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  1. Oh wow thats soo cool! Well im justy quickly stopping by to see how everyone is, i have to go out tonight for a few hours (linedancing) but i ll be back later! See you then
  2. Hi Sammy! Welcome to MFC you will have a wonderful time here! p.s Well done for working out how to start this thread, i hope i helped a little!
  3. Hello Sammy, great to see you managed to workout how to start a thread (hope i ve helped!) Ok now to the Mika talk.... 1. What is your favorite song from LICM? Ok this is tough, but its has to be Relax, the jointly followed bu My Interpretation and Happy Ending. (Oh and of course i absoulutly love HMDYLM but thats not on the album. 2. What is your favorite line from the album (vocally)? I think it has to be the introduction to Relax, that bit gives me goose bumps everytime. 3. What is you favorite line from the album (lyrics wise)? I love this bit too (Grace Kelly's chorus
  4. Ok girlies im off to get some sleep, speak to you all tomorrow!
  5. Call me Steph. ooh well you deserve to have done well cause you worked really hard. I hope your proud of yourself!
  6. Aww there lovely pics cool braces! Im pleased it went well for you! Well done sounds like you put alot of work into it.
  7. I think we ll continue this conversation via IM!
  8. Hehe, this is weird cause i just answered this on IM.. IM REALLY HAPPY!!! Come old you old post whores, i know your out there somewhere!!!
  9. Nope sorry but i will next time! Where are all the other little whores? I think i ve met someone else:wub2:
  10. :shocked:Its ok Im here! Im glad you mist me:flowers2: I just got home, mmm i ve had a really nice night, think i may have finally forgotton about my ex....
  11. No mine cant very well either thats why i tend to have soo many melt downs! oh and only get about 5 hours sleep a night! Hi and Bye! Im off out now be back a bit later i expect, i cant be away for too long or mfc withdrawal syptoms will set in and thats not a pretty sight:bleh:
  12. Ooh sly! Of course i would never do anuthing like that:roftl: Actually i was thinking normally when im on here its like my concentration is spread over about 10 different things! 94% MFC 1% trying to peg the washing out 1% thinking what to cook for dinner 2% on the assignment im trying to write 1% stopping the dog killing the cat 1% hoovering Multi tasking!
  13. :doh:Oh yes of course i was getting a little confused there:naughty:
  14. Oh naughty:naughty: Let me guess its about 80% conentration on mfc and about 20% on work...
  15. Another brilliant chapter thanks Caz! *must not show how excited i was when i opened this thread and found a new chapter*
  16. Woo Shaza's in da house!! Hello fellow post whores how are we all today?
  17. Hey welcome to mfc! As you can see from my sig (below) i have volunteered to represent newbies, so if you need anything please just pm me! Im sure you will have a great time here and soon be as addicted as the rest of us:naughty:
  18. Oh wow love the tattoo, its very cool:biggrin2: Im thinking of having another one done, maybe something mika-esque, havent made my mind up yet.
  19. Im not sure about this as i have never deleated one, but maybe if you deleate your first post dosent it not deleate the whole thread?? If not maybe try pm ing one of the mods or post your question in the ask the mods thread. Sorry i cant be of any more help.
  20. Ok im gonna get some sleep now, its 2am and i have to get up a 7! Bye everyone, speak to you again soon!
  21. Im good i ve just given my hair its chemical fix, i should really be a sleep now but ....m...i...k...a..!:wub2: I cant stop watching them! Hey Ana, Im glad you like the thread, me and shaza have had to fight quite hard to keep it here:naughty:but we re still here and over 1000 replies now, so it must be a valid thread.
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