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  1. 3wings

    I am back!

    thank you! you are all so kind:blush-anim-cl:
  2. As you see is in my sig a link, it is a city, still need to get build. My idea was to build a city for Mika. In reality we can not give him a place to live, but i would like to see him to live in a place where: - he's happy, - everything is possible, - every grown up still plays with toys, - big girls are beautiful, - being gay is accepted, -everyine loves today -everyone is 500% him/herself -non stop played mika music -free lollipops -and where every life has a happy ending when you click the link there is written the city "any other world" got a new inhabitant (that's you) so you will live in the same city as Mika:naughty: let's build this way together a lovely, peaceful place on this world where everyone is happy for the singer who deserves it most: Mika thank you!
  3. 3wings

    When you prefer to listen to MIKA songs?

    I listen to Mika when i am sad, happy, just awake, always to get extra energy and to make me feel happier:thumb_yello:
  4. 3wings

    I am back!

    Thank you
  5. 3wings

    Dutch thread part 20! ;)

    hahaha ok, geknipt haar of niet...hij ziet er altijd geknipt uit:naughty:
  6. I guess he will keep the characters he has now...but no new ones:thumbdown:
  7. 3wings

    I am back!

    Thank you!
  8. 3wings

    Dutch thread part 20! ;)

    heb ik nog iets zeer belangrijks gemist?
  9. 3wings

    Ye Relationship Corner

    love letters, with sweet romantic words, about his feelings (for me) i thought this kinda men died, but i still found one:blush-anim-cl:
  10. 3wings

    Dutch thread part 20! ;)

    *Zwaait* ik ben terug:blush-anim-cl: , mocht iemand me herkennen
  11. 3wings

    Ye Relationship Corner

    he writes me real letters:wub2:
  12. 3wings

    I am back!

    helloooooo:cheerful_h4h: I know, I know, it's a long time ago, but i am back! I had a very busy time, but right now the days are more calm, so i can be here more:thumb_yello: For the people who still don't know me: I am Chantal from Holland, 18 y.o. I hope some of you will remember me:naughty:
  13. 3wings

    The Estonian thread (part 2)

    tere! I'm sorry i just come in your Estonian thread, but i just wanna say, I love your country (i was there for 6 weeks last summer and had a great time! My love lives there:wub2: my Estonian is still very bad,but one day I will speak Estonian hopefully
  14. 3wings

    Petition Book Pics

    great job! It looks amazing!
  15. 3wings

    Picture Captions!

    yes? I look scary enough this way, to make that obsessed fans run away?