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  1. List of past shows 2020




    Caen , France, January 24

    Niort , France, January 25

    Tours , France, January 27

    Esch-sur-Alzette , Luxembourg, January 29

    Montbéliard , France, January 30

    Padova , Italy, February 1

    Bolzano , Italy, February 2

    Napoli , Italy, February 5

    Bari , Italy, February 7

    Reggio Calabria , Italy, February 8

    Utrecht , Netherlands, February 10

    Utrecht , Netherlands, February 12

    Utrecht , Netherlands, February 13

    Strasbourg , France, February 14

    Païta , New Caledonia, February 20

    Auckland , New Zealand, February 22

    Brisbane , Australia, February 24

    Sydney , Australia, February 26

    Melbourne , Australia, February 27



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  2. 6 minutes ago, mellody said:



    There is a barcode (QR Code) on the bottom right of this ticket (which is cut off, and that's good if you post a pic of it online, but I suppose on the real ticket it's a complete barcode).


    miss_Max, if you bought the ticket on an official ticket website like ticketmaster or ticketone, it should be fine, print-at-home tickets look like this. If you bought it from someone else or on an unofficial website, you can't be sure... also in this case the seller needs to change the name on the ticket to yours (they don't change the tickets but you get an extra e-mail that you have to print and show along with your ticket), because the tickets in Italy are nominal.

    @miss_Max  ZED is also an official ticket website, so if you bought it there is fine. 

    I purchased from them in the past. 

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