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  1. Excellent thanks, i will do! Only thing i thought about was may be i could start a thread where newbies could post specifically to get started and could paired up with other newbies. This could act as a sorta first base/home and friend making place. This is something that maybe i thought would have helped me when i first joined.
  2. Hey Ana, Dont put yourself down, your english is brilliant!
  3. Lust yes, love no, not yet fingers crossed for the future! Have you been in a hot air ballon? (id love to go in one!)
  4. Im on gabbly now for a little while, anyone feel like chatting?
  5. Sorry i really hate to quote myself, but i was just wondering whether any mods have had chance to read the post i made earlier and what they may think about my suggestions? Thanx
  6. yes, i wish i didnt! do you drink alcohol?
  7. Hello Mods, Im not sure whether this is the correct place to be posting this but here goes! Over the last few weeks i have been thinking about how i would like to get more involved in the forum, and having read some of the recent threads that have been started by some of the newer members to the forum, i have thought of a way in which i could be helpful (maybe?). I am aware that there are representatives for each of the countries for members to go to for help, but i wanted to put myself forward as perhaps a more general representative for newbies. By doing this i would be there f
  8. Yes Have you ever wished you could be someone else?
  9. I think you may know your a mika fan when you realise that you have listened to LICM every day since you bought it, which was like 9 months ago. It might just make you think your a little bit of a fan anyway. Of course what i ve just said is based on an entirely fictional character and not at all based on myself. (yeah whateva!)
  10. I just looked at your sig and i im definatly forever mika depressed!
  11. Great, just want you want to hear! Linkin Park - Points of authority
  12. Sam Sparro - black and gold Its been stuck in my head ever since i heard it on the radio the other day, annoying thing is that i dont even know most of the words i just kinda make them up so that they sound like what hes saying!
  13. nicole scherzinger (my little cousin suggested it, i had to google it to find out who she was apparently shes from the pussy cat dolls, who???? god i think im getting old!
  14. Yep, so if im not on here for a few days it cause im in padded prision cell!
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