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  1. hi thereeee

    first visitor message in 7 years hahaha


  2. thaaaanks tiibet the vids are really amazing:thumb_yello: maybe I will make a video in the next days, too:teehee: (although they won't be that qualitative )
  3. :boing:I am sooo glad I travel today to hamburg with you lee-ann!!!! then I can hear it all the time
  4. they stopped it really quickley:blink: but they seem to like it:clap:
  5. such amazing reports:mf_lustslow: can't wait to be in hamburg:teehee: I hope he will play over my shoulder and I have no problems with slow songs:naughty: does anybody think that he will play kick ass live the next gigs?...probably not..
  6. I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! It is amazing and every time I hear it I want to dance:naughty: so I think that it's absolutley the mika style:biggrin2:
  7. i like the idea with the t-shirts but i think that everybody can wear what he want, too. because if you wear by example something special you can wear the t-shirt ,too. but everybody has his own oppinion so it's up to you right?
  8. hey thanks for posting but i bought six hours ago:biggrin2: the german people are really silly they can't write right informations:sneaky2: maybe they didn't want to say it right 'cause in every show they make him down and say he steal the melodys!!!!!! :doh:
  9. i like the song,too! i heard it before in the german fanclub and read there the lyrics!!really great:wub2: !!!!!which song of him isn't great???????
  10. Know anybody of you when love today or happy ending to germany comes!??? i can't wait but my parents are thinkinking i have to wait and don't allowes d me to buy in internet!my parents can be so stupid!!!!!
  11. thank you!the mfc is really great and i hope i can spend much time with your(i think that was wrong gramma,sorry:biggrin2: )do anyone know if mika really come in here and logg in?? @melody,lolly,rauschendes bächlein und penniman schön euch wieder zu sehen:biggrin2: wie klein das internet doch ist:wink2: !