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  1. yep I would still like to this, will try to pop in more often! Good to hear lots of newbies are still joining
  2. I try to drop in from time to time but you know how life seems to get in the way! Thanks for taking care of the newbies when I'm not here!
  3. Wow I haven't been here for a long time! Hello to everyone I ve missed! x:thumb_yello:
  4. Hello newbies! Havent been in here for a while but have just enjoyed catching up
  5. Hello long time since i ve spoken to you! Im hardly on here at the moment.


  6. Im good, bored still have no job:thumbdown: but i have some itnterviews lined up so we ll see! How are you? good i hope! Oh and thanks for adding me as friends, wow i have 2 friends!
  7. Im good thanks, how are you? Ooh things are changing on here!
  8. Ooh this is all new to me, mmm confusing!

    Oh and thanks for the request!

  9. A fake newbie, huuummm.......... yep i like it! Welcome all newbies and fake newbies!
  10. Yep one of Mikas songs, one of my favourite actually. Oh and hi to any newbies that have joined since i last logged in!!
  11. Hi and welcome to Mfc!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time at the concert, its seems ages since i saw him cant wait to go again. Feel free to post in here as much as you want, it would be nice to liven this thread up a little. Also pm me if theres anything i can help you with and dont forget to look up who your world rep is, im sure they would love to hear from you. Happy posting! Steph
  12. Aaaah thanks! I do my best to help its nice to see you are gaining confidence, happy posting!
  13. Ok i have been neglecting this thread and the mfc lately (you know how real life seems to get in the way:thumbdown:) but im stll here checking in now and again to see whats happening, and if any one needs anything they are still free to pm me and i will get back to them asap. Hopefully i ll be around more soon, actively posting, just as soon as i get my birthday over with! Happy posting and welcome all newbies i may have missed!
  14. Hello and welcome to mfc!! Your english seems very good to me, much better than my german anyway. If you need anything please dont hesitate to ask me, i ll do my best to help.
  15. Ooh i havent been in here for ages! I should have known id find you here:naughty:
  16. Hello and welcome newbies! Hope to see you posting around the place sometime, oh and feel free to pm me if you need anything! Steph:thumb_yello:
  17. Hi welcome to MFC! Mmm i luv Mika too! I also so want to say hello to any other newbies that may have joined recently that i missed saying hello too. I ve not been on here much recently been having problems with my inetnet connection and been very busy with boring real life things:thumbdown: But im back now!
  18. Hello and welcome to MFC! I can see other people have done a great job at giving you some info about the forums but please dont hesitate to pm me if you need anything i will do my best to help.
  19. Hi! Welcome to the newbie thread. Im glad you have found this thread please dont feel shy to post in here. I hope lots of newbies will be able to make friends with other newbies in here. You can call your self a newbie if you want, although with so many people joining here everyday you dont seem to get to be a newbie very long! Please Pm me if i can help you with anything!
  20. I picked on the fact that you were a little bit excited, when you told me the other day! Not much though:roftl:
  21. Red Hot Chili Peppers Linkin Park Greenday Palladium Scissor Sisters Phil Collins Puddle of mudd Savage garden Mmm its a bit of mix mash list:roftl:
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