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  1. Yes I was going to get them before we drive to Utrecht. Had them with me in Brussels as well. And glow rings
  2. I don't know. Quess we don't have to be there that early right? Most of the fanclub got tix for thursday I Quess 😅😅
  3. There is a chance sometimes if you wait after the concert. But that depends on how he is feeling.
  4. Hey, no I am sorry I do not live in Brussels. I am from the south part of the netherlands so Brussels was only an hour away form me.
  5. I bought my tickets on the tivoli website. It is standing places only. The first show on februari 13th is sold out, 10th and 12th are added later on.
  6. Whoop whoop just got my tickets for utrecht 😍. Went to Brussels last saterday and it was so magical that we want to go again 😎.
  7. I didnt even use my code hahaha (it never asked for any codes). So weird but anyways brussels here I come 🤓😃
  8. Same here. Tickets for Brussels are not in the pre sale list 😑