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  1. I didnt even use my code hahaha (it never asked for any codes). So weird but anyways brussels here I come 🤓😃
  2. Same here. Tickets for Brussels are not in the pre sale list 😑
  3. Popular Blame it on the girls Relax Seven nation army, lollipop Seven nation army, lollipop and back to seven nation army I didnt upload anything double in case you're wondering , we both had a camera, so it's from different angles Enjoy
  4. That is all so very true!! And yes, I'm also still on my cloud refusing to come off Will upload my last vids now
  5. Hihihi ja, had vandaag geen zin om uit mijn bubble te komen. Mis em nu al :'( dus heb ik me maar op de foto's/video's gestort :P

  6. Zie dat je al aardig wat gepost hebt...foto's en video's :wink2:

  7. 4. Blame it on the girls 5. Big Girl 6. Stamping the balloons and introduction band! Can't get my pictures up here, but the links work We had number 57 and all these people were behind us With the bubbles This was sudge an great moment to, he loved it Still have 5 more vids to upload, will do that later
  8. To start off, the first 5 vids are uploaded! 1. Love today 2. Elle me dit 3. Origion of love (Moment 1:38 he kinda got a bit overwhelmed there I think, Loved that moment)
  9. Probeer nu alle foto's/video's te aden voor op het forum, gaat laaaaaang duren :blink:

  10. LOL Is net als fietsen, MFC verleer je nooit :aah:

  11. Helemaal goed gelukt! :biggrin2: