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  1. Hello peoples! I feel like being a right whore tonight:cool:
  2. I miss this thread too, it needs reviving! I miss mfc i havent been on here much recently, have had a distraction:naughty: I tried the monthly ones cause they are loads cheaper but they really irritated my eyes, i hope to have laser correction someday then its problem solved! Oh and i know im really slow on replying to this conversation but never mind:mf_rosetinted:not all of us can stay awake til 1.55am SHAZA! Get some sleep girl:boxed:
  3. Hello and welcome to mfc! Feel free to pm me if you need anything or just want to chat:thumb_yello:
  4. Hello and welcome newbies! Hope to see you posting around the place sometime, oh and feel free to pm me if you need anything! Steph:thumb_yello:
  5. Thats a shame you have problems wearing contacts, i ve started wearing the daily disposables when i was 15 and i dont think i ve gone a single day since without waering them, i hardly ever put my glasses on.
  6. Yeah as i said i havent been on much recently but i definalty sense theres a change in the atmosphere around here, whats been happening?
  7. Hi! im good at the mo thanks:thumb_yello:
  8. I know wow all reunited! We hardly ever seem to be on at the the same time anymore. I havent been on much recently at all, been very busy. Im glad your good, im really happy at the moment thanks, fingers crossed it carries on.
  9. Hello my little post whores! Hows everyone?
  10. Yep, sometimes. Have you been sunburnt in the last week? (Me has sooo sore:thumbdown:)
  11. LOL i think i ve missed something here, that sounds really funny when i dont know what your talking about:roftl: Hello my old friend!!
  12. Hi welcome to MFC! Mmm i luv Mika too! I also so want to say hello to any other newbies that may have joined recently that i missed saying hello too. I ve not been on here much recently been having problems with my inetnet connection and been very busy with boring real life things:thumbdown: But im back now!
  13. Posting on here, checking facebook and listening to music:bleh:
  14. Uh oh, trouble, the terrible two some are reunited! Wow its ages since i talked to you!
  15. Hi! How are you? That musy be really annoying! Yep no-ones home yet all still working hard!
  16. Hello everyone! I havent been on here for soo long
  17. Mmm what can i say, i've met someone....and hes really nice and he actually likes me too :wub2:
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