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  1. YES! BUT, I really would like to learn what that #9 on the wall is about. You know it has to be SOMETHING!
  2. I believe these lyrics are the correct ones :: “And if it all goes bad and our love sets like the sun, I’d give up a hundred thousand loves for just this one. We may be tiny to the world but in our hearts, we be giants with our tiny, tiny love.” ♥️ #TinyLove
  3. “There’s no dramatic declarations in the rain. It’s not a love that finds its pleasure after pain. I couldn’t train a bunch of dust to spell your name. It’s a don’t know what they’re missing kinda love.” + 'and if it all goes bad and our loves sets like the sun, i'd give up a hundred thousand loves for just this one' #TinyLove
  4. 'Tiny Love' Song - https://youtu.be/ZQ0h--_Vl_c via @YouTube' + MIKA - 'Tiny Love' Music Video - https://youtu.be/GmVOp7mqjP8 via @YouTube + MIKA - Tiny Love (Lyrics) - https://youtu.be/jB-tVB9X-6Q via @YouTube
  5. TINY LOVE is TRENDING https://twitter.com/iwatodaistation/status/1162153365016633344/photo/1
  6. THIS INSTAGRAM shows all better :
  7. With some time, I've figured some things out : That right quarter of image is 'Mystic Mountain' . . . http://www.constellation-guide.com/…/2014/04/Mystic-Mountai…a portion of the "Carina Nebula Constellation"in reference to Tiny Love lyrics : "It's not the outline of your face drawn in the stars" . . .
  8. You beat me to it. I was also going to post this !
  10. . . . . AND it is ASTOUNDING . . .
  11. He's acting out 'cause it's #MiddleChildDay & he's not receiving nearly enough attention . . .
  12. LOOK at her go . . . Cherisse Osei - Simple Minds Live Performance VIC FIRTH - https://youtu.be/gOVi7Nk4akk via @YouTube
  13. MIKA - Last Party https://youtu.be/vvuOw8Z0Pwg via @YouTube
  14. I've had similar happen several times and each time it is such an immediate thrill !
  15. Something's coming round the bend . . . .
  16. Relax, Take It Easy -- Karol Sakr & Mika, كارول صقر و ميكا -- Coke Studi... https://youtu.be/cYcfCf6RQ38 via @YouTube