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  1. yey thank you my camera takes some suprisingly good photos also in defence of the photo Mika took he nicked my camera whilst it was on zoom and macro mode - NOT designed for crowd photos!
  2. hey Caz do you know where we post fan art now?

  3. I'm not gonna go into a huge thing here but I feel the need to say something. I know as the MFC we pride ourselves on being respectful to Mika's wishes and what not but a gig is a gig. If you were going to see ANY OTHER ARTIST are you telling me you would say "Oh well it's in a football ground let the fotoball people at the front" or "It's in a gay bar let the gay people forward" everyone paid the same, everyone has a right to be theer and enjoy the evening to th best of their ability. Mika ALWAYS pulls people on stage, nobody ever goes up until he starts pulling people, and once you set something like that in motion you can't really be select because a lot of people want to get up there with him not just MFC. If Mika had a huge issue or wanted it just to be for scala regulars he wouldn't have made it so public to the MFC. I think we have to remember, we are a fan club, not his personal group of best friends. Sometimes we all just read way too far into things. In regards to the fall, from the videos he seems to be smiling enough, being on stage at the time I saw his face close up. He didn't know what was happening and when the guy tried to lift him up he was laughing his head off, when he started to go backwards his face dropped and he looked a bit kind of "oh Sh*t" but once he realised he was ok he got himself back up and started bopping about again.
  4. I've too many to upload but here is a link to my facebook folder http://bit.ly/sHdcD theres some absolutely amazing ones to be sure to have a look!
  5. they gave you malibu!!!! they wouldn't give me it, said it wasn't included and was only for house spirits like vodka n whisky
  6. Ok I know it's not a performance or anything but I wanted to review the night Ok so having been on twitter on Sunday night I knew Mika was up to something, but it wasn't until the enxt day at work I had my mother (sparkly1) frantically ringing me with the details lol. So at 6pm I finished work, shoved some clothes on and (like many others) legged it to the pub with unwashed hair and stinking from tube-passed-on-sweat. (lovely). I got there about 6.40 and Sari and some of the others were already there (drink in hand!) So we all sat chi chatting to each other and with Andy starting on the drinks (bear in mind non of us had really eaten either lol so not too wise) it was majorly quiet to start with and we were all hoping it wouldn't get too manic which in all honesty I don't think it did. Cherrise arrived with her faders lead singer friend and she came over and gave us all a wave. She was off with her friends most of the night but had a chat with her at the bar seeing how she was and stuff and she was asking how my stuff was going which was nice One weird moment was when my Mum Sparkly1 txt me saying "I've just seen a photo of you lot on twitter talking to Andy" I said "Who's put a photo up on twitter of us with Andy" nobody on the table had any idea, so Babsspanky got the photo up and we work out the direction and I hop over and ask if the people on the table had put up a pic of us lol. mystery solved. The big man arrived at some time bwteen 7 and 8 if I remember, I don't remember the exact time I just remember making some kind of FORMAL announcement like "Ladies he's ARRIVED" he popped over and said Hi but was mingling around the room with various groups so it wasn't like he sat with a pint with us or anything....thinking about it I don't remember seeing him drinking much at all? Anyway so everyone was like sat down and stuff and we were all complaining the music was too loud cos we couldn't really talk...until of course we look round and see Mika behind the desk Me being me was finding it hard to sit still so I coaxed Cazgirl up and we went bopping, we found it kinds weird Mika wasn't playing WAG or anything but as I said to Caz who wants to listen to their own shiz right? wrong! Can't remember who but we bullied someone into asking him and we tried to use Daz's gold vinyl he'd brought n Mika wanted the remix version but someone in the pub had the cd and he wacked on the original and seemed rather happy when everyone was singing and bopping about. Me n Caz wangled our way eventually to the front of the booth where Mika was watching everyone as we danced and mouthed along to Prince's Kiss, A song I do in my tap class that I dunno the name of (lol), Dolly Parton's 9-5 and then he wacked on Girls just wanna have fun and came into the crowd to dance with us. was AMAZING. He had this weird naked man necklace thing on which I pointed to and asked what it was and he just shrugged and giggled??? He was filming the front row when me n Cazgirl were dancing and then also when the crazy old man turned up and demanded to dance front centre???? Mika was like WTF and the dj guys just pointed and were like looking confused. I was well chuffed at one point cos Mika was going through someone's iphone and said in my ear (all close I'd like to add) do you want Relax or lollipop? I was like hmmmmm n he just looked at me n pulled a face, I said "relax" n he said "ok" and then dissapeared into the dj booth and popped relax on.....AWESOME This woman (presumably from the press) was about n taking loads of photos, particularly of us MFCers as Mika and her were looking our way and pointing and she took close ups and stuff (hopefully they will surface soon?) So it gets to like 11pm and Mika decides it's time he heads off so he drags EVERYONE out of the pub into the street for a giant photo, a lot of the mfc got pushed behind the rabble, I managed to get right next to him but in situations like that you just gotta get in there tbh! Then he had the bright idea of us all sitting on the floor for the photo so everyone could be seen, well he sat down, i practically ended up on his knee, people around started to fall like dominos, then he got stuck and me and some other had to pull him up while he's giggling and pushing to stand again. too funny. Mika. You're a legend
  7. I know what is IS woman lol but i never seem to post shiz in the right place. where do I need to post it
  8. I was a goth in my teens, I still wear black most of the time..... Mika makes me wear sparkly shoes....
  9. Here are my piccies http://www.twitpic.com/gzpbt http://www.twitpic.com/gzpsd http://www.twitpic.com/gzq68 http://www.twitpic.com/gzqx0 http://www.twitpic.com/gzrk3 http://www.twitpic.com/gzrwg http://www.twitpic.com/gzswe http://www.twitpic.com/gzti2 http://www.twitpic.com/gztve http://www.twitpic.com/gzu45 http://www.twitpic.com/gzuie http://www.twitpic.com/gzuon http://www.twitpic.com/gzv0f http://www.twitpic.com/gzvhx http://www.twitpic.com/gzvnd http://www.twitpic.com/gzvvq http://www.twitpic.com/gzw7v
  10. add me please Caz I've sent you a fb msg too lol didn't see where to do it on here cos I'm stupid
  11. I'm sorry but this photo is just sulty, moody HOTT. He can be pissed off with me whenever he wants if this is his moody face
  12. Not until Sunday and just for two weeks. Then back down to the big smoke
  13. freddy!!!! WHERE WERE YOU. I texted you and everything! You big abandoner!!!! Still love you. Come to the next one!!!!!!

  14. I know everyone was saying it's good they didn't include the shooting himself bit in the actual version of the video. However nobody seems to notice he slashes his wrists at 2.45. It's subtle but its' there.
  15. Hi all just a big Hello to say I'm finally back on here. I didn't just abandon you all! Oh no! But I had a lot of trouble with my password and Fred tried to solve it bla bla bla long story. Anyway! It's fixed now and I'm back (although not so Bee like anymore!) Vix xx
  16. awwww cute as ever! Although the scary sad clowns everywhere are a bit scary!
  17. No but my Dad had a dream that My mam had an affair with him - which she was fine with! Have you even worn pants on the outside of an outfit?
  18. lol aww and theres me thinking everyone would be like "What ever happened to that bloody bee" and maybe thing I had gone off pollonating (nudge nudge wink wink) or something. But alas no my Mother has ruined all my mystery pah!
  19. But I bloody hate clowns :'( *cries* I used to get nightmares about the blood things why the hell would he have CLOWNS arhg. Phobia of the nation or what!. As for cirque du soleil I have never seen it but we do it as a troupoe at dancing and we have NEVER been beaten in compeititons with it we get loads of awards for originality and stuff cos Cirque is just so strange tbh lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHUFRJgdrUM