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  1. yep I would still like to this, will try to pop in more often! Good to hear lots of newbies are still joining
  2. I try to drop in from time to time but you know how life seems to get in the way! Thanks for taking care of the newbies when I'm not here!
  3. Wow I haven't been here for a long time! Hello to everyone I ve missed! x:thumb_yello:
  4. Hello newbies! Havent been in here for a while but have just enjoyed catching up
  5. Hello long time since i ve spoken to you! Im hardly on here at the moment.


  6. Im good, bored still have no job:thumbdown: but i have some itnterviews lined up so we ll see! How are you? good i hope! Oh and thanks for adding me as friends, wow i have 2 friends!
  7. Im good thanks, how are you? Ooh things are changing on here!
  8. Ooh this is all new to me, mmm confusing!

    Oh and thanks for the request!

  9. A fake newbie, huuummm.......... yep i like it! Welcome all newbies and fake newbies!
  10. :shocked:OMG its the post whore thread part 2!!!! Hey shaza who d have thought it would have got this far, and it all came from a very late night of boredom!
  11. I read the title of this thread and my instant answer was, what ever makes him happiest. I dont feel any preference over who he should date aslong as he is happy.
  12. Hello and welcome to MFC! Feel free to come and check out the newbie thread.
  13. Yep one of Mikas songs, one of my favourite actually. Oh and hi to any newbies that have joined since i last logged in!!
  14. Aaah thanks! Thats my first official happy birthday. Starting to feel old now, dont want to grow up:thumbdown: *I must go to sleep soon, i must go to sleep soon.....*
  15. Yep sorry have to sleep soon, working for my mum tomorrow. Be on again soon, probably thursday night. Oh only 4 days till my birthday!!!
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