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  1. Their big hit = 'FAKE LOVE'
  2. Here they are. All 7 of them seeing themselves as Kings @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/e9kGb2zZAR - They do have a large fan base, but they're not MIKA . . . which is all I care about ! [Thing is the call went out for a king, not 7 kings]
  3. The group of 7, @BTS_twt is getting a LOT of attention though . . .
  4. They should give him the crown that he owns -
  5. I entered MIKA for KING of POP, of course . . . https://twitter.com/BBCR1/status/1084852191901433857/photo/1
  6. SOMETHING TO CONSIDER MIKA FANS :: 22h22 hours ago If you had to crown a current King & Queen of pop, who would you choose? @george_ezra? @BTS_twt? @ArianaGrande? @zaralarsson? We've helped you out with some suggestionspic.twitter.com/K59uaYmmSO
  7. #TheVoice Season 8, which is coming soon, promises to be promising with a lot of amazing talents, twists in mechanics and a quartet of coaches (@mikasounds,, @Sopranopsy4 @JeniferOfficiel, @JulienClerc_Off) who are happy to play. pic.twitter.com/PkpSwpfVVq
  8. [Excerpt : '. . . you will see some unpublished images of MIKA, the international star, who in addition to having written and interpreted the opening piece of fiction, has ventured into the role of actor in a part of the series.' ]
  9. MIKA maintaining TOP SPOT . . . NOW - 'Sound Of An Orchestra' at 71.17% (200 votes)
  10. YES! #1 where MIKA belongs . . . and with a good margin. Thanx to everyone who voted !
  11. . . . and with a good margin. Thanx everyone that voted.
  12. JUST CHECKED, our MIKA #1 now. KEEP VOTING a bit to KEEP MIKA in the TOP SPOT