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  1. SAME, this one anyway. [I like Mika's 'extended version better]
  2. FOOD, glorious FOOD ! Looks good enough to . . . EAT!
  3. I love watching MIKA perform from a balcony. [ Sadly, I don't think I'll make it this time round ]
  4. Hi. My name is Alice. I live in the Washington, DC metro area, USA. I think you will have fun here. I've been following MIKA since 2007.
  5. REF: 'Some people are half naked and others are dressed up even if it is soooo hot - two dancers with long sleeves and boots up to their thighs.'-----------------------------There is a back story on one of MIKA's two featured dancers you may not be aware of.
  6. IMHO, Just like Lollipop, if you want broad appeal, like for EVERYbody to like/watch it, you've got to make it non-objectionable for viewing by both -- * Tender young children & * Typically grumpy old folks MARK MY WORDS, before long we will see both these age groups - along with all the others - festively moving everything they've got to MIKA's 'Ice Cream' song !
  7. In the end . . . it will be OK
  8. Am I frustrated? Y E S ! -------------------------
  9. I'm pretty sure that's not his intention. I think this is some sort of technical screw up . . .
  10. REALLY? This is too much of a tease.
  11. Here's another that might help? Ice Cream(Line Dance) David LECAILLON https://youtu.be/dNYd6tpzI-0 via @YouTube
  12. MAYBE this can help ? ice cream line dance https://youtu.be/rqQxyBUGraA via @YouTube
  13. 🙄 To be fair 'coming soon' & 'coming THURS' are not comparable !