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  1. Stay High https://youtu.be/ZG9nFxH8U7Q via @YouTube
  2. YES! MIKA survived the marathon signing session of yesterday. (Had me a bit worried for a bit) Good to see him well rested & in good spirits -- ready to tackle the day.
  3. View MIKA on the RED CARPET between 15:00 & 17:00 Attitude @AttitudeMag · We’re LIVE from the red carpet of the @VirginAtlantic #AttitudeAwards, powered by @JaguarUK at @RoundhouseLDN! 🏆🏳‍🌈 Here’s @GlynFussell to keep you company as he chats to the LGBTQ stars and allies gracing the event tonight...
  4. I think the music video may well have a lot to do with it !
  5. When MIKA decided to go by ' @mikasounds ' he sure knew what HE was talking about ! [ALL the song artists out there , even though their song lyrics are different each song, each of their individual song collections, to me, SOUND the SAME]
  6. Sanremo https://youtu.be/sIzCz8KO66Y via @YouTube
  7. therealpeterlindbergh - When we started this instagram account, I had absolutely no idea what interesting things we could do with it. One thing was sure right from the beginning : to avoid words such as “me, myself and I” or “photo by me” I actually totally agree on the importance of self-love and appreciation, but does it necessarily require selfies to reach that goal? So as promised, here is a very private photo of me (by me). Coming next are personal details about us… With affection, Peter https://www.instagram.com/p/BsyHfqMgIU3/
  8. M I K A

    1. Paoletta


      M I KA FOREVER :wub2:

  9. ANIMATED >-> pic.twitter.com/l8lotfPz6r <-< "Jealousy"
  10. I came across some articles about 'Dough Lover' & the owner . . . No laptops allowed! Cafe's ban on computers to encourage conversation AN INCREASING number of cafes are banning computers to encourage good old-fashioned conversation – and drive business. Tech-loving Brighton and Hove is full of both students and freelancers who favour working in cafes to libraries or setting up a workspace at home, but a number of venues are resisting demand to accommodate them. Dough Lover in Trafalgar Street is the first café in the city to fully ban laptops and tablets - and does not offer free wi-fi either. But the owner, Ronke Arogundade, insists it's not personal. She said: “We have very few adult spaces where people can sit and have a coffee and a conversation with a friend and everyone else in the room is doing the same thing. “There are loads of places people can go into freely with their laptops, but I wanted to build something different. "I want to encourage people to converse with one another, and take time to enjoy their surroundings." Ms Arogundade, who previously ran a corporate catering company in the capital, saw the effect of laptop use in the site's predecessor Redwood le Café, which suffered because people working there with their laptops would drive away other customers. She said: “I remember visiting Redwood with a friend – it was my favourite café – and people would tut because they were trying to work. “But they would sit there and buy only one coffee for three hours of work, and use up all of the glasses for drinking water. “In the end, you’re paying for them to be there and other potential customers are leaving because they can’t find a table.” In contrast, Dough Lover provides a space for people to dine in peace without the distraction of a tapping keyboard. The idea is catching on across the city, with both long-serving Brighton institution Marwoods in Ship Street and sister café Presuming Ed in London Road implementing laptop-free zones. Café Coho, also in Ship Street, has also brought in a full computer ban across the weekend, while one Small Batch café – next to Jubilee Library – has never supplied wi-fi. Computer-friendly cafes are still in the majority in Brighton however, with many diners used to sitting among laptop-users at Trading Post Coffee Roasters in Ship Street and a number of other independents which freely offer wi-fi to their customers. But some, such as Trafalgar Street's Dough Lover, just want to offer something beyond the norm. + Restaurant of Ronke Arogundade - The owner of Dough Lover 19th February 2018 7:33 am32 As the owner of Dough Lover I'm very sad and annoyed to say that I have been mis- quoted and misrepresented in this article. I have nothing against laptop users, I have made a personal choice for my business and I just can't believe anyone really cares about this. There are literally 100 other cafes within walking distance to mine who are happy to have workers in them. This decision is not about 'driving profit'. Even though of course some laptop users are socially irresponsible and overstay, costing smaller businesses money. Some are respectful though. As a business we've only been open for four and a half weeks and anyone who knows anything about business knows that there won't be any profit for many months. That's the norm for independent businesses. I am tired of talking about this. We are unique in many ways. This being the dullest of all of them. No cafe opens because the owner is just out for profit. Our margins are too small for that. I'm not on a crusade of any kind. I have no axe to grind with anyone. My business is being used to make a point and these are not my words. Last Updated: 21st February 2018 6:37 am
  11. MIKA - Ice Cream https://youtu.be/MnL9CEONfUA via @YouTube
  12. YES! BUT, I really would like to learn what that #9 on the wall is about. You know it has to be SOMETHING!
  13. I believe these lyrics are the correct ones :: “And if it all goes bad and our love sets like the sun, I’d give up a hundred thousand loves for just this one. We may be tiny to the world but in our hearts, we be giants with our tiny, tiny love.” ♥️ #TinyLove
  14. “There’s no dramatic declarations in the rain. It’s not a love that finds its pleasure after pain. I couldn’t train a bunch of dust to spell your name. It’s a don’t know what they’re missing kinda love.” + 'and if it all goes bad and our loves sets like the sun, i'd give up a hundred thousand loves for just this one' #TinyLove
  15. 'Tiny Love' Song - https://youtu.be/ZQ0h--_Vl_c via @YouTube' + MIKA - 'Tiny Love' Music Video - https://youtu.be/GmVOp7mqjP8 via @YouTube + MIKA - Tiny Love (Lyrics) - https://youtu.be/jB-tVB9X-6Q via @YouTube
  16. TINY LOVE is TRENDING https://twitter.com/iwatodaistation/status/1162153365016633344/photo/1