dei Cinquecento, simplicity is "the most complicated word in the world, it takes a lot to get to simplicity; it's the biggest challenge of my life, to find it in a song but also in an emotional decision". The singer is finishing writing his new album, "it will become my life for the next three years". It will be released in 2019, he started writing it two years ago. It will be an extremely personal album, says the singer, "I will say very intimate things, it will be super pop and super colorful, I don't know how it will go, it's different from the one that runs on the radio now. I'll say things I've never said, not even in interviews". The last studio album dates back to 2015, No Place in Heaven; once the writing is over it will proceed with the production; for the occasion he called even the closest collaborators to come and work in Italy, where he balances the professional commitments with other more earthly and simple things but only apparently. Yet, returning again to the theme of simplicity, he states that "a simple thing does not exist, to be simple we end up making generalizations. Simplicity doesn't exist at all, life is complicated; but if you find a chance to understand all the mess around you, you can organize yourself and react more clearly to events. Our personal philosophy gives meaning to life, otherwise it doesn't. The years pass and the advantages of technology, in music, make the pair with the memories and the differences of the first years of profession. He tells the audience: "I wrote my first album at home, the demos have become records. Now I've decided to go back to writing a whole album at home, in the States. But I also love being in Europe and writing here. With technology you record the first reflection of a piece and capture the birth of a piece is beautiful. I personally saw the technological leap, that there was, before there were more decisions to make, but also more care; today it is different, on the one hand it is simpler, on the other". Perceived as an artist also linked to Italy, because even in our country he lives and works, Mika does not deny a joke about the current situation and the perception of a certain Italian change. She acknowledges that "in some ways, yes, Italy has changed. I found myself in a country with a mix, which brings together North and South, for me this European corridor is a huge part of Italian beauty. I feel at home in this Anglo-Lebanese cultural topography. I don't like the culture of fear that I see, the culture of fear, of bad information, but it doesn't happen only here". For the fans all that remains is to deceive the wait, also because Mika doesn't like to reveal too much, especially on social platforms, because "this interface gives me anxiety; you write something and there's a reaction right away, it's a sort of mental torture. Whatever you can say, you don't have time to argue.
  9. MikaItalianFans 😊 HERE WITH - from Italian fans - COMPREHENSIVE INSTAGRAM ALBUM of the WIRED events + previous MIKA happenings as well . . . . . https://www.instagram.com/mikaitalianfans_/?utm_source=ig_embed
  10. MIKA LOOKS 'n' SOUNDS GORGEOUS -- A feast for the eyes & ears !